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What are some common security challenges? (Select all that apply)

  • A. Consultants have different beliefs about the optimal level of security for clients
  • B. Different industries require and follow different security models
  • C. Marketing and sales organizations differ on how they access contacts.
  • D. Salesforce users must have access to the right records and only see relevant data.

Answer: BCD


Sales management at Universal Containers wants product managers to become more involved with sales deals that are being delayed in the negotiation stage of the sales process. Product managers need to understand the details of specific sales deals, and address product capability and roadmap questions with customers. What solution should a consultant recommend to help product managers engage in sales deals? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Add the opportunity team, product managers, and customers to libraries containing files relevant to sales u deals
  • B. Use an assignment rule to notify product managers when opportunities are updated
  • C. Create a chatter group to share product information with sales team, product managers, and customers
  • D. @mention product managers in chatter posts on relevant sales deals

Answer: AC

NEW QUESTION 3 The checkmark next to records in search results indicates the record is already in Salesforce.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B


Customer Support Agents are frustrated with how they interact with their current case management solution and have asked for a more streamlined way to manage and view cases. Which solution will improve productivity and allow the Agents to quickly create and view notes, log calls, update cases, and communicate with customer?

  • A. Create a Salesforce Classic Quick Actions
  • B. Add a Visualforce page to the Case layout
  • C. Configure the Case highlights panel
  • D. Configure Case Feed page layouts9

Answer: B


There are four steps to managing Products and Price Books. Can you put the steps in order?

  • A. Create Product
  • B. Create Custom Price Book
  • C. Defined Standard Price
  • D. Set List Price

Answer: BCD


The sales director does not want users viewing each other's Opportunities, but wants users to check to see that the Account does not already exist prior to creating a new Account. Which Organization-Wide Default should the Consultant recommend?

  • A. Set Account to Public Read/Write, and Opportunity to Private.
  • B. Set Account to Public Read Only, and Opportunity to Public Read Only.
  • C. Set Account t and Opportunity to Private.
  • D. Set Account to Public Read/Write, and Opportunity to Controlled by Parent.

Answer: A


Universal Containers plans to deploy the new Service Cloud console to its support team. Which steps should be considered in deployment? (There are three correct answers.)

  • A. Customize highlight panels for all objects.
  • B. Set up interaction logs and assign them to user profiles.
  • C. Assign users the Service Cloud User feature license.
  • D. Set up users and assign them to a queue.
  • E. Customize case list views.

Answer: ABC


Universal Container wants to improve sales productivity in inside sales and it has been advised to consider Salesforce Console for sales. What use case will satisfy this requirement? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Need to add notes quickly or log activities for each record
  • B. need to see records and related items as tabs under one screen
  • C. need to chat with customer in real time with chatter
  • D. Need to prioritize search results for contacts and opportunities

Answer: AB


The Cloud Kicks pipeline and forecasting reports are inaccurate because sales representatives are creating opportunities after they are already closed/won. The VP of Sales wants visibility on how often the sales representatives are creating opportunities like this. Which two solutions should the Consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Utilize a process builder to send an email to sales management when the Opportunity is created in the closed/won stage.
  • B. Run the Opportunity pipeline standard report to view the upcoming Opportunities by stage.
  • C. Configure a report that displays Opportunities that have a closed date less than, or equal to, the created date.
  • D. Implement a process builder that automatically updates the Opportunity to the first stage in the sates process.
  • E. Enable High Velocity Sales so that the VP of Sales can get a global view of quick closed Opportunities.

Answer: AC


Universal Containers wants to be able to assign Cases based on the same criteria they use for Live Agent chats. Which feature should a Consultant recommend?

  • A. Omni-channel Skills-based routing
  • B. Live Agent Queue-based routing
  • C. Omni-channel Queue-based routing
  • D. Case Skills-based Assignment Rules

Answer: B


Cloud Kicks is undergoing a GDPR-focused implementation to ensure access to personal information data is limited to only users who need access to a company's account. Cloud Kicks has a private Account model.
How should the Consultant provide specific Account access to the Renewals and Sales Operation teams?

  • A. Create Renewals and Sales Operation Account team member roles and have Sales allocate Account team members to the appropriate users.
  • B. Create a role-based sharing rule to share all Account with the Sales Operations and Renewals roles.
  • C. Add Renewals and Sales Operations team members to a sales user's default Opportunity team.
  • D. Create a criteria-based sharing rule to share Accounts with the Sales Operations and Renewals public groups.

