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A company needs a solution that allows moving some of the datacenter's workload to a public cloud during peak hours. The company does not want to pay for unused capacity during non-peak hours. Which VMware product will fulfill this task?

  • A. vRealize APIs
  • B. vCloud Connector
  • C. vRealize Automation
  • D. VMware NSX

Answer: C

A consultant has been hired to architect a hybrid cloud solution for a client. The consultant decides to build two clouds: one for development and one for production. Which product can move workloads from the development cloud to the cloud?

  • A. vFabiic Suite
  • B. vCioud Connector
  • C. vCenter Server
  • D. vRealize Operations

Answer: B

A manager is concerned that creating hundreds of identical virtual machines is needlessly taking up too much storage apace. Which vRealize Automation feature will help avoid this issue?

  • A. Storage DRS
  • B. Snapshots
  • C. Templates
  • D. Linked Clones

Answer: C

A company has decided to move to a hybrid cloud environment. They are concerned that this may increase management complexity by requiring multiple interfaces. Which product provides a single interface for all virtual machines within a hybrid cloud environment?

  • A. vCenter Server
  • B. vFabric Suite
  • C. vCloud Connector
  • D. VMware NSX

Answer: C

A consulting company has just won a contract to provide cloud infrastructure services for a regionally-based department store. The contract requires the automation of workflows for running scripts on virtual machines as they are provisioned via the customer organization portal.
Which two products will help achieve this task? (Choose two.}

  • A. vCenterSei"ver
  • B. vFabric Application Director
  • C. vRealize Orchestrator
  • D. vRealize Automation

Answer: AD

Which three services can users request through the self-service catalog using vRealize Automation? (Choose three.}

  • A. Media services
  • B. Personnel services
  • C. Custom services
  • D. Application services
  • E. Infrastructure services

Answer: ADE

A consultant is explaining the benefits of using VMware NSX versus other products that utilize a physical networking infrastructure. Which two are benefits of implementing VMware NSX over other virtual network solutions? (Choose two.}

  • A. Non-disruptive server hardware upgrades
  • B. Reduced network provisioning time
  • C. No more physical switches
  • D. Non-disruptive deployment

Answer: AD

A manager asks an administrator if it's possible to know when infrastructure components in the cloud will run out of capacity. Which vRealize Operations Super Metric badge would allow the manager to the remaining capacity and time to exceed capacity for these components?

  • A. Risk
  • B. Health
  • C. Performance
  • D. Efficiency

Answer: B

An administrator wants to ensure that all new virtual workloads created with vRealize Automation are built to the correct specifications and are aligned with corporate service levels. Which vRealize automation feature provides this capability?

  • A. Lifecycle management
  • B. Policy-based provisioning and governance
  • C. Intelligent resource Governor
  • D. Workflow and task automation

Answer: B

An administrator is examining a data center to validate that it is operating as efficiently as possible. Which option represents an Efficiency challenge the administrator might face?

  • A. Needing to easily roll back changes to workloads during testing and development.
  • B. Wanting to provide multi-tenant access to cloud resources without compromising security.
  • C. Needing semi-isolated and autonomous environments for the application development teams.
  • D. Wanting to align IT costs with corporate models by classifying IT as an operating expense.

Answer: C

A company has purchased several ESXi hosts that contain multiple hard disks and SSD drives. Which technology will allow the company to combine the hard disks and SSD drives into a software-based high-performance storage pool?

  • A. Storage APIs
  • B. VMFS
  • C. Virtual SAN
  • D. High Availability

Answer: B

A development team needs enough control within their public cloud to develop and customize their web and database applications. However they prefer to leave all maintenance and management of the underlying servers to the service provide. Which type of services is best suited for their needs?

  • A. Data processing as a Service ( DPaaS}
  • B. Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS}
  • C. Platform as a Service (PaaS}
  • D. Software as a Service (SaaS}

Answer: C

Which vRealize Automation integrated product allows an administrator to easily automate workflows for provisioning decommissioning and the configuration of virtual workloads?

  • A. vRealize Operations
  • B. vRealize Operations
  • C. vCloud Connector
  • D. VMware NSX

Answer: C

A client wants their consultant to assure them that vRealize operations can provide monitoring that will easy and dynamically adapt to their environment. What features in vRealize Operations can provide fewer more specific alerts of health degradations performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls?

  • A. Auto Reactive Alarms
  • B. Adaptive Alarms
  • C. Self-Learning Analytics
  • D. Dynamic Thresholds

Answer: B

A newly-hired member of the support team asks a senior administrator to explain Site Recovery Manager. How would the administrator explain the action Site Recovery Manager takes after a disaster or in anticipation of a disaster- related event?

  • A. SRM automatically reboots specified ESXi servers and virtual machines in place at the local datacenter at the earliest opportunity.
  • B. SRM moves virtual machines to a public cloud provided by an approved by an approved third party provider.
  • C. SRM leverages vSphere Replication to automate the failover of virtual machines to another physical location.
  • D. Before the disaster event SRM replicates specified virtual machines at the recovery site and powers them on so that it can switch control to the recovery site virtual machines after a disaster.

Answer: C


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