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splitNew LPI 102-400 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)New Questions 4Which of the following crontab entries will execute myscript at 30 minutes past every hour on Sundays?A. 0 * * * 30 myscriptB. 30 * * * 6 myscriptC. 30 0 * * 0 myscriptD. 30 0-23 * * 0 myscriptE. 0 0-23 * * 30 myscriptAnswer: DNew Questions 5CORRECT TEXTPlease specify the top directory containing the configuration

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splitNew LPI 102-400 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)Q2. Which command can be used to delete a group from a Linux system?A. groupdelB. groupmodC. groupsD. groupeditAnswer: AQ3. How is a display manager started?A. It is started by a user using the command startx.B. It is started like any other system service by the init system.C. It is started by inetd when a remote hosts connects t

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splitNew LPI 102-400 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)Q1. CORRECT TEXTIn which file, if present, must all users be listed that are allowed to use the cron scheduling system? (Specify the full name of the file, including path.)Answer: /etc/cron.allowQ2. Which command is used to set restrictions on the size of a core file that is created for a user when a program crashes?A. coreB. edq

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splitNew LPI 102-400 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)Question No: 7Where are user specific crontabs stored?A. In the database file /etc/crontab.db which is shared by all users.B. As individual per-user files within /var/spool/cron.C. As individual per-user files in /etc/cron.user.d.D. In the .crontab file in the user's home directory.E. In the file /var/cron/user-crontab which

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splitNew LPI 102-400 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)Question No: 1Which of the following keywords can be used in the file /etc/resolv.conf? (Choose TWO correct answers.)A. substituteB. nameserverC. searchD. lookupE. methodAnswer: B,CQuestion No: 2Which of the following commands can remove a user from a group?A. grouprmB. groupmodC. passwdD. usergroupsE. usermodAnswer: EQuestion No

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splitNew LPI 102-400 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)Q3. What is the purpose of the file /etc/profile?A. It contains the welcome message that is displayed after login.B. It contains security profiles defining which users are allowed to log in.C. It contains environment variables that are set when a user logs in.D. It contains default application profiles for users that run an appli