Answer: A


A company needs to enable a community to better engage with its customers. The key aspects of the community will include Cases, Knowledge, and Community Discussions. The company wants to quickly enable the community via a template. Which template should the company use?

  • A. Napili (Customer Service)
  • B. Koa
  • C. Salesforce Tabs +Visualforce
  • D. Kokua

Answer: B


Sales representatives at Cloud Kicks often receive important customer emails they want to record as activities related to Contacts in Salesforce. Cloud Kicks has Office 365, and there is a policy preventing users from Installing anything directly on their computers. Which solution should a Consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. Salesforce Console for Sales
  • B. Lightning Sync
  • C. Lightning Console for Sales
  • D. Salesforce for Outlook

Answer: B


To create a PDF file of your quote, click "Create PDF" on the quote detail page.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: A


Which feature should a Consultant recommend to allow a Tier 2 Service Representative to take over case processing from Tier l and know how far Tier l had progressed in troubleshooting?

  • A. Service Console Macros
  • B. Lightning Guided Engagement
  • C. Path for Cases
  • D. Lightning Flow Component

Answer: B


A company frequently has issues with customers that need complex, hands-on technical support with high-priority issues in difficult-to-visit locales.
What should be recommended for reliable, real-time support to customers with these restrictions?

  • A. Customer Community
  • B. Field Service Lightning
  • C. SOS Video Chat
  • D. Salesforce Knowledge

Answer: C


Sales methodology means an industry-recognized standard sales process.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B


A company would like to implement a solution that would hold service reps accountable to customer Service Level Agreements.
Which two steps should be completed to meet this request? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Enable Work Orders.
  • B. Create an Entitlement Process.
  • C. Set up Milestones.
  • D. Configure Service Contracts.

Answer: BC


Which of the following are the main challenges that affect Sales Rep productivity? (Select all that apply)

  • A. Lack of motivation
  • B. Tedious data entry process
  • C. Difficulty in finding information
  • D. Not enough leads from marketing
  • E. Difficulty in keeping client data current
  • F. Having to create reports manually

Answer: BCEF


With Customizable Forecasting you can forecast any of the following data. (Select all that apply)

  • A. Quantity
  • B. Units of Individual Products
  • C. Units of Product Family
  • D. Amount

Answer: ACD


When a Lead record is converted, Cloud Kicks wants the Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Product records to be automatically created with minimal user input. Which strategy should the Consultant use to meet this requirement?

  • A. Create a custom Quick action that creates new records
  • B. Override the standard Convert button with a custom Lightning Component.
  • C. Enable the customized lead conversion setting from Setup.
  • D. Utilize workflow rules to create records.

Answer: C


Service Reps at Universal Containers complain that the Case Feed in the Lightning Service Console has too many entries and is hard to use. Which option should a Service Consultant recommend to improve the Case Feed usability?

  • A. Use Compact Case Feed to hide entries
  • B. Case Feed Private Sharing to hide entries
  • C. Use case feed Filters to organize entries
  • D. Use Comments instead of Case Feed entries

Answer: C


Universal Containers manages opportunity forecasts using the standard forecast categories in Salesforce customizable forecasting. Each sales stage is aligned with a forecast category. When reviewing the forecast, Universal Containers wants the roll-up of just the opportunities that are in pipeline, best case, and commit. What number in the forecast would provide Universal Containers with the appropriate information?

  • A. Pipeline
  • B. Pipeline + Best Case
  • C. Pipeline + Closed/Won
  • D. Pipeline + Commit

Answer: A


UC is purchasing smartphones and tablets for MS global sales team members. Sales management wants mobile access to key functionality, including collaboration, customer management, and opportunity management. What component of Salesforce Sales Cloud mobility should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Salesforce Touch
  • B. Visualforce for mobile.
  • C. Native mobile applications.
  • D. AppExchange mobile plugin.

Answer: AC


Cloud Kicks uses a custom object named GumShoe. GumShoe is the child in a master-detail relationship with the Opportunity object. Staff members use this object to create requests for supporting research. They want to easily generate new GumShoe records from their phones by using the Salesforce Mobile App. What should a Consultant recommended to meet the requirements?

  • A. Create a Lightning Component for mobile.
  • B. Create a custom hyperlink to a related list.
  • C. Create a Quick Action.
  • D. Create a custom Process Builder process.

Answer: C


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