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A pharmaceutical company's marketing team wants to send out notifications about new products to alert users of recalls and newly discovered adverse drug reactions. The team plans to use the names and mailing addresses that users have provided.
Which of the following data privacy standards does this violate?

  • A. Purpose limitation
  • B. Sovereignty
  • C. Data minimization
  • D. Retention

Answer: A

During an incident, a cybersecurity analyst found several entries in the web server logs that are related to an IP with a bad reputation . Which of the following would cause the analyst to further review the incident?
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  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D
  • E. Option E

Answer: D

An analyst performs a routine scan of a host using Nmap and receives the following output:
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Which of the following should the analyst investigate FIRST?

  • A. Port 21
  • B. Port 22
  • C. Port 23
  • D. Port 80

Answer: C

A security analyst at a technology solutions firm has uncovered the same vulnerabilities on a vulnerability scan for a long period of time. The vulnerabilities are on systems that are dedicated to the firm's largest client. Which of the following is MOST likely inhibiting the remediation efforts?

  • A. The parties have an MOU between them that could prevent shutting down the systems
  • B. There is a potential disruption of the vendor-client relationship
  • C. Patches for the vulnerabilities have not been fully tested by the software vendor
  • D. There is an SLA with the client that allows very little downtime

Answer: D

Ransomware is identified on a company's network that affects both Windows and MAC hosts. The command and control channel for encryption for this variant uses TCP ports from 11000 to 65000. The channel goes to good1. Iholdbadkeys.com, which resolves to IP address
Which of the following is the MOST effective way to prevent any newly infected systems from actually encrypting the data on connected network drives while causing the least disruption to normal Internet traffic?

  • A. Block all outbound traffic to web host good1 iholdbadkeys.com at the border gateway.
  • B. Block all outbound TCP connections to IP host address at the border gateway.
  • C. Block all outbound traffic on TCP ports 11000 to 65000 at the border gateway.
  • D. Block all outbound traffic on TCP ports 11000 to 65000 to IP host address at the border gateway.

Answer: A

A cybersecurity analyst needs to rearchitect the network using a firewall and a VPN server to achieve the highest level of security To BEST complete this task, the analyst should place the:

  • A. firewall behind the VPN server
  • B. VPN server parallel to the firewall
  • C. VPN server behind the firewall
  • D. VPN on the firewall

Answer: B

A security analyst is investigating a malware infection that occurred on a Windows system. The system was not connected to a network and had no wireless capability Company policy prohibits using portable media or mobile storage The security analyst is trying to determine which user caused the malware to get onto the system Which of the following registry keys would MOST likely have this information?
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  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: C

A security analyst has been alerted to several emails that snow evidence an employee is planning malicious activities that involve employee Pll on the network before leaving the organization. The security analysis BEST response would be to coordinate with the legal department and:

  • A. the public relations department
  • B. senior leadership
  • C. law enforcement
  • D. the human resources department

Answer: D

A development team is testing a new application release. The team needs to import existing client PHI data records from the production environment to the test environment to test accuracy and functionality.
Which of the following would BEST protect the sensitivity of this data while still allowing the team to perform the testing?

  • A. Deidentification
  • B. Encoding
  • C. Encryption
  • D. Watermarking

Answer: A

A security analyst is attempting to utilize the blowing threat intelligence for developing detection capabilities:
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In which of the following phases is this APT MOST likely to leave discoverable artifacts?

  • A. Data collection/exfiltration
  • B. Defensive evasion
  • C. Lateral movement
  • D. Reconnaissance

Answer: A

An analyst identifies multiple instances of node-to-node communication between several endpoints within the network and a user machine at the IP address This user machine at the IP address is also identified as initiating outbound communication during atypical business hours with several IP addresses that have recently appeared on threat feeds.
Which of the following can be inferred from this activity?

  • A. is infected with ransomware.
  • B. is not routable address space.
  • C. is a rogue endpoint.
  • D. is exfiltrating data.

Answer: D

A security analyst is reviewing the following log entries to identify anomalous activity:
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Which of the following attack types is occurring?

  • A. Directory traversal
  • B. SQL injection
  • C. Buffer overflow
  • D. Cross-site scripting

Answer: A

A human resources employee sends out a mass email to all employees that contains their personnel records. A security analyst is called in to address the concern of the human resources director on how to prevent this from happening in the future.
Which of the following would be the BEST solution to recommend to the director?

  • A. Install a data loss prevention system, and train human resources employees on its us
  • B. Provide PII training to all employees at the compan
  • C. Encrypt PII information.
  • D. Enforce encryption on all emails sent within the compan
  • E. Create a PII program and policy on how to handle dat
  • F. Train all human resources employees.
  • G. Train all employee
  • H. Encrypt data sent on the company networ
  • I. Bring in privacy personnel to present a plan on how PII should be handled.
  • J. Install specific equipment to create a human resources policy that protects PII dat
  • K. Train company employees on how to handle PII dat
  • L. Outsource all PII to another compan
  • M. Send the human resources director to training for PII handling.

Answer: A

An audit has revealed an organization is utilizing a large number of servers that are running unsupported operating systems.
As part of the management response phase of the audit, which of the following would BEST demonstrate senior management is appropriately aware of and addressing the issue?

  • A. Copies of prior audits that did not identify the servers as an issue
  • B. Project plans relating to the replacement of the servers that were approved by management
  • C. Minutes from meetings in which risk assessment activities addressing the servers were discussed
  • D. ACLs from perimeter firewalls showing blocked access to the servers
  • E. Copies of change orders relating to the vulnerable servers

Answer: C

You are a cybersecurity analyst tasked with interpreting scan data from Company A's servers. You must verify the requirements are being met for all of the servers and recommend changes if you find they are not.
The company's hardening guidelines indicate the following:
• TLS 1.2 is the only version of TLS running.
• Apache 2.4.18 or greater should be used.
• Only default ports should be used. INSTRUCTIONS
Using the supplied data, record the status of compliance with the company's guidelines for each server.
The question contains two parts: make sure you complete Part 1 and Part 2. Make recommendations for issues based ONLY on the hardening guidelines provided.
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  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

Part 1 Answer
Check on the following:
AppServ1 is only using TLS.1.2
AppServ4 is only using TLS.1.2
AppServ1 is using Apache 2.4.18 or greater
AppServ3 is using Apache 2.4.18 or greater
AppServ4 is using Apache 2.4.18 or greater
Part 2 Answer
Recommendation is to disable TLS v1.1 on AppServ2 and AppServ3. Also upgrade AppServ2 Apache to version 2.4.48 from its current version of 2.3.48
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Which of me following BEST articulates the benefit of leveraging SCAP in an organization's cybersecurity analysis toolset?

  • A. It automatically performs remedial configuration changes lo enterprise security services
  • B. It enables standard checklist and vulnerability analysis expressions for automaton
  • C. It establishes a continuous integration environment for software development operations
  • D. It provides validation of suspected system vulnerabilities through workflow orchestration

Answer: B

A security analyst has observed several incidents within an organization that are affecting one specific piece of hardware on the network. Further investigation reveals the equipment vendor previously released a patch.
Which of the following is the MOST appropriate threat classification for these incidents?

  • A. Known threat
  • B. Zero day
  • C. Unknown threat
  • D. Advanced persistent threat

Answer: B

A security analyst is investigating a system compromise. The analyst verities the system was up to date on OS patches at the time of the compromise. Which of the following describes the type of vulnerability that was MOST likely expiated?

  • A. Insider threat
  • B. Buffer overflow
  • C. Advanced persistent threat
  • D. Zero day

Answer: D


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