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splitQ31. In the high availability services' provided by Oracle Clusterware are used to protect Oracle resource such as RAC database instances, RAC database services, and other components of the Oracle Infrastructure, and non-Oracle resources as well. Which two statements are true about the high availability capabilities of Oracle HA services? A. RAC databases may have their instances faile

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splitQ51. Choose three correct statements about ASM disk group attributes set from the ASMCA Create Disk Group A. The field labeled ASM Compatibility sets the compatible.asm attribute. B. When creating a disk group with ASMCA, the default setting for the ASM Compatibility field (compatible.asm) is 10.1. C. The Database Compatibility field (compatible.rdbms) sets the minimum version level for a

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splitQ41. You plan to use Enterprise Manager to locate and stage patches to your Oracle Home. The software library has been configured to be downloaded to /u01/app/oracle and your "My Oracle Support" credentials have been entered. You want to start the provisioning daemon in order to use the deployment procedure manager to view, edit, monitor, and run deployment procedures. How would you start

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splitQ1. Assuming a RAC database called ORCL, select three statements that correctly demonstrate management actions for the AP service. A. To start the AP service, execute: srvctl start service -d ORCL -s AP B. To disable the AP service on the ORCL4 instance, execute: srvctl disable service -d ORCL -s AP -i ORCL4 C. To stop the AP service, execute: srvctl stop service -s AP D. To make ORCL5 a

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splitQ21. You have defined two server pools. One is called OLTP with MIN_SIZE=3, MAX_SIZE =5 and IMPORTANCE=3. The other is called DSS with MIN_SIZE =2, MAX_SIZE =4 and IMPORTANCE =5. Your cluster currently has four nodes with two nodes in each of the pools. A fifth node is added to the cluster. What is true about the server pool to which the node will be assigned? A. The node will have the s

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splitQ11. You decide to create a snapshot of your ACFS for backup and recovery purposes. Which two tools are available to do this? A. ASMCMD B. SQL*Plus C. ACFSUTIL D. ADVMUTIL E. Enterprise Manager Answer: C,E Explanation: About Oracle ACFS Snapshots Oracle ACFS snapshots are administered with the acfsutil snap commands. For information about the acfsutil snap commands, refer to "acfsuti

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splitQ71. From a command line, you can create an ASM volume with the same properties by using either SQL or ASMCMD. Which two commands will create a 500 MB volume called TESTVOL in the ACFSDG ACFS diskgroup by storing only one copy of the volume file extents in the diskgroup A. SQL> alter diskgroup ACFSDG add volume TESTVOL size 500M unprotected; B. ASMCMD> volcreate -G ASMFS -s 500M C.

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splitQ61. Which three statements are true about the logging or tracing of Java-based Oracle tools? A. By default, Oracle logs actions for DBCA and DBUA. B. For tools such as SRVCTL and CLUVFY, tracing can be enabled by setting srvm trace = true your shell environment before executing the commands. C. The srvm_trace environment variable can be set only in the user's shell environment file.