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Which command is used to enable association between BFD and VRRP?

  • A. vrrp vrid 1track bfd-session session-name 1reduced 100
  • B. bfd-session vrrp vrid 1 track session-name 1 reduced 100
  • C. track vrrp vrid 1bfd-session session-name 1 reduced 100
  • D. vrrp vrid 1 track bfd- session-name 1 reduced 100

Answer: A


On a layer 2 switching network, devices forward data based on MAC addresses, data filtering can be performed based on MAC addresses, information in data packets.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE

Answer: B


Which of the following tests is not performed in the joint software commissioning?

  • A. Connectivity test
  • B. Standalone device test
  • C. HA capability test
  • D. Service performance test sip

Answer: B


Which of the following statements regarding different LSA types is false?

  • A. D
  • B. packets contain only LSA summary information including LS I
  • C. Advertising Router and L
  • D. LS Request packets contain only LS Type ,LS I
  • E. and Advertising Router
  • F. LS Update packets contain complete LSA information
  • G. LS Ack packets contain complete LSA information

Answer: D


The peer default-mute-advertise command is executed on a BGP muter to advertise
a default mute to neighboring routers. Which of the following statements regarding the change of local BGP muting table is true?

  • A. An inactive default mute will be generated in the local BGP muting table, but this mute will not be delivered to the IP muting table
  • B. An active default mute will be generated in the local BGP muting table and delivered to the IP muting table.
  • C. No default mute will be generated in the local BGP muting table
  • D. A default mute will be generated in the local BGP muting tabl
  • E. Whether the default muting will be delivered to the IP muting table default

Answer: C


Which of the following statements regarding the firewall zone ts true?

  • A. Different zones of firewall can use the same priority.
  • B. A firewall interface can belong to different
  • C. Different firewall interfaces can belong to the
  • D. The default firewall zone can be deleted.

Answer: C


Which of the flowing statements regarding Huawei eSight network management software is false?

  • A. Multiple users can be created for network management Users may be asked to log in to
  • B. eSight from specified IP addresses in specific time ranges.
  • C. % The administrator can force unauthorized login users to log out.
  • D. % The login time of the administrator role also can be limited.

Answer: D


Which of the following is not the application scenario of the guest access management function of the Agile Controller?

  • A. Customers access the enterprise network public resources or Internet during exchanges with or visits to the enterprise
  • B. Citizens access the Internet through the network provided by public utilities
  • C. Consumers connect to the Internet over the enterprise network
  • D. Enterprise employees on a business trip connect to the enterprise network through branch network

Answer: D


Which of the following statements regarding the OSPF protocol are true?

  • A. An OSPF topology has three endpoint types router node stub network segment and transit network segment
  • B. A broadcast network segment or a NBMA network segment with at least two routers are a type of transit network segment
  • C. The default bandwidth reference value of OSPF is 100 Mbit/s
  • D. The cost from a transit network segment to the router connected to this network segment is 100

Answer: ABC


Which of the following statements regarding the operation window time for a software upgrade is false?

  • A. it is determined by the accepted service interruption duration.
  • B. It must be longer than the upgrade execution time
  • C. Troubleshooting time must be reserved.
  • D. Only network maintenance personnel need to notified of the operation window time while the customer does not

Answer: D


In addition to P2P network, which of the following network types is supported in IS-IS else?

  • A. P2MP
  • B. NBMA
  • C. SNAP
  • D. LAN(broadcast network)

Answer: D


To avoid global TCP synchronization, which congestion avoidance mechanisms can be used?

  • A. Red
  • B. Wired
  • D. WFQ

Answer: AB


What is the default sending interval of BED packets?

  • A. 5s
  • B. 100ms
  • C. 1000ms
  • D. 10S

Answer: C


Which of the following statements regarding qos packet loss are false?

  • A. when a router receives data packets, packet loss may occur because the cpu is busy and cannot process data packets.
  • B. when data packets are scheduled to queues, packet loss may occur because the queue is full.
  • C. when data packets are transmitted on a link, packet loss may occur because of link faults.
  • D. packet loss is generally caused by the delay, the tall drop packet loss may occur because of the queue is full Mill -

Answer: D


In the multicast network environment how do an IGMPv1 host and an IGMPv2 muter on the same LAN interact with each other?

