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splitQ1. ABC Company in India imports baking equipment from XYZ Company in the USA. There is an outstanding invoice of $1,000,000 to be paid in two months. The USD-to-INR rate when the transaction was done was 47.5. Now the USD-to-INR rate has changed from 47.5 to 40.5. Jack, who is a treasury analyst at ABC Company, reviews the transactions and comes to a conclusion. Select two correct conclusio

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splitQ91. What are the three prerequisites for interfacing Payables invoice lines with Assets? (Choose three.)A. The invoice has no holds.B. The invoice must be posted to General Ledger.C. The invoice has been transferred to General Ledger.D. The invoice distribution has "Track as Asset" selected.E. The distribution account is an Asset Clearing or CIP account.Answer: CDEQ92. Identify three state

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splitQ81. The GL accountant tells you that he is running the tests to check the budget functionality. He says that the GL period was closed, but he was able to post the budget journal in a closed period. You check the setup and confirm that the GL period in which he was able to post the budget journal was closed. What explanation do you give?A. The budget year is open.B. The budget status is froz

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splitQ71. Identify four functions of the Invoice Validation process. (Choose four.)A. applying any required holdsB. releasing any qualifying holdsC. applying all prepayments and discountsD. validating the General Ledger accounting informationE. validating and creating accounting entries for the invoiceF. ensuring that the total amount of all distributions equals the invoice totalG. creating an ad

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splitQ61. Which three restrictions apply when you are paying invoices with a "quick" payment type? (Choose three.)A. You can select only those invoices that are due.B. If you want to pay multiple invoices, none can be a pay-alone invoice.C. If you want to pay multiple invoices, none can be of an invoice type of prepayment.D. You can pay only as many invoices as you defined for the remittance advi

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splitQ101. Which four attributes are validated during the Journal Import process? (Choose four.)A. periodB. approval levelC. balanced journalD. cross-validation ruleE. account combinationF. journal sequence numberAnswer: ACDEQ102. You are working on a multi organization accounts payable implementation with several payable entities. You client will not set up supplier bank accounts and will use p

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splitQ111. Identify the different types of data that can be processed using the GL Interface. (Choose three.)A. ratesB. budgetC. vendorsD. statisticalE. intercompanyF. currency codesAnswer: BDEQ112. Which module of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 sends revaluation and accrual entries to General Ledger?A. Oracle AssetsB. Oracle ProjectsC. Oracle TreasuryD. Oracle ReceivablesE. Oracle Property

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splitQ41. ABC Company in the United Kingdom has three subsidiaries in three different countries. It consolidates the accounts of all subsidiaries and the headquarters by using the average balances. John is new to Oracle General Ledger. He has just joined ABC Company. He needs to consolidate for the current month. On completion of the consolidation, John was not able to tally the consolidated figu

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splitQ31. Which types of invoices can be automatically generated (without any manual intervention), if the appropriate setup steps have been performed? (Choose three.)A. Interest InvoicesB. Recurring InvoicesC. Purchase order (PO) matched invoicesD. Pay on receipt invoicesE. Withholding tax invoicesAnswer: ADEQ32. In the course of implementing Oracle General Ledger, you and your customer have cr

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splitQ21. Identify the statement that reflects the functionality of the Create Accounting Process.A. The Create Accounting Process creates subledger accounting entries.B. You can use the Create Accounting Process to create subledger accounting entries and validate the invoices.C. The Create Accounting Process is used to create subledger accounting entries and transfer the transactions to General

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splitQ11. Why would you use the clearing payment method?A. To generate a payment document to clear a debit memoB. To generate a payment document to clear a credit memoC. To account for intercompany expenses when you disburse funds through banksD. To account for intercompany expenses when you do not disburse funds through banksAnswer: DQ12. The accounting setup process in Oracle General Ledger co

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splitQ161. Identify three E-Business Tax setup options. (Choose three.)A. set up supplierB. set up tax regimesC. set up tax recovery ratesD. set up taxes and tax ratesE. set up currency exchangeAnswer: BCDQ162. Peter, the GL accountant, tells you that he has defined the budget and that the budget amounts have been entered and approved by management. After approval, he wants his assistant account

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splitQ151. The fiscal year of XYZ Inc. is the calendar year. Before closing the Mar-05 period, a GL user notices that an entry related to the Dec-04 period has not been entered. Dec-04 has a closed status. Now that the user has all the approvals, he or she wants to know how to enter and post the journal in GL, ensuring that all balances are reflected correctly.What must the user do?A. Open Dec-04

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splitQ141. You initiated a pay run by entering criteria for invoices that you want to pay. In which order would you perform these steps to complete the pay run process?1. Review proposed payments.2. Print payments.3. Create payment instructions.4. Select and build proposed payments.5. Mark payments as complete.A. 4, 2, 1, 5, 3B. 4, 1, 3, 2, 5C. 2, 4, 1, 3, 5D. 5, 4, 1, 2, 3Answer: BQ142. For eac

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splitQ131. Multiple Reporting Currencies (MRC) has been enabled for your client Company A. Which method would you recommended to your client for transferring accounting entries to GL using the payables transfer to GL process?A. Transfer to GL with journal import for the primary set of Books. Repeat the process for each Reporting set of books individuallyB. Transfer to GL with Journal import for t

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splitQ51. Which three are true about internal bank accounts? (Choose three.)A. They are defined to disburse funds to suppliers.B. They are defined for receiving payment from customers.C. They are defined to disburse electronic payments from your customers.D. They are defined for receiving electronic payments made to your suppliers.E. Internal accounts define bank accounts for which you are the ac

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splitQ171. Which three statements are true regarding voucher numbers and document sequences? (Choose three.)A. After you create and save a sequence, you can change itB. Assigning unique voucher numbers to documents is called document sequencingC. You can select a sequence of numbers that you would assign to a document categoryD. Document sequencing for all the documents you use in all your Oracle

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splitQ121. Identify two events that take place when an invoice is matched to a purchase order. (Choose two.)A. Tolerances are enforced.B. The quantity billed is updated.C. The quantity received is updated.D. The purchase order accounting information is copied to the invoice.Answer: BDQ122. With Oracle Cash Management, you can reconcile payments created in Payables to your bank statements. When y