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splitQ41. Which statements describe the capabilities of the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package? (Choose all that apply.)A. It can be used to allow the access privilege settings for users but not roles.B. It can be used to allow the access privilege settings for users as well as roles.C. It can be used to control the time interval for which the access privilege is available to a user.D. It can be used

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splitQ31. Examine the following PL/SQL block:DECLAREmy_plans pls_integer;BEGINmy_plans := DBMS_SPM.LOAD_PLANS_FROM_CURSOR_CACHE (sql_id => ?9twu5t2dn5xd?; END;Which statement is true about the plan being loaded into the SQL plan baseline by the above command?A. It is loaded with the FIXED status.B. It is loaded with the ACCEPTED status.C. It is not loaded with the ENABLED status.D. It is not l

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splitQ61. Your system has been upgraded from Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g. You imported SQL Tuning Sets (STS) from the previous version. After changing the OPTIMIZER_FEATURE_ENABLE parameter to and running the SQL PerformanceAnalyzer, you observed performance regression for a few SQL statements. What would you do with these SQL statements?A. Set OPTIMIZER_USE_PLAN_BASELINE

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splitQ1. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database with the ASM storage. The database is having big file tablespaces. You want files to open faster and less memory to be used in the shared pool to manage the extent maps. What configuration would you effect to achieve your objective? (Choose all that apply.)A. Set the ASM compatibility attribute for the ASM disk group to 11.1.0.B. Set the

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splitQ91. You create a new Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) task:instance_analysis_mode_task. To view the ADDM report, you use the following command:SQL> SELECT dbms_addm.get_report('my_instance_analysis_mode_task') FROM dual; You want to suppress ADDM output relating to Segment Advisor actions on user SCOTT's segments.What would you do to achieve this?A. Add a finding

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splitQ81. Which statements are true regarding the creation of an incident package file by using the EM Workbench Support? (Choose all that apply.)A. You can add SQL test cases to the incident package.B. You can add or remove the trace files to the package.C. You cannot create an incremental incident package when the physical files are purged from the ADR.D. You can create the incremental incident

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splitQ71. You have applications that have frequently executed queries, and produce small and static result sets.You configure the sqlnet.ora file in the client machine to set a nonzero value for the OCI_RESULT_CACHE_MAX_SIZE parameter.What is the purpose of this configuration?A. to avoid round trips to the server by enabling caching of query results in client memoryB. to improve performance by st

1z0-050 | The Secret of Oracle 1z0-050 pdf

splitQ11. The following command is executed to create the baseline template:SQL> EXECUTEDBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY.CREATE_BASELINE_TEMPLATE(START_TIME=> TO_TIMESTAMP(SYSDATE+2),END_TIME=>TO_TIMESTAMP(SYSDATE+10),BASELINE_NAME=>'Mybase4',TEMPLATE_NAME=>'Mytemp4',EXPIRATION=>NULL);Which statement is true about the effect of the above command?A. It creates a baseline

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splitQ21. Evaluate the following command:SQL> CREATE TABLE design_data (id NUMBER,doc CLOB)LOB(doc) STORE AS SECUREFILE(DEDUPLICATE);Which statement is true regarding the above command?A. The LOB values are automatically compressed.B. The LOB values are cached by default in the buffer cache.C. The LOB values are automatically stored in encrypted mode.D. All LOB data that is identical in two or

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splitQ51. View the Exhibit exhibit1 to examine the series of SQL commands.The baseline in the first row of the Exhibit is created when OPTIMIZER_MODE was set to FIRST_ROWS.Which statement is true if the SQL query in exhibit1 is executed again when the value of OPTIMIZER_MODE is set to FIRST_ROWS?A. The optimizer uses a new plan because none of the plans in the exhibit2 are fixed plans.B. The opti

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splitQ101. You have a range-partitioned table in your database. Each partition in the table contains the sales data for a quarter. The partition related to the current quarter is modified frequently and other partitions undergo fewer data manipulations. The preferences for the table are set to their default values. You collect statistics for the table using the following command in regular interv