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What should you do to enable Password Reset in Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

  • A. Enable the "Password Reset" option in the User Administration component.
  • B. Obtain the Change Password Link and add it to your DCS page.
  • C. Add the Password Reset component to your DCS application.
  • D. Instruct users that they can only change their password by chatting with an agen

Answer: B

Because of capacity Issues in your Call Center, you have been asked to modify the number of simultaneous chats that an agent can be assigned from 4 to 2.
Which two steps do you have to follow to limit the channel capacity as required?

  • A. Select the Manage Capacities task.
  • B. In the Qualifying Status Values window, select a status from the No Effect on Workload list and move it to the Adds to Workload list.
  • C. In the Work Assignments section, modify the default value in the Capacity field to a new value.
  • D. Modify the default values In the Capacity fields for the channel

Answer: BD

You have just created a new Digital Customer Service (DCS) application and now you need to add a user-registration option.
Which three steps should you perform to configure user self-registration in your DCS application?

  • A. Configure your self-registrations so that they are automatically approved.
  • B. Configure the self-registrations to restrict registration to only existing Contacts.
  • C. Disable the anonymous access option in your DCS application.
  • D. Enable the self-registration steps in the "Manage Digital Customer Service Registration Profile Options" tas

Answer: ABC

Which two keyboard shortcuts can be modified?

  • A. Save and Close
  • B. Cancel
  • C. Create Service Request
  • D. Save and Continue
  • E. OK

Answer: CE

Which four of the following are required to connect to the Engagement Cloud REST API? A. a user with role access to the object being called

  • A. VPN access to your Engagement Cloud instance
  • B. the use of Java
  • C. the use of SSL
  • D. the correct URI
  • E. a general understanding of REST resource types

Answer: BCDE

What three things should you do once you have established a global default coverage?

  • A. Create an ESS job to Monitor Service Request Milestones.
  • B. Use Application Composer to include milestones on the Service Request Layout if desired.
  • C. Create an ESS job to Aggregate Service Requests.
  • D. Use Application Composer to configure warning emails about milestone compliance event

Answer: ABC

Select three correct limits and restrictions when importing data from a file.

  • A. If the values in the imported CSV file contain a new line character, then they must be enclosed within quotation marks.
  • B. The maximum number of records in each CSV file should not exceed the maximum limit ,000,000 records.
  • C. Groovy Scripts and object workflows that have been configured for the object being imported are always executed.
  • D. Both create and update operations are available for imported records.
  • E. By default, the import starts immediately after it is activate

Answer: CDE

Your customer asked you to modify the default severity value for new service requests. Which three steps should you follow to make the change?

  • A. Modify the Profile Value and save.
  • B. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Service > Service Request > Manage Service Request Profile Options.
  • C. Select View > Detach.
  • D. Unlock and publish the new selected profile value.
  • E. Lock the Profile Option for editing.
  • F. Select the profile SVC_SR_DEFAULT_SEVERITY_CD

Answer: ADF

You are creating a shared SmartText entry. Which option do you need to select to define a time period during which the entry is available to users?

  • A. Start/Stop
  • B. Duration
  • C. Time Period
  • D. Available
  • E. Interval

Answer: B

Your customer has warned you that non-English speakers are going to get access to articles but all your articles are written in English.
Which option allows the customer to address the problem, so that all users can get articles in their native language?

  • A. Diagnose the usage of the articles to eliminate all non used documents to avoid unnecessary translations.
  • B. Enable new locales for the languages to be used and provision designated users to translate the articles.
  • C. Deploy the Auto-Translate option on existing articles and turn on the "auto-Translate new articles" feature.
  • D. Modify the original base locales of the articles to match the target languag

Answer: B

Your customer has asked you to investigate a possible bug In their Engagement Cloud Knowledge Base-Users ate authoring and publishing articles but these articles are not visible to other users even though the visibility for every article is set to all users.
What could be causing this behavior?

  • A. Users that want to see immediate updates to articles must have the article In their favorites, so that it is identified as a document of interest and the user will be informed that there has been an update published.
  • B. Authors need to make their articles available in order to set them as favorites, so other users can be notified as the articles are updated.
  • C. There is a configuration failure in the publishing tas
  • D. A user provisioned as "Knowledge Manager" must ensure that the "automatic refresh for articles" option is set to "Yes" from the "Manage Administrator Profile Values" task.
  • E. Articles are available to users only after the application updates the knowledge base search inde
  • F. This happens at regular intervals and there might be some elapsed time before the search Index is updated.

Answer: D

Your customer wants their milestones to only be due during working hours on weekdays. What characteristics of the Coverage Times must be configured?

  • A. The customer must configure at least one interval for every day from Monday to Friday.
  • B. The customer must set the time zone to UTC
  • C. The customer must configure a lunch break on weekdays.
  • D. The customer can optionally configure intervals for Saturday and Sunda

Answer: A

If you did not use the Reference Implementation template for your Digital Customer Service (DCS) application, you will ______.

  • A. be required to create all of your own components for the display of Engagement Cloud objects
  • B. not be able to preview your application before you publish it
  • C. have to contact Oracle Support for the permission to deploy your custom DCS application
  • D. be required to map roles so that the Visual Builder Cloud Service role matches the Engagement Cloud role

Answer: A

Identify three considerations before starting the configuration of assignment rules to service requests.

