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splitQ1. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g ASM instance with a disk group dg01 having three disks. One of the disks in the disk group becomes unavailable because of power failure. You issued the following command to change the DISK_REPAIR_TIME attribute from 3.6 hours to 5 hours: ALTER DISKGROUP dg01 SET ATTRIBUTE *disk_repair_time' = '5h' To which disks in the disk group wil

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splitQ21. Which two statements are true regarding hot patching? (Choose two.) A. It requires relinking of the Oracle binary. B. It does not require database instance shutdown. C. It can detect conflicts between two online patches. D. It is available for installing all patches on all platforms. E. It works only in a single database instance environment. Answer: B,C Online Patching Regular p

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splitQ31. Which statement is true about a running session that belongs to the online transaction processing (OLTP) group? A. It permanently switches to the low_group consumer group if the session exceeds 10,000 I/O requests or 2,500 MB of data transfer. B. It performs the first 10000 I/O requests or 2,500 MB of data transfer in the LOW-GROUP consumer group, and then switches to the original gro

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splitQ41. View the Exhibit and examine the output of the query in different times when the following command runs in an RMAN session: RMAN> BACKUP DATABASE FILESPERSET 2; The database has seven data files. Why is the value of %_COMPLETE refreshed to 13.59 in the third output after reaching 88.77? A. Because the progress is reported for each data file B. Because the progress is reported for

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splitQ61. The database users regularly complain about the difficulty in performing transactions. On investigation, you find that some users perform long-running transactions that consume huge amounts of space in the undo tablespace, which caused the problem. You want to control the usage of the undo tablespace only for these user sessions and you do not want these sessions to perform long-running

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splitQ51. You created a tablespace with the following statement: CREATE BIGFILE TABLESPACE adtbs DATAFILE '/probdb/data/adtbs.dbf' SIZE 10G; There is now a requirement to increase the size of the tablespace. Which two ALTER statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.) A. ALTER TABLESPACE adtbs RESIZE 20G; B. ALTER TABLESPACE adtbs ADD DATAFILE; C. ALTER TABLESPACE adtbs A

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splitQ11. The DB_BLOCK_CHECKING parameter is set to FALSE. What level of block checking will be performed? A. The Oracle database will not perform block checking for any of the data blocks. B. The Oracle database will perform block checking for the default permanent tablespace only. C. The Oracle database will perform block checking for the data blocks in all user tablespaces. D. The Oracle

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splitQ71. View the Exhibit and examine the steps that you executed to create a database resource plan. Subsequently, you execute the following procedure which results in an error: SQL> EXECUTE dbms_resources_manager.validate_pending_area ( ); What could be the reason? A. The pending area is automatically submitted after the plan creation B. The procedure must be executed before creating t

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splitQ81. Because of a logical corruption in your production database, you wanted to perform Tablespace Point in TimeRecovery (TSPITR). But before you start the recovery, you queried the TS_PITR_OBJECTS_TO_BE_DROPPEDview and realized that there are a large number of objects that would be dropped when you start the recoveryby using this method. You want to preserve these objects. Which option must