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The importance of Oracle certification

  • Through the cultivation of the world's top technology to win the competitive advantage.
  • Create opportunities and improve credibility through continuous learning.
  • 80% of Oracle certified holders have been promoted, paid or other career progress, as soon as possible to join their ranks.

Earn a well-respected credential to demonstrate IT expertise in the marketplace.

Oracle Braindumps

1z0-141 | What 100% Correct 1z0-141 braindumps Is?

splitQ31. You are developing a Human Resources form for HR clerks to insert, update, and delete records from the EMPLOYEES table. You are also maintaining an audit table with the following table description:SQL> desc audit_changesName Null? Type--------------------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2 (30)ID NUMBER TIMESTAMP DATECHANGE_BY VARCHAR2

1Z0-329 | A Review Of Verified 1Z0-329 exam dumps

splitQ1. A customer has a requirement to add a new Action when hiring Part-Time Employees. What is the correct option? A. Create an additional Action type Hire Part-Time Employee and do not associate it with any Action type. B. Create an additional Action Reason Hire Part-Time Employee and associate it with the Action type Manage Employee. C. Create an additional Action Hire Part-Time Employee

1Z0-525 | All About Simulation 1Z0-525 examcollection

splitQ31. The universal adapter in Informatica, is used to load data from what two sources? A. EBS B. JD Edwards C. Legacy OLTP Systems D. Non Oracle Sources Answer: A,C Q32. Which two parameters are to be set while configuring BI Applications for Supply Chain Analytics? A. Inventory Master Id B. Category Master Id C. Category Set ID D. Inventory Category Set Id Answer: A,B Q33. Whi

1z0-485 | All About Real 1z0-485 dumps

splitQ31. Which statement is true about Enterprise Manager 12c for Exadata? A. EM Agents are installed on each database and storage node. B. EM Agents should not be installed on Exadata. Remote monitoring is the best practice. C. EM Agents can communicate to storage cells via SSH. D. The Exadata Plug-In for monitoring switches is installed in each EM Agent. E. Storage cells communicate direc

1z0-034 | The Leading Guide To 1z0-034 pdf

splitQ71. View the Exhibit and examine the steps that you executed to create a database resource plan. Subsequently, you execute the following procedure which results in an error: SQL> EXECUTE dbms_resources_manager.validate_pending_area ( ); What could be the reason? A. The pending area is automatically submitted after the plan creation B. The procedure must be executed before creating t

1Z0-478 | 10 Tips For Up to the immediate present 1Z0-478 practice test

splitQ11. You want to define a now event to be managed by the Event Delivery Network (EDN). The XSD is in place that defines the element that is to be the basis of the new event. Which step do you perform next? A. Create a new event definition in the SOA Composite Editor. B. Use an editor to create the event using Event Definition Language (EDL) syntax. C. Create the now event definition as y

1Z0-895 | All About Accurate 1Z0-895 braindumps

splitQ11. A bean developer wants to write a stateless session bean class that implements the following remote business interface: @Remote Public interface Foo { Void bar () throws Exception; Which bean class method is valid? A. @Asynchronous public void bar () throws Exception { . . . } B. @Asynchronous Future <void> bar () { . . .} C. void bar () throws Exception { . . . } D. pub

1Z0-522 | What Approved 1Z0-522 vce Is?

splitQ31. Your client is requesting that an error message be created when trying to void those Vouchers with Purchase Orders. Select two programs that would be controlled by processing options to disallow void of vouchers created with Purchase Orders.A. Supplier Payment InquiryB. Supplier Master InformationC. Supplier Ledger InquiryD. Speed Voucher EntryE. Standard Voucher EntryAnswer: CEQ32. Wh

1Z0-146 | 10 Tips For Renewal 1Z0-146 exam question

splitQ31. View Exhibit1 and examine the structure of the EMPLOYEES and DEPARTMENTS tables existing in your schema. View Exhibit2 and examine the PL/SQL block that you execute to display the department-wise incremented salary for all the departments in your company. The code generates an error on execution. What correction should be done to ensure the code executes successfully? A. The cursor

1z0-241 | What Downloadable 1z0-241 braindumps Is?

splitQ41. Which are the two PeopleCode row action events? (Choose two.)A. RowInsertB. RowDeleteC. RowInitD. RowSelectE. PreBuildF. PostBuildAnswer: ABQ42. Select the option that correctly demonstrates a parent/child relationship where the first record definition is the parent and the second record definition is the child.Answer: AQ43. Select the two true statements regarding parent/child relati

