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A customer need a new storage system for visual desktop infrastructure environment to reduce the time required to provision new desktop. Which HPE solution should you recommended to fulfill this customers requirements?

  • A. Snapclones on HPE MSA 2040
  • B. SmartClone on HPE store virtual VSA(54)
  • C. Storage pool on HPE store Easy
  • D. Virtual Copy on HPE 3Par storeServ

Answer: B

You are designing a solution that will have a new HPE Synergy frame and an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 storage array with only the built-in ports. This new environment must keep the infrastructure within the data center to a minimum.
Which interconnect module will achieve this goal?

  • A. Synergy 25-50Gb F8 Switch Module
  • B. 6125G/XG Ethernet Blade Switch
  • C. Synergy 20Gb Interconnect Link Module
  • D. Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module

Answer: D

A customer need a backup solution to their virtualized environment .The backup solution must be agentless ,hypervise independent and integrated with HPE storage solutions. The solution must support Nimble snapshot and replication management. What products meets the customer requirement?

  • A. HPE storeOnce Recovery manager central
  • B. Commvault Simpana Intellisnap
  • C. Micro Focus Data Protector
  • D. Veem Backup and Replication

Answer: D

Which storage feature is supported by both the HPE StoreVirtual and the HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage, and is a key differentiator of HPE storage solutions in the industry?

  • A. Network RAID
  • B. Peer Motion
  • C. virtual Copy
  • D. Dynamic Optimization

Answer: B

When using a HPE 3 PAR Storeserv array to enable a user to apply array–based data services to specific application and VM’s. What is the benefit of implementing VM-level gradually of Volts?

  • A. Data sprawls eliminated by performing the migration functions at the array level using 3PAR HPE Dynamic Optimization
  • B. Efficiency is maintained by reclaiming space from deleted or migrated VMs using capabilities built into the storage ASIC
  • C. Performing is accelerated by detecting and moving the most frequently –accessed VMs into the fast class tier
  • D. Performance is accelerated by leveraging the deduplication capabilities built into the storage ASIC

Answer: B

What performance benefit is provided by using the HPE StoreVirtual DSM for Microsoft MPIO instead of the standard MPIO?

  • A. The HPE DSM increases availability and reduces latency and throughput.
  • B. The storage system, which holds a copy of the requested data, services the read I/Os.
  • C. The iSCSI connections are blocked to non-critical nodes in the cluster by default.
  • D. The storage system, which receives a copy of the data, does not service the write I/O.

Answer: B

You have just completed a performance analysis of an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400 disk array with different tiers at a customer’s site. After reviewing the performance metrics, you determine that they should install a new tier of SSD drives.
Which actions should you recommend they take to fully optimize the array? (Choose two.)

  • A. Configure Adaptive Flash Cache.
  • B. Configure scheduled tunesys tasks.
  • C. Rebalance all flash drives between nodes 0 and 2.
  • D. Configure Adaptive Optimization.
  • E. Configure dedicated drives to enable Adaptive Flash Cache.

Answer: BD

A customer has a large deployment of HPE Synergy compute modules, HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage, and HPE StoreOnce systems in a single data center. They are concerned about the risk of data loss due to site disaster.
What is the reason to propose HPE CloudBank?

  • A. To easily move workloads to AWS or Azure in the event of site disaster.
  • B. To improve RPO/RTO objectives by automating snapshot-based integrating between 3PAR andStoreOnce.
  • C. To regularly send backups to the cloud for the purposes of DR protection.
  • D. To leverage 3PAR snapshots and utilize StoreOnce recovery capabilities to minimize data loss and downtime.

Answer: C

A customer run several HPE 3PAR storeserv system in their environment using data rest encryption .The customer needs to add an HPE 3PAR Storeserv 8000system to the storage pool and an external key manager for all systems.. What is the requirement for this solution?

  • A. Boot server for the existing 3PAR storeserv array must be replaced with self-encrypting drive
  • B. All drives of the new HPE 3PAR storeserv array must be self-encrypting
  • C. HPE ESKM FIPS mode must be disabled by the administrator
  • D. Data on the existing HPE 3PAR storeserv array must be decrypted and re-encrypted with new keys

Answer: B

Which HPE storage solutions offer a two-tier backup solution for hybrid cloud with optimal recovery time? (Choose two.)

  • A. Simplivity 380
  • B. Nimble SF series
  • C. 3PAR 8000 series
  • D. StoreOnce with Catalyst
  • E. Nimble CS series

Answer: AD

What allows volume level data to be copied between an HPE 3PAR and an HPE store Virtual VSA?

