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NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
The exhibit shows a topology where a FortiGate is two VDOMS, root and vd-vlasn. The root VDCM provides SSL-VPN access, where the users authenticated by a FortiAuthenticatator.
The vd-lan VDOM provids internal access to a Web server. For the remote users to access the internal web server, there are a few requirements, which are shown below.
--At traffic must come from the SSI-VPN
--The vd-lan VDOM only allows authenticated traffic to the Web server.
-- Users must only authenticate once, using the SSL-VPN portal.
-- SSL-VPN uses RADIUS-based authentication.
referring to the exhibit, and the requirement describe above, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. vd-lan authentication messages from root using FSSO.
  • B. vd-lan connects to Fort authenticator as a regular FSSO client.
  • C. root is configured for FSSO while vd-lan is configuration for RSSO.
  • D. root sends “RADIUS Accounting Messages" to FortiAuthenticato

Answer: AC

A VPN IPsec is connecting the headerquarters office (HQ) with a branch office OSPF is used to router between the offices. After deployment, a server with IP address located on the DMZ network of the BO FortiGae was reported unreachable from hosts located on the LAN network of the same FortiGate.
Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

  • A. The ICMP packets are Being blocked by an implicit deny policy.
  • B. The incoming access list should have an accept action instead deny action to solve the problem.
  • C. A directly connected subnet is being partially superseded by an OSPF redistributed subnet.
  • D. Enabling NAT on the VPN firewall policy will solve the proble

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
The exhibit shows the configuration of a service protection profile (SPP) in a FortiDDoS device. Which two statements are true about the traffic matching being inspection by this SPP? (Choose two.)

  • A. Traffic that does match any spp policy will not be inspection by this spp.
  • B. FortiDDos will not send a SYNACK if a SYN packet is coming from an IP address that is not the legtimate IP (LIP) address table.
  • C. FortiDooS will start dropping packets as soon as the traffic executed the configured maintain threshold.
  • D. SYN packets with payloads will be droope

Answer: AB

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
The FortiAP profile used by the FortiGate managed AP is shown in the exhibit. Which two statements are correct n this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A. All FortiAPs using thre profile will nave Radio 1 scan rogue access points.
  • B. Map this profile to SSlDs that you want to be available on the FortiAPs using this profile.
  • C. All FortiAPs using this profile will have Radio 1 monitor wireless clients.
  • D. Interference will be prevented between FortiAPs using this profile.

Answer: BC

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. The IPv4 traffic for nse8user is filtered using the DNS profile.
  • B. The IPv6 traffic for nse8user is filtered using the DNS profile.
  • C. The IPv4 policy is allowing security profile groups.
  • D. The Web traffic for nse8user is being filtered differently in IPv4 and IPv6.

Answer: BC

You have a customer with a SCADA environmental control devices that is trigged a false-positive OPS alert whenever the device's Web GUI is accessed. You cannot seem to create a functional custom IPS filter expert this behavior, and it appears that the device is so old that it does HTTPS support. You need to prevent the false posited IPS alert occurring. In this scenario, which two actions would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a very granular firewall for that device's IP address which does not perform IPS scanning.
  • B. Reconfigure the FortiGate to operate in proxy-based inspection mode instead of flow-base
  • C. Create a URL filter with the exempt action for that device's IP address.
  • D. Change the relevant firewall policies to use SSL certificate-inspection instead of SSL deep-inspectio

Answer: BC

You ate asked lo add a FortiDDoS to the network to combat detected slow connection attacks such as Slowloris. Which prevention mode on FortiDDoS will protect you against this specific type of attack?

  • A. aggressive aging mode
  • B. rate limiting mode
  • C. blocking mode
  • D. asymmetric mode

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
You have to data center with a FortiGate 7000-series chassis connected by VPN, and all traffic flows over an established generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunnel between them. You are troubleshooting traffic that is traversing between Server VLAN A and Server VLAN B. The performance is lower than expected and all traffic is only on the FPM module in slot 3.
Referring to the exhibit, which action will correct the problem?

  • A. Remove traffic shaping from the firewall policy allowing the traffic.
  • B. NO course of action enables load balancing in this scenario.
  • C. Change the algorithm so it takes IP source IP, destination IP, and port no account.
  • D. Configuration a local-balance flow-rule in the CLI to enable load balancin

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
The exhibit shows the steps for creating a URL rewrite policy on a FortWet-Which statement represents the purpose of this policy?

  • A. The policy redirects all HTTP URLs to HTTPS.
  • B. The policy redirects all HTTPS URLs to HTTP.
  • C. The policy redirects only HTTPS URLs containing the ˆ/ (. *) S string to HTTP.
  • D. The pokey redirects only HTTP URLs containing theˆ/ ( .*)S string to HTTP

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
Your company has two data center (DC) connected using a Layer 3 network. Service in farm A need to connect to server in farm B as though they all were in the same Layer 2 segment.