1z0-050 | how many questions of 1z0-050 practice test?

splitQ101. You have a range-partitioned table in your database. Each partition in the table contains the sales data for a quarter. The partition related to the current quarter is modified frequently and other partitions undergo fewer data manipulations. The preferences for the table are set to their default values. You collect statistics for the table using the following command in regular interv

1Z0-242 | Renewal Oracle 1Z0-242 exam dumps

splitQ11. - (Topic 0) You are testing a new asynchronous service operation to send employee job data to another system; however, no operation instance is created. Select three possible causes. (Choose three.) A. The sending node is paused. B. The sending domain is not active. C. No Publication PeopleCode exists. D. Publication PeopleCode is incorrect. E. No outbound routings exist for the s

1z0-462 | 100% Correct Oracle 1z0-462 practice test

splitQ1. Observe the following: What is the purpose of ModulePrefsin a gadget descriptor? A. ModuIePrefs defines properties and dependencies for a gadget. B. ModulePrefs defines styles for a gadget. C. ModuIePrefs defines data access URLs for a gadget. D. ModulePrefs defines user preferences for a gadget. Answer: A Q2. Your legal department hasinformed you thatthere is a newrequirement th

1Z0-478 | What Real 1Z0-478 practice test Is?

splitQ1. Which capability or benefit is not applicable to Oracle Service Bus? A. Service mediation B. Service abstraction C. Translation and transformation D. Service creation E. Stateful processing Answer: E Q2. What does service abstraction do? A. It hides the implementation details of a service. Including the location of the service, the interface, and the idempotence of the operation

1Z0-546 | The Secret of Oracle 1Z0-546 exam

splitQ31. Which four statements are true for an SL8500? A. Partitioned LSMs will not recognize other LSMs, within the library unless they are in the same partition. B. The elevator operationisunder the control of the library controller when CAP operations are issued. C. CAPS can either be shared or dedicated resources for partitions. D. All drives, storage slots, and cartridges within a parti

1Z0-528 | The Up to the immediate present Guide To 1Z0-528 exam dumps

splitQ11. Which of the following features is supported by Oracle Audit Vault? A. Hardware Security Module (HSM) TDE Master Key Protection B. Lower IT costs with audit policies C. Transport Layer Security (TLS) Support D. SSL/TLS network encryption Answer: B Q12. Andrew works as a Database Administrator for Business Software Solutions Ltd. The company uses Oracle 11g as the database. Andrew

1Z0-051 | All About Best Quality 1Z0-051 braindumps

splitQ121. - (Topic 1) Which two statements are true regarding constraints? (Choose two.) A. A constraint can be disabled even if the constraint column contains data B. A constraint is enforced only for the INSERT operation on a table C. A foreign key cannot contain NULL values D. All constraints can be defined at the column level as well as the table level E. A columns with the UNIQUE cons

1Z0-052 | What Approved 1Z0-052 exam Is?

splitQ41. The user HR owns the EMP table. The user HR grants privileges to the user SCOTT by using this command:Which statement is true after HR issues the REVOKE command?A. The command fails because SCOTT still has privileges.B. The command succeeds and privileges are revoked from JIM.C. The command fails because HR cannot revoke the privileges from JIM.D. The command succeeds and only HR has th

1Z0-519 | The Secret of Oracle 1Z0-519 practice test

splitQ1. Beyond the shelf life days, active lots become expired lots.Expired lots______.A. Can be reservedB. Are not allowed to do subinventory transferC. Are not included in Inventory valuation reportsD. Can not be transacted and included in on-hand quantitiesE. Are not included in cycle and physical counting adjustmentsF. Are not considered as on-hand supply for min-max and re-order point plann

1Z0-518 | The Renovate Guide To 1Z0-518 dumps

splitQ41. Identify three tables that can be used to import billing data Into Oracle Receivables. (Choose three.)A. RA INTERFACE LINES ALLB. RA_INTERFACE_SALES_ALLC. RA_INTERFACE_,HEADERS_ALLD. RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALLE. RA INTERFACE DISTRIBUTIONS ALLAnswer: ADEQ42. Organizations have unique credit policies that aid for managing their collections and establishing relationships with customers