  • A. Store virtual Peer motion
  • B. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy
  • C. Recovery Manager central
  • D. StoreServ Peer Motion

Answer: C

You are demonstrating adding a new virtual volume for an HPE 3PAR Storeserv array for your customer.in addition to the volume name ,What is the minimum information required to create a virtual volume(select two)

  • A. Persona type
  • B. Domain
  • C. Host
  • D. Size
  • E. CPG

Answer: DE

Which value does an HPE Nimble solution provide in addition to other HPE storage solutions

  • A. All inclusive software licensing over 5 years and additional capacity upgrades
  • B. Upfront option for free controller upgrade after 3 years
  • C. Flat support pricing for all hardware components
  • D. Tier 1 and tier 2 phone support

Answer: D

During Technology workshop ,the customer asks about different between converged and fibre channel switches. What would be a benefits of using flex fabric switches in a fibre channel storage environment?

  • A. Support for combining multiple physical switches in to one virtual switch with a single IP address
  • B. Support for six Ethernet and two fibre channel ,or six Ethernet and two ISCSI or eight Ethernet adapters per server.
  • C. Zones can be configured for QoS with high ,medium, and low priorities within a fabric on a zone by zone basic
  • D. In-flight compression and encryption provides efficient link utilization and security

Answer: A

Which HPE 3Par feature improves CPU utilization ,reduces latency and improve IOPS ?

  • A. Zero Detect
  • B. Persistent Cache
  • C. Express Indexing
  • D. Express Writes

Answer: D

Which SAN topology offers the highest centralized data access performance?

  • A. Meshed
  • B. Cascaded
  • C. Core-Edge
  • D. Ring

Answer: C

What is used to migrate data between nodes in an HPE StoreVirtual VSA environment?

  • A. Network RAID
  • B. Peer Motion
  • C. SmartClone
  • D. Remote Copy

Answer: B

You are presenting the HPE StoreEver portfolio to a media agency. What advantage is offered when using LTFS?

  • A. file management capabilities will be provided with tape cartridges
  • B. WORM functionality for file, block and object storage access on tape
  • C. file encryption with public and private key management
  • D. file and block data management within an HPE HSM solution

Answer: A

A customer asks for an integrated solution for their remote office with All-Flesh storage and ease of management. Application-aware replication to their main office is an important requirement. Which HPE solution component should you discuss with the customer first?

  • A. HPE SimpliVity 380
  • B. HPE MSA 2052 Storage
  • C. HPE Nimble CS1000 system
  • D. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200

Answer: A

A customer’s growing environment has a mix of HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 with 10K HDD, HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450, and HPE 3PAR StoreServ 2080D with 3 tiers of storage deployed in the same data center. The customer needs to optimize performance by being able to move workloads to the most appropriate array as needed.
Which solution enables the customer to achieve this goal?

  • A. HPE OneView to automate cpg migration based on user defined policies.
  • B. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy in a Synchronous Long Distance topology.
  • C. HPE Smart SAN to provide autonomic federated management.
  • D. HPE 3PAR Peer Motion with SSMC to manage storage federation.

Answer: D

While demonstrating an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450 array, the customer asks you to demonstrate the File Persona features.
Which objects do you need to create to demonstrate these features? (Choose two.)

  • A. File share
  • B. Storage container
  • C. Host
  • D. Remote copy group
  • E. Virtual file server

Answer: AE

A customer's environment consists of two HPE Synergy frames running VMware vSphere, HPE FlexFabric 5700 switches, and one HPE Nimble HF-series array connected via 10GbE-T ports to the FlexFabric switches. The customer is concerned about performance management of the whole solution stack.
When using infosight with VMvision and analyzing end-to-end latency, which of the components within the stack are displayed? (Choose Three)

  • A. ISCSI network(SAN)
  • B. Ethernet network (LAN)
  • C. storage
  • D. application
  • E. operating system
  • F. host

Answer: ADF

A customer has a SAN based on HPE B-series switches with Gen6 fibre channel technology. Their workload is continually growing and they are experiencing performance issues. They need a solution to enable real-time monitoring and to speed up troubleshooting in his SAN backend.
Which unique feature of the HPE B-series Gen6 switches should you recommend? (Choose two.)

  • A. Fabric Watch
  • B. MAPS
  • C. Advanced Trunking
  • D. Fabric Vision
  • E. Extended Fabrics

Answer: AD

Which statement is correct when discussing the RAID layout of an HPE Nimble HF-series storage system?

  • A. RAID 6 triple parity is set up -21 data drives are used for RAID stripes.
  • B. RAID 6 triple parity is set up -18 data drives are used for RAID stripes.
  • C. RAID 6 or RAID 1 can be set up -24 data drives are used for RAID stripes.
  • D. RAID 6 or RAID 1 can be set up -18 data drives are used for RAID stripes.

Answer: A


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