  • A. Create an IPsec tunnel with transport mode encapsulation.
  • B. Create an IPsec tunnel with Mode encapsulation.
  • C. Create an IPsec tunnel with VXLAN encapsulation.
  • D. Create an IPsec tunnel with VLAN encapsulatio

Answer: A

An organization has one central site And three remote sites. A FotiSIEM has been drafted on the central site and now all devices across the remote sites need to be monitored by the FortiSlEM.
When action would reduce the WAN usage by the monitoring system?

  • A. Deploy a single Supervisor on the central site and enable WAN optimize on the WAN gateways.
  • B. Install local Collection remote site.
  • C. Disable monitoring on the remote sites during the day.
  • D. install a Supervisor and a Collector for each remote sit

Answer: C

Your client wants to use a central RADIUS server for management authentication when connecting to the FortiGate GUL and provide different levels of access for different types of employees.
Which three actions required providing the requested functionality? (Choose three.)

  • A. Enable radius-vdom-override in the CLI.
  • B. Create a wildcard administrator on the FortGate
  • C. Enable occprofile-override in the CLI.
  • D. Set the RADIUS authencation type to MS-CHApV2.
  • E. Create multiple administrator profiles with matching RADIUS VSA

Answer: CDE

You are building a FortiGala cluster which is stretched over two locations. The HA connections for the cluster are terminated on the data centers.
Once the FortiGates have booted, they do form a cluster.
The network operators inform you that CRC eoors are present on the switches where the FortiGAtes are connected. What would you do to solve this problem?

  • A. Replace the caables where the CRC errors occur.
  • B. Change the ethertype for the HA packets.
  • C. Set the speedduplex setting to 1 Gbps /Full Duplex.
  • D. Place the HA interfaces in dedicated VLAN

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
You ate trying to configure Link-Aggregation Group (LAG), but ports A and B do not appear on the list of member options. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct in this situation?

  • A. The FortiGate model being used does not support LAG.
  • B. The FortiGate model does not have an Integrated Switch Fabric (ISF).
  • C. The FortiGate SFP+ slot does not have the correct module.
  • D. The FortiGate interfaces are defective and require replacemen

Answer: B

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
Referring to the exhibit, a FortiADC is load balancing IPV4 traffic between next-hop routers. The FortiADC does not know the IP addresses of the servers, Also the FortiADC is doing Layer 7 content inspection and modification.
In this scenario, which application delivery control is configured in the FortiADC?

  • A. Layer 2
  • B. Layer 3
  • C. Laye.4
  • D. Layer 7

Answer: D

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
Only users authenticated in FortiGate-B reach the server. A customer wants to deploy a single sing-on solution for VPN users. Once a user’s is connected and authenticated to the VPN in FortiGate-A, the user does not need to authenticate again in FortiGate-B to reach the server.
Which two actions satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use Kerberos authentication.
  • B. FortiGate-A must generate a RADUIS accounting packets.
  • C. Use FortiAuthenticator.
  • D. Use the Collector Agen

Answer: CD

You are asked implement a single FortiGate 5000 chassis using Session-aware Load Balance Cluster (SLBC) with Active-passive for Controllers have the configuration shown below, with the rest of the configuration set to the default values.
NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
Both FotiController show Master status. What is the problem in this scenario?

  • A. The management interface of both FotiControllers was connected on the some network.
  • B. The priority should be set higher for ForControllers on slot-1.
  • C. The b1 interface the two FortiConrollers do not see each other.
  • D. The chassis ID settings on FotiControllers on slot 2 should be set to 2.

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
When deploying a new FortiGate-VMX Security node, an administrator received the error message shown in the exhibit In this scenario, which statement is correct?

  • A. The vCenter was not able locate the FortiGate-VMX's OVF file.
  • B. The vCenter could not connect to the FortiGate Service Manager
  • C. The NSX Manager was not able to connect on the FortiGate Service Manager's RestAPI service.
  • D. The FortiGate Service Manager did not have the proper permission to register the FortiGate-VMX Servic

Answer: C

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
A customer gas just finished their Azure deployment to ensure a Web application behind a FortiWeb. Now they want to add components to protect against advance threats (zero day attacks), centrally the entire environment, and centrally monitor Fortinet and non-Fortinet products.
Which Fortinet will standby these requirements?

  • A. Use FotiAnalyzer lor monitor in Azure, FortiSlEM for managemnet, and FortiSandbox for zero day attacks on their local network.
  • B. Use Fortianalyzer for monitor Azure, FortiSiEM for management, and FortiGate has zero day attacks on their local network.
  • C. Use FortiManager for management in Azure, FortSIEM for monitoring and FcrtiSandbox for zero day attacks on their local network.
  • D. Use FortiSIEM for management Azure, FortiManager for management, and FortrGate for zero day attacks on their local network.

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
You configured an IPsec tunnel to a branch office. Now you want to make sure that the encryption of the tunnel is offloaded to hardware referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

  • A. Incoming and outgoing traffic is offloaded
  • B. Outgoing traffic is offloaded, you cannot determine if incoming traffic is offloaded at this time.
  • C. Traffic is not offloaded.
  • D. Outgoing traffic is offloaded: incoming traffic not offloade

Answer: D


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