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Which three tasks can be performed In the Revenue Management Work Area?

  • A. Edit Contract Identification Rules.
  • B. Review Observed Standalone Selling Prices.
  • C. Manage contracts in "Pending Review" status.
  • D. Manage contracts in "Pending Allocation" status.
  • E. Review Performance Satisfaction Plans.
  • F. Review Revenue Price Profile

Answer: BCD

Given the Standalone Selling Price Profile combines all the key setup attributes of pricing Into one place, you create all standalone selling prices from the Standalone Selling Price Profiles for all Items or groups of items.
Which three setup attributes are part of a Standalone Selling Price Profile?

  • A. Observed Standalone Selling Prices
  • B. Estimated Standalone Selling Prices
  • C. Pricing Dimension Assignment
  • D. SSP Tolerance Usage
  • E. Items

Answer: ACE

What is a contract modification?

  • A. a change to the contract caused by negotiation with the customer
  • B. a revision or correction to the estimate of variable consideration made at inception
  • C. a change (modification) to the contract data
  • D. an increase or decrease in expected collectability

Answer: C

The Contracts Requiring Attention user Interface has three tabs: Pending Review, Pending Allocation, and Pending Revenue Recognition.
What would cause a contract to be In the Pending Review tab?

  • A. The total Transaction Price is over the user-defined threshold amount.
  • B. The contract is missing standalone selling prices at the promised detail level or at obligation level.
  • C. The contract is missing satisfaction events.
  • D. The contract is missing Billing dat

Answer: A

What is a Performance Obligation?

  • A. a combination of customer type and product code
  • B. a product code or SKU
  • C. a promise to a customer on which either party has acted
  • D. a promise to a customer

Answer: D

A Corporation has a business requirement to build a custom Revenue Management report that users could run from the Scheduled Processes page.
Which reporting tool must be used to address this business requirement?

  • A. Smart View
  • B. Business Intelligence Publisher
  • C. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence
  • D. Reporting Studio

Answer: B

When is it required to populate a value for Performance Satisfaction Plan In a Source Document Type?
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  • A. when the Satisfaction Measurement Model is set to Amount
  • B. when the Satisfaction Measurement Model is set to Period
  • C. when the Satisfaction Measurement Model is set to Quantity
  • D. when the Satisfaction Measurement Model Is set to Percentage

Answer: B

Which, when transferred to a customer, allows you to recognize revenue?

  • A. a shipment
  • B. a performance obligation
  • C. an invoice
  • D. promise detail

Answer: B

Given It Is critical to capture common link values In one or more attributes on the source document lines in order to build effective Performance Obligation Identification Rules, how many User Extensible Fields does Revenue Management provide to facilitate the capture of this data?

  • A. 60 User Extensible Fields
  • B. 10 User Extensible Fields
  • C. 90 User Extensible Fields
  • D. 50 User Extensible Fields

Answer: C

You define a Contract Identification Rule that uses the following source document attributes to match
transaction lines:
Bill-to Customer Party Identifier Extensible Header Character Attribute 4 Based the data displayed:
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How many contracts will be created In Revenue Management?

  • A. 3
  • B. 1
  • C. 5
  • D. 4

Answer: A

A corporation wants to use any potential values In a segment of their Pricing Dimension Structure, as long as those values do not exceed a length of 50 characters.
Which validation type must be selected when defining this Value Set?

  • A. Table
  • B. Subset
  • C. Independent
  • D. Format Only
  • E. Dependent

Answer: D

Given your organization's Interactions with one of Its customers:
* A consultant is deployed to assist customer on 10-Sep-2021.
* A Sales order Is booked on 14-Sep-2021.
* The Product is shipped on 15-Sep-2021. An invoice is issued on 20-Sep-2021. When do you accrue the contract liability?

  • A. when the consultant is deployed to assist customer on 10-Sep-2021
  • B. when the product is shipped on 15-Sep-2021
  • C. when the sales order Is booked on 14-Sep-2021
  • D. when an invoice is issued on 20-Sep-2021

Answer: B

When Is it required to populate the number of periods and percentage of revenue (seen in the image below) while defining a revenue scheduling rule?
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  • A. when the Deferred Revenue box is checked
  • B. when it is a business requirement
  • C. when Context Values are populated
  • D. when the Type is Fixed or Variable

Answer: D

You define a Performance Obligation Identification Rule that uses the following matching attribute to group source document lines:
Extensible Line Character Attribute 7 Based on the data displayed:
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  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 2
  • D. 1

Answer: A

Which statement does NOT describe how revenue is handled under the latest standards under ASC 606 and IFRS 15?

