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splitQ1. Given the code fragment: SimpleDataFormat sdf; Which code fragment displays the three-character month abbreviation? A. SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat ("mm", Locale.UK); System.out.println ("Result:" + sdf.format(new Date())); B. SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat ("MM", Locale.UK); System.out.println ("Result:" + sdf.format(new Date())); C. SimpleDateFormat

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splitQ51. What are two differences between Callable and Runnable? A. A Callable can return a value when executing, but a Runnable cannot. B. A Callable can be executed by a ExecutorService, but a Runnable cannot. C. A Callable can be passed to a Thread, but a Runnable cannot. D. A Callable can throw an Exception when executing, but a Runnable cannot. Answer: A,D Explanation: The Callable i

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splitQ81. Given: What is the result? A. John-.-George-.-Paul-.-Ringo B. John George Paul Ringo C. John -George -Paul -Ringo -D. An exception is thrown at runtime E. Compilation fails Answer: B Explanation: The split() method is used to split a string into an array of substrings, and returns the new array. regex: - followed by two characters Q82. Given: Which two are true about the line

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splitQ71. Which statement declares a generic class? A. public class Example < T > { } B. public class <Example> { } C. public class Example <> { } D. public class Example (Generic) { } E. public class Example (G) { } F. public class Example { } Answer: A Explanation: Example: public class Pocket<T> { private T value; public Pocket() {} public Pocket( T value

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splitQ61. Given the interface: Public interface Idgenerator { int getNextId(); } Which class implements IdGenerator in a thread-safe manner, so that no threads can get a duplicate id valuecurrent access? A. Public class generator Implements IdGenerator { Private AtomicInteger id = new AtomicInteger (0); return id.incrementAndget(); }} B. Public class Generator Implements idGenerator { p

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splitQ21. Given: What is the result? A. Nice to see you,be fine B. Nice,see you,be fine C. Nice,see you, to, be fine D. Nice, see you, be fine E. Nice to see y, u, be fine Answer: A Explanation: The text ",to," is replaced by the "," Q22. Select four examples that initialize a NumberFormat reference using a factory. A. NumberFormat nf1 = new DecimalFormat(); B. NumberFormat nf2 = new

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splitQ11. An application is waiting for notification of changes to a tmp directory using the following code statements: Path dir = Paths.get("tmp") WatchKey key = dir.register (watcher, ENTRY_CREATE, ENTRY_DELETE, ENTRY_MODIFY) ; In the tmp directory, the user renames the file testA to testB, Which statement is true? A. The events received and the order of events are consistent across all pl

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splitQ31. Given: What is the result? A. Cue sports, Cue sports B. Compilation fails at line 9 C. Compilation fails at line 11 D. Compilation fails at line 12 E. Compilation fails at line 13 Answer: B Explanation: Class Snooker is public. Should be declared in a separate file. // Line 9 getCategory() >>> GetCategory() Line 13 Q32. Given: And the command-line invocation: Java

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splitQ41. The default file system includes a logFiles directory that contains the following files: Log-Jan 2009 log_0l_20l0 log_Feb20l0 log_Feb2011 log_10.2012 log-sum-2012 How many files does the matcher in this fragment match? PathMatcher matcher = FileSystems.getDefault ().getPathMatcher ("glob: *???_*1?" ); A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four E. Five F. Six Answer: B Explanation: