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What can be done to obtain a better bounce rate for your site? Select two.

  • A. Use Adobe Target A/B testing to determine the best performing version of your pages
  • B. Run reports on AEM Communicates to get user sentiment from social media
  • C. Use AEM Projects to communicate with your end-users
  • D. Use AEM Asset Insights to capture activity details and make data-driven

Answer: A

An author would like to display an AI-summarized version of an article. Which method would you recommend to achieve this?

  • A. Create a variation of a master content fragment
  • B. Modify a component to display a shortened form of the article
  • C. Create a variation of an experience fragment
  • D. Implement a workflow to generate a summarized version

Answer: A

How can an author determine the number of Language Copies for a given page?

  • A. The Language Copies will be displayed in the page properties
  • B. The Language Copies will be displayed in the Filters section
  • C. The Language Copies will be displayed in References section
  • D. The Language Copies will be displayed in Manage Publications

Answer: C

In which situation should Experience Fragments be used? Choose two.

  • A. Using Content Services to create a headless solution
  • B. When experiences need to be optimized with intelligence based on specific KPIs
  • C. When content contains large size assets and needs better performance
  • D. When experiences can be reused with same or similar content and layout
  • E. When using Adobe Experience Cloud service for content

Answer: CD

Regarding performance, what are the Adobe recommended response time guidelines for uncached HTML requests?

  • A. 30% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 100ms
  • B. 20% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 1 second
  • C. 70% of the request for pages should have a response in less than 100ms
  • D. No pages should respond slower than an elapsed period of 500ms

Answer: C

A client is building out their website using several different content pages web specific components to be used on each page. What is the recommended system to restrict components on specific templates?

  • A. Set ACL permissions
  • B. Define components in page properties
  • C. Use content policies
  • D. Use the Responsive Grid Edit dialog

Answer: C

When a user requests a cacheable document from the AEM Dispatcher, what will the Dispatcher check to access whether the document exists in the web server file system? Choose two.

  • A. If the document is not cached, the Dispatcher requests the document form the AEM instance
  • B. If the document is not cached, the Dispatcher returns a 404 error response
  • C. If the document is cached, the AEM Dispatcher returns the file from the CDN Cache
  • D. If the document is cached, the AEM Dispather requests the cached file after validation

Answer: AC

A client has a long term AEM project that they have extended with new components and extensive edit dialogs. The project is running with AEM version 5.6 and is using the Classic UI. Considering this information, the developer working on the project is wondering if it would be wise to recommend upgrading to AEM version 6.4. What is the recommended approach on a limited budget?

  • A. The project would have to rebuil
  • B. Given the extent of customization to the current project and the costs the client would incur, do not upgrade to 6.4
  • C. Upgrade to 6.4 and configure the Classic UI while starting a new project to migrate the components in a phased approach to Touch UI
  • D. The Classic UI remains fully supported while being deprecated, providing all the necessary functionality to the projec
  • E. Do not upgrade to 6.4
  • F. Upgrade to 6.4 and apply and configure the standard (Touch) UI and disable the Coral 3 formatting to avoid operational congruency issues

Answer: B

A customer wants to show a list of pages based on categories. What is preferred way of creating this list?

  • A. Content fragments
  • B. Multi-field links
  • C. Reference components
  • D. Tagging

Answer: D

Which item is required in order for authors to be able to publish experience fragments to Adobe Target?

  • A. It works out of the box
  • B. Use Adobe Launch
  • C. Use Dynamic Tag Manager
  • D. Set up a cloud configuration

Answer: D

A manager wishes to keep track of complete and incomplete tasks related to the creation for a new site. Which feature can do this?

  • A. AEM Forms
  • B. AEM Launches
  • C. AEM Workflows
  • D. AEM Projects

Answer: D

There are a certain number of issues that frequently contribute to site visitor’s performance problems. Which of the following contributes to performance issues?

  • A. Full Replication Queue
  • B. Insufficient Author Server Sizing
  • C. Dispatcher Caching Inefficiency
  • D. Concurrent DAM Asset Updates

Answer: C

A client wishes to moderate communication between their customers and their in-house product experts, expecting a very large amount of user-generated data. How can this be accomplished?

  • A. Enable reverse replication
  • B. Create a forum and Q&A site using AEM Communities
  • C. Implement a contact us page using AEM Forms
  • D. Conduct an outreach marketing event with Adobe Campaign

Answer: B

An AEM project (i.e.Myproject) has been deleted. What would happen to the groups *(Myproject Owners, Myproject Editors, and Myproject Observers) associated with the deleted project?

  • A. These groups will be deleted immediately upon project deletion
  • B. These groups will remain in AEM and require manual deletion by administrators
  • C. These groups will remain in AEM until the instance is restarted
  • D. These groups will be marked as disabled and only visible to administrators

Answer: B

A client’s side is having authoring consistency issues due to authors publishing pages with components ordered differently on each page. Using AEM Best Practices, what is the best way to configure content components in order to avoid this issue?

  • A. Configure a limitations protocol on components per page to restrict the arrangement of components
  • B. Enable Group Review whereby authors can preview other authors published pages and match designs
  • C. Create a Continuity Outline for authors, allowing for a structured design while maintaining flexibility
  • D. Set allowed components within a template, bracketed by structural components that remain constant

Answer: B

A company has an existing English language site for the Canadian market. It is planning to create a new site for the US market. While most of the control of the current site can be reused for the new site, how would you create the new site in the most efficient manner?

  • A. Create a live copy from the (ca/en) root to (us/en)
  • B. Duplicate the site root(ca/en), then move it to the new regional root
  • C. Copy the site root (ca/en) and paste it in the regional root (us/en)
  • D. Create a site (us/en) and define the redirect to (ca/en)

Answer: A

A company plans to develop a set of pages with the same design and structure. The only difference between the pages is the content inside the body. What is the best approach to develop the pages?

  • A. Create a specific page template for each page with associated components in each body
  • B. Create a page template for all pages with a layout container in the body
  • C. Create a page template and put the rich-text (RTE) in the body
  • D. Use the out-of-the-box Reference component to allow freedom in context editing

Answer: B


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