  • A. If any host on a LAN is running IGMPv1 all hosts on the LAN must also use IGMPv1.
  • B. Membership Report message sent from the IGMPv1 host will be received by the IGMPv2 muter.
  • C. If the IGMPv1 is in a specific group theIGMPv2 muter must ignore all Leave messages received from this group.
  • D. The version 2 muter must set a countdown timer associated with the group that takes into account the presence of the version 1host.

Answer: BCD


An LSR supports various label retention modes. Which of the following statements regarding the liberal mode are true?

  • A. An LSR reserves all label sent by its neighbor
  • B. The liberal mode requires more memory and label space
  • C. An LSR retains labels from a neighboring LSR only when the neighbor is its next hop
  • D. This label retention mode saves the memory and label space B label retention mode reduces the LS

Answer: AB


Which of the following procedures are included in IS-IS route calculation?

  • A. Neighbor relationship establishment
  • B. Route calculation
  • C. Link information exchange
  • D. Router advertisement

Answer: ABC


Which of the following statements regarding selection of active links in LACP mode are false?

  • A. In static LACP mode after joining the Eth-Trunk the member interfaces send the system priorit
  • B. System priority system MAC address
  • C. A larger LACP system priority indicates a higher priorit
  • D. The end with a larger LACP system priority functions as the Active MAC address functions as the active side
  • E. The passive side determines active interfaces based on the LACP priority and I
  • F. (interface number ) of an interface on
  • G. Data can be forward and normally even both devices select different interfaces.

Answer: AC


VXLAN is irrelevant to SDN technology.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE

Answer: A


VXLAN users can access the Internet through VXLAN interfaces.

  • A. True
  • B. FALSE

Answer: A


Which of the following statements regarding OSPF stub area is true?

  • A. AS-external-LSAs can be advertised within a stub area
  • B. AS external route can only be based on a default route that is manually configured on an ABR.
  • C. A virtual link cannot pass through a stub area
  • D. Any area can be a stub area

Answer: C


Mp ls implements data forwarding based on two different planes which of the following statements regarding the forwarding mechanism are correct?

  • A. After an IP packet enters an MPLS domain the device receiving the packet queries in the FIB table first
  • B. The system automatically assigns an I
  • C. to the upper -layer application that uses a tunnel This I
  • D. is also called the tunnel ID
  • E. If the tunnel I
  • F. is 0x0 the MPLS forwarding process starts
  • G. if the tunnel I
  • H. is not 0x0 the normal IP forwarding process starts

Answer: AB


Which of the following statements regarding IBGP and EBGP peers is false?

  • A. Two BGP-running routers must have IP connectivity if they need to establish a TCP connection
  • B. If two BGP peers exchanging BGP messages belong to the same AS the two peers are IBGP peers
  • C. If two BGP peers exchanging BGP messages belong to different AS, the two peers are EBGP peers
  • D. IBGP peers must be physically directly connected

Answer: D


RSTP is different from STP regarding defining port states. Which port states does RSTP define?

  • A. Discarding
  • B. Learning
  • C. Forwarding
  • D. Discarding Learning and Forwarding

Answer: D


Which are lower-layer physical devices of NFV framework?

  • A. Storage device
  • B. Network device
  • C. Server
  • D. Air conditioning system

Answer: ABC


When a huawei router serves as an SSH client and attempts b log to another huawei muter, the login, it is suspected that the SSH server configuration is incorrect which of the following causes is the most impossible for the server fault?

  • A. The SSH protocol is not bound in the VTY user interface view.
  • B. The user service type authentication type and user service type are not configured.
  • C. The SSH server and client have inconsistent versions.
  • D. The SSH first-time authentication function is disabled.

Answer: D


Which of the following BGP attributes are well-known mandatory attributes?

  • A. Local_Pref
  • B. Next_hop
  • C. AS_Path
  • D. MED

Answer: BC


Which of the following statements regarding MUX VLAN is false?

  • A. Each group VLAN must be bound to a principal VLAN
  • B. lf the VLAN ID has been used by the principal VLAN this VLAN cannot be used for the VLANIF interface super-VLAN or sub-VLAN
  • C. After MUX VLAN is enabled on an interface VLAN mapping and VLAN stacking can be configured on the interface
  • D. An enterprise can use the principal port to connect to the enterprise servers separate port to connect to enterprise customers and groups to employees can both access enterprise servers enterprise employees can communicate with each other enterprise customers cannot communicate with each other

Answer: C


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