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splitQ1. - (Topic 2) Which three statements accurately describe the Automated Installation (AI) client? A. If the AI client does not match any criteria to use a custom manifest or script,the default manifest is used. B. If the AI client does not match any criteria to use a custom manifest or script,the automated installation aborts. C. Any manifest or script in a service can be designated to

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splitQ11. - (Topic 2) You run the command dlstat show-link -r. Select the two correct statements regarding the information displayed in the INTRS column. A. No value is listed for virtual network interfaces. B. A value of 0 is listed for virtual interfaces and ether stubs. C. The number of Interrupts is listed,which indicates network efficiency. D. A number equal to the number of transmitte

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splitQ21. - (Topic 2) You want to install the openldap software package to a now boot environment for testing before introducing the now software package to the production environment. What option describes the correct procedure to: 1) create a new BE named nowBE 2) install the software to that new BE only A. pkg install --newBE openldap B. pkg install --be-nama newBE openldap C. beadm crea

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splitQ31. - (Topic 1) You are currently working in both your home directory and the system directory /tmp. You are switch back and forth with full path names. Which pair of cd commands will provide you with a shortcut to switch between these two locations? A. cd ~ and cd – B. cd and cd. C. cd ~ and cd D. cd * and cd . . Answer: A Explanation: In the Bourne Again,C,Korn,TC,and Z shells,t

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splitQ41. - (Topic 1) You are having an issue with the shutdown command. You wish to determine if the file is a script or an executable program. Which command would you use to determine this? A. od shutdown B. file shutdown C. test shutdown D. cksum shutdown E. attrib shutdown Answer: B Explanation: The file command determines the file type file tests each argument in an attempt to class

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splitQ91. - (Topic 2) A local repository is available on this system and you need to enable clients to access this repository via HTTP. The repository information is: PUBLISHERTYPESTATUSURI solarisoriginonline Identify two of the steps that are required to make the local repository on this server available to the client via HTTP. A. On the server: set the pkg/inst_root

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splitQ61. - (Topic 2) You need to install the gzip software package on your system. Which command would you use to find the software package in the configured repository? A. pkg search gzip B. pkg info gzip C. pkg contents gzip D. pkginfo gzip E. yum list gzip Answer: A Explanation: Use the pkg search command to search for packages whose data matches the specified pattern. Like the pkg c

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splitQ101. - (Topic 1) You are installing the Solaris 11 OE by using the Interactive Text Installer. You have selected the option to automatically configure the primary network controller. Which three items will automatically be configured as a result of this selection? A. The IP address. B. The name service. C. The time zone. D. A default user account. E. The terminal type. F. The root pa

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splitQ111. - (Topic 1) Which option displays the result of running the zfs list command? A. Option A B. Option B C. Option C D. Option D Answer: B Explanation: The zfs list command provides an extensible mechanism for viewing and querying dataset information. You can list basic dataset information by using the zfs list command with no options. This command displays the names of all datas

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splitQ121. - (Topic 2) You upgraded your server to Oracle Solaris 11 and you imported zpool (pool1) that was created in Solaris 10. You need to create an encrypted ZFS file system in pool1,but first you need to make sure that your server supports ZFS encryption. Which four statements are true for support of ZFS encryption? A. The encrypted file system must have been created in Oracle Solaris11

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splitQ131. - (Topic 1) Oracle Solaris 11 limits access to the system with usernames and passwords The usernames are held in ___________,and the passwords are held in ___________. Select the correct pair. A. /etc/security/policy.conf /etc/passwd B. /etc/passwd /etc/shadow C. /etc/security /etc/passwd D. /etc/shadow /etc/passwd Answer: B Explanation: The /etc/passwd file contains basic us

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splitQ71. - (Topic 2) You need to update an OS image on a client. The pkg publishers command displays the wrong publisher with the wrong update: PUBLISHERTYPESTATUSURI Solaris origin online The update is available on the updated publisher: PUBLISHERTYPESTATUSURI Solaris originonline Select the option that describes the procedure use

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splitQ81. - (Topic 2) You need to migrate a UFS file system named /production_ufs to a ZFS file system named /production_ufs. The /production_ufs file system cannot be taken down or be out of production duringthe migration,and the current /production_ufs file system must remain active until the /ptoduction_zfs file system is copied and ready. Which method allows you to meet both requirements? 

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splitQ51. - (Topic 1) Your server has one zone named dbzone (hat has been configured,but not yet installed). Which command would you use to view all the options that were used to configure this zone? A. zoneadm list –icv dbzone B. zones tat –c summary dbzone C. zonecfg –z dbzone info D. zonecfg –icv dbzone info Answer: C Explanation: zonecfg info Display information about the curr