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A security team is auditing a company’s network logs and notices that a USB drive was previously inserted into several of the servers. Many login attempts were then successfully performed using common login information.
Which of the following actions should be taken to close the vulnerability? (Select two.)

  • A. Disable guest account
  • B. Remove admin permissions
  • C. Modify AutoRun settings
  • D. Change default credentials
  • E. Run OS security updates
  • F. Install a software firewall

Answer: AC

Which of the following file types should be opened when executing a PowerShell script?

  • A. .bat
  • B. .vbs
  • C. .sh
  • D. .ps1
  • E. .psd

Answer: D

Joe, a user, calls the help desk from a coffee shop while on a business trip to report the WiFi hotspot on his phone is extremely slow. The technician runs a speed test from a laptop connected to the hotspot and gets 200Kbps. Ann, Joe’s coworker with whom he is travelling, also has a hotspot on her phone, and the speed test result on that hotspot is 15Mbps. The technician checks the hotspot settings on Joe’s phone and sees the following:
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Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

  • A. Joe should be using WEP security on his hotspot for faster throughput
  • B. Someone else is using Joe’s hotspot due to weak password
  • C. Joe’s hotspot gave him an invalid IP address
  • D. Joe is likely in a poor signal area and should try another area

Answer: B

A technician has just finished installing a secondary OS on a workstation. After rebooting the computer, the technician receives the following error: No OS found. The technician confirms the boot.ini file is correct.
Which of the following is MOST likely causing this error?

  • A. The computer has GRUB Legacy installed
  • B. Windows Startup services are not running
  • C. An incompatible partition is marked as active
  • D. An unsupported version of Windows is installed

Answer: C

A department in an organization set up a proxy server to manage its Internet stage. A technician is configuring the Windows workstations to use the new proxy server. Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician use to configure the setting?

  • A. Internet Options – Advanced
  • B. Internet Options – Connections
  • C. Internet Options – Security
  • D. Internet Options – Content
  • E. Internet Options – Privacy

Answer: B

A technician repaired a laptop for a customer. The customer then complained the repair took too long and questioned the steps the technician took to fix the problem. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

  • A. Provide documentation of the repair to the customer
  • B. Allow the customer to voice concerns and post the story to social media later
  • C. Inform the customer the job is done and return to the office
  • D. Defend each step and why it was necessary

Answer: A

A technician is called to troubleshoot a user's Windows workstation that fails to boot. The user reports that, after updating the workstation's graphics driver to a beta version, the machine gives a "Stop" error on every boot Which of the following should the technician complete to resolve the issue?

  • A. Boot the workstation in safe mode and disable the graphics driver system tray menu
  • B. Boot the workstation in safe mode with networking and install the latest stable graphics driver.
  • C. Boot the workstation in safe mode and disable Windows driver signing requirements
  • D. Boot the workstation in safe mode with Command Prompt and enable Driver Verifier with standard settings

Answer: A

A user’s mobile device appears to be losing battery life rapidly and often feels warm to the touch, even when it is put away.
The device is relatively new, so the user is concerned it is defective. A technician inspects the device and see the following:
Which of the following should be changed to resolve this issue?
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  • A. Privacy – Maps
  • B. Display – Brightness
  • C. Storage – Photos
  • D. Mail – Work

Answer: B

A user's computer reports it has many virus infections and directs the user to call a phone number for assistance. A technician removes the hard drive and virus scans the drive with another computer. The scan does not identify any viruses Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

  • A. Rootkit
  • B. Zero-day malware
  • C. Rogue antivirus
  • D. Old virus definitions

Answer: D

A technician is working at a help-desk form and receives a call from a user who has experienced repeated BSODs. The technician is scheduled to take a break just after the call comes in. Which of the following is the BEST choice for the technician to make?

  • A. Politely ask the user to call back
  • B. Ask another technician to take the call
  • C. Troubleshoot the issue for the user
  • D. Input the issue as a ticket and escalate to Tier 2
  • E. Put the user on hold and troubleshoot after the scheduled break

Answer: B

A user is requesting a solution that will prevent file corruption and ensure a graceful shutdown while providing at least one hour of uptime in case of extreme weather conditions. Which of the following should a technician recommend?

  • A. Uninterruptible power supply
  • B. Surge protector
  • C. Power strip
  • D. Power distribution unit

Answer: A

A user believes there is a virus on a laptop. The user installs additional real-time protection antivirus software but is now experiencing extremely slow performance on the laptop. Which of the following should a technician do to resolve the issue and avoid recurrence?

  • A. Activate real-time protection on both antivirus software programs
  • B. Uninstall one antivirus software program and install a different one
  • C. Run OS updates
  • D. Enable the quarantine feature on both antivirus software programs
  • E. Remove the user-installed antivirus software

Answer: E

When a user browses to a favorite website on a Windows laptop, a different website opens. A technician installs an additional web browser, but it also opens to the same unfamiliar site. The technician resets the web browser settings back to default, but the issue persists. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician complete NEXT?

  • A. Change the browser’s home page
  • B. Check the Windows host file
  • C. Update the default web browser
  • D. Restore Windows to a previous date

Answer: B

Joe, a user, returns his computer to the technician who performed a virus removal on it the week before. Joe states that several symptoms have returned.
Which of the following should the technician have covered previously as part of the original repair?

  • A. End-user education
  • B. Pre-installation environment cleaning
  • C. Disabling of System Restore
  • D. Infected system quarantine

Answer: A

A technician receives an invalid certificate error when visiting a website with port 443 enabled. Other computers on the same LAN do not exhibit this symptom. Which of the following needs to be adjusted on the workstation to fix the issue?

  • A. Date and time
  • B. UEFI boot mode
  • C. Logon times
  • D. User access control

Answer: A

A systems administrator needs to add security to the server room.
Which of the following would provide the BEST security for the room? (Choose two.)

  • A. Universal serial bus locks
  • B. Personal identity verification cards
  • C. Privacy screen
  • D. Entry control roster
  • E. Door locks
  • F. Privacy window

Answer: EF

Which of the following is a community supported, open source OS used for both services and workstations?

  • A. IOS
  • B. Windows 10
  • C. Linux
  • D. OS X

Answer: C

A network administrator has noticed unusual activity with a user's login credentials on the network. The user is attempting multiple simultaneous logins across the network, some of which are attempting to access workstations and servers to which the user does not have access Which of the following should the network administrator do NEXT?

  • A. Delete the user's AD account
  • B. Decrease the user's AD privileges
  • C. Disable the user's AD account
  • D. Reset the password on the user's AD account

Answer: A

A user reports that a cell phone application is loading slowly and not functioning properly Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to remedy this issue?

  • A. Remove and reinstall the application.
  • B. Hard reset the cell phone.
  • C. Reconnect the wireless network connection
  • D. Close all running applications

Answer: D

Which of the following technologies can be utilized in a wireless network environment to provide secure SSO access for WiFi and network resources?

  • A. WPA2
  • B. AES
  • C. MAC filtering
  • E. WPS

Answer: D

A user who is running Windows 10 logs into a machine and notices that shared drives are missing, the “My Documents” folder is empty, and personal settings are reset. Which of the following would be required to resolve the issue?

  • A. Remove the registry entry and rename the local account folder
  • B. Delete or rename the local user folder
  • C. Run DISM and re-add the local power user account
  • D. Remove the user account in Credential Manager and restart the PC

Answer: C

A network administrator needs to be able to securely connect to a local router from within the office. Which of the following protocols should the administrator ensure is enabled on the router?

  • A. RDP
  • B. SSH
  • C. TFTP
  • D. HTTP

Answer: B

A company’s security policy does not allow USB drives to be available in workstations. However, an exception needs to be made for a user. The network administrator changes the policy for the user. Which of the following commands should the administrator run on the user’s workstation?

  • A. chkdsk
  • B. netstat
  • C. gpupdate
  • D. diskpart

Answer: C

Every time a user manually runs an antivirus scan, the workstation becomes unresponsive, and the user has to reboot A technician is dispatched and sees an antivirus pop-up in the system tray, indicating the computer is severely damaged, and a "click here" button to resolve it. There is a timer in the pop-up. counting down the time until the computer is no longer usable. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

  • A. Research the pop-up to see if it is a legitimate malware solution.
  • B. Click on the pop-up window to resolve the issue before the time runs out.
  • C. Send an email to all staff members warning them of malware on their system.
  • D. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the workstation and disable WiFi.

Answer: D

A user’s computer is suspected of hosting illegal files. The IT department has removed the computer and placed it in a secured, cypher-locked room, where it will remain until the local authorities arrive. Which of the following actions should the IT department perform NEXT?

  • A. Preserve data integrity
  • B. Identify violations of acceptable use
  • C. Collect evidence of illegal activity
  • D. Report through proper channels

Answer: A

A user calls the help desk regarding a new Windows issues that started in the morning. The user can no longer use any locally attached devices, such as a mouse or a printer, and a reboot did not fix the problem.
Which of the following would MOST likely fix the issue?

  • A. Roll back updates
  • B. Disable the Windows Update service
  • C. Check for updates
  • D. Restore hidden updates

Answer: A

A Linux user report that an application will not open and gives the error only one instance of the application may run at one time. A root administrator logs on ot the device and opens terminal. Which of the following pairs of tools will be needed to ensure no other instance of the software are correctly running?

  • A. Pad and chmod
  • B. Node and vi
  • C. Is an chown
  • D. Ps and kill
  • E. Op and rm

Answer: D


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