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splitQ21. In the CLI for the gateway switch, the command [option][option] . . . format of commands is used for . A. General hardware administration B. InfiniBand fabric control and management C. ILOM access D. Launching the web interface Answer: B Explanation: 6. If you cannot connect to ILOM over the network, which connection method would you use? A. USB B. Serial connection C. Web D.

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splitQ31. Which is true about the InfiniBand spine switch as it is used in Exalogic? (Choose two) A. It is a full 36-port QDR InfiniBand switch. B. It is included in quarter, half and full rack configurations C. It is only used when wiring multi-rack configurations. D. It is used for all InfiniBand switching required between compute nodes and the storage appliance. Answer: A,C Explanation:

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splitQ51. What would you use to configure server migration targets? A. WebLogic Administration Console B. Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard C. Node Manager D. Oracle Process Monitoring and Notification (OPMN) Answer: A Reference: Q52. Which three portlets are displayed on the home page after you discover a

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splitQ1. WebLogic Server provides in two ways including and A. RAC datasource B. JDBC over SDP C. Active GridLink D. Multi-datasource Answer: C,D Reference: Q2. When configuring an Active GridLink for RAC datasource, which three actions are important? A. Select “FAN Enabled” in the ONS configuration section to ensure t

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splitQ11. Which two statements are true about what you can do with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center? A. You can launch the ILOM console. B. You can launch the storage appliance UI. C. You can start Node Manager. D. You can launch theExalogicConfigurator spreadsheet. Answer: A,B Reference: ng a Sun ZFS storage

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splitQ41. Which prerequisite task is necessary before adding an administrator? A. Add authorizations to a role B. Add a role C. List administrators D. List authorizations associated with a role Answer: B Explanation: Q42. When you run the Exalogic Configuration Utility scripts the first time, which three verification steps are performed? (Choose Three) A. BOND1 interfaces for all compute