  • A. the attributes of service requests to use as criteria for your rule assignments
  • B. the attributes of queues to use as criteria for your rule assignments
  • C. the candidates of queues to use as criteria for your rule assignments
  • D. the rule sets you want to create and the rules to include in each rule set
  • E. the candidates of service requests to use as criteria for your rule assignments

Answer: CDE

You have been asked about some of the features of CT1 notifications- Users want to be efficient in their time use, using alternate browser pages to carry out other activities when they are not receiving calls. However, the priority remains answering their client's calls, so they are forced to remain on the Engagement Cloud Page to avoid missing them. Perform an analysis on the available features of Engagement Cloud and select the best viable answer to your customer's issue.

  • A. There is no current feature that may help users be aware of the presence of an incoming call If they are not currently in the Engagement Cloud browser page.
  • B. A floating toolbar notification center can be configured, that is present all the time in the agent’s screen to inform him/her of incoming calls, whether they are currently on the Engagement Cloud browser page or not.
  • C. A toast notification option is present, which consists of desktop notifications popping up regarding incoming calls, whether they are currently on the Engagement Cloud browser page or not.
  • D. Engagement Cloud supports push notifications sent to mobile phones, so users can be aware via phone when a client is calling.

Answer: B

Your client has already established a product catalog of sales products and now wants to include service products to categorize service requests. You suggest the creation of a new catalog.
What are two advantages of creating a new service catalog instead of using an existing one?

  • A. allows use of a simpler hierarchy
  • B. allows the display of a product hierarchy specifically for service purposes
  • C. allows you to use the same product hierarchy as sales
  • D. requires less work and effort

Answer: CD

When creating localized Digital Customer Service applications, in which order would you perform the following steps?
1. Update the English messages as needed for your DCS application.
2. Export the English language message bundle.
3. Translate the English message bundle to all desired languages.
4. Import translated message bundles.

  • A. 1,2,3,4
  • B. 3,2,4,1
  • C. 2,4,3,1
  • D. 1,3,2,4

Answer: A

Which three steps are required to set up a standard coverage for the following scenario: High Severity SRs must be worked round-the-clock and resolved in 24 hours (a First Response metric is not required), and the owner should be warned of pending expiration three hours before expiration?

  • A. Create an entitlement rule that specifies:- Condition Column Severity - High- Calendar = 24 by 7-.Resolution Metric = 1440- Resolution Warning Threshold 180- Appropriate Start and End Dates
  • B. Do not choose any optional criteria columns.
  • C. Create a new standard coverage using the delivered Contracts Service Entitlements Entitlement Type.
  • D. Choose all optional result column

Answer: A

Given the entitlement rules below, II a high-severity service request (SR) is created on Thursday at 2 PM, which two options are true?
• Condition Column Severity = High
• Calendar - 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday - Friday, US EST
• Resolution Metric = 2880
• Resolution Warning Threshold 120
• First Response Metric = 360
• First Response Warning Threshold 120

  • A. First Response is due on Friday, 12 noon EST.
  • B. If no action is taken on the SR, First Response warning will occur on Friday, 9 AM EST.
  • C. Resolution is due on Saturday, 2 PM EST.
  • D. If the SR is not resolve
  • E. Resolution warning will occur on Monday, 12 noon ES

Answer: AB

Your customer has three service request child categories under the top-level service request category “Accounts”:
• Gold Accounts
• Sliver Accounts
• Basic Accounts
You now want to disable the "Silver Accounts' category. Which option meets the requirement?

  • A. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Child Categories, search for the "Accounts" Category and deselect the "Active" Column.
  • B. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Categories, search for the "Silver Accounts" Category and expand It, click the "Inactive" button.
  • C. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Categories, search for the "Accounts" Category and expand it, select the "Gold Accounts" and "Basic Accounts" child categories and click the "Inactive" button.
  • D. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service RequestCategories, search for the "Accounts" Category and expand it, select the "Silver Accounts" child category and deselect the "Active" Column.

Answer: B

You need to extract all Service Request (SR) data from your Engagement Cloud site from the last 12 months. Identify two valid approaches to get this large volume of data.

  • A. You can schedule a single export as an ESS job (also known as a "scheduled process") for ail 12 months of SR data.
  • B. You can schedule incremental exports as ESS jobs (also known as a "scheduled process") on a periodic basis, such as weekly or monthly.
  • C. You can download image volumes of SR data from the Analytics interface.
  • D. You must retrieve large volumes of data through a REST API endpoin

Answer: CD

You are at the beginning of an Engagement Cloud implementation project and your team is not able to find some of the email setup tasks.
Which is the main reason for this issue?

  • A. The team members don't have the Email Administrator Role provisioned.
  • B. The environment was not provisioned correctly and the Service module is missing.
  • C. There are no specific email tasks available.
  • D. The team members have not enabled the e-mail feature on the Offerings pag

Answer: D

Your customer has informed you about a possible error in the screen pop-up when receiving a call. The problem is that the edit contact screen pop is shown whenever a call is received but most of the time the calls are regarding open Service Requests. As a result, agents have to navigate to that page, losing time and being ineffective.
What is causing the problem?

  • A. Screen pops are not configurabl
  • B. When a call arrives, the system automatically opens the page of the object in question, these cases being the contact page.
  • C. Rules follow a priority orde
  • D. When the system finds a contact token it automatically opens the "edit contact" page, because that rule has been configured before the Service request rule, regardless if a Service Request token is also available,
  • E. Rules do not follow an orde
  • F. When a call is received, the "edit contact" screen pop appears because it is the default rule that has been selected, regardless of the service request number or other tokens received.
  • G. A configuration in the pages tab of the screen pop is missing, the URL to the page to be displayed has not been provisione
  • H. The URL is empty so the system shows the contact edit page.

Answer: D


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