  • A. You accrue for goods and services that you owe to customers because either you or they have relied on the contrac
  • B. You no longer defer revenue.
  • C. You value the accrual at estimated consideration and it is a monetary debt.
  • D. You book the invoiced amount to the P&L when you meet the regulatory definition by Industry.
  • E. You calculate the liability at inception and book it when either party act
  • F. An Act could be shipping or invoicing.
  • G. Liability is a list of goods and services you actually owe to the customers for future satisfaction via transfer.

Answer: C

Which is the correct definition of the Performance Obligation Liability on the balance sheet, replacing the Deferred Revenue liability?

  • A. your invoiced goods and services less those goods and services that you have not yet delivered
  • B. your debt to customers for goods and services you are obliged to deliver to them by either party acting less your right to invoice them for those goods and services once delivered
  • C. Unearned Revenue
  • D. your debt to customers for goods and services you are obliged to deliver to them by either party acting

Answer: B

Which three attributes are helpful in defining a Contract Identification Rule?

  • A. Product Description
  • B. Quote Number
  • C. Delivery Address
  • D. Bill To Customer
  • E. Ledger
  • F. Business Unit

Answer: ABD

Revenue Management creates journal entries from a contract In order to recognize revenue properly. Which three event types are used by Revenue Management to create these journal entries?

  • A. Performance Obligation Satisfied
  • B. Performance Obligation Billed
  • C. Initial Performance
  • D. Revenue Recognized
  • E. Standalone Selling Prices Allocated

Answer: ACD

Given Oracle Revenue Management Cloud has predefined integration with Oracle E-Business Suite Financials, which two steps are NOT part of the steps to configure EBS for integration with Revenue Management Cloud?

  • A. Apply appropriate patches to EBS.
  • B. Run the Deploy System Options process.
  • C. Set the Profile Option AR: Source System Value for Revenue Management.
  • D. Map the EBS Chart of Accounts to the Cloud General Ledger.
  • E. Set the System Options in EBS Receivables on the Revenue Management ta

Answer: BD

Which two are intended uses for the Standalone Selling Price Report Dashboard?

  • A. Review performance obligations by effective period.
  • B. Diagnose revenue price profile.
  • C. Drill down to data used to derive standalone selling prices.
  • D. Monitor transaction price calculation and allocation.
  • E. Analyze standalone selling prices for one or multiple effective period

Answer: CE

Which three types of reference data critical to the Integration of a source system need to be synchronized between an external system and Revenue Management?

  • A. Suppliers
  • B. Business Units
  • C. Customers
  • D. Inventory items
  • E. Receivables configurations
  • F. Banks, branches and bank accounts

Answer: BCD

A corporation uses a pricing policy that considers deal size to calculate price per unit for its products. For example:
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Which Price Band Segment Label would be appropriate to use in this case?

  • A. Amount Band
  • B. Deal Size Band
  • C. Set Band
  • D. Quantity Band

Answer: A

How many tabs does the Customer Contract Source Data Import Template have?

  • A. four tabs that store data for theVRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS, VRM_SOURCE_DOC_LINES, VRM_SOURCE_DOC_SUB_UNES, andVRM_PERF_OBLIG tables respectively
  • B. three tabs that store data for the VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS, VRM_SOURCE_DOC_LINES, and VRM_SOURCE_DOC_SUB_LINES tables respectively
  • C. two tabs that store data for the VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS and VRM_SOURCE_DOC_LINES tables respectively
  • D. one tab that stores data for the VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS table

Answer: B

You have defined 3 Contract Identification rules: Rule A, Rule B, and Rule C. You then decide that Rule C needs to be the first rule executed when the "Identify Customer Contracts" process runs. Which attribute needs to be updated to achieve this objective?

  • A. Freeze Period
  • B. Default Classification
  • C. Source Document Type
  • D. Priority

Answer: D


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