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splitQ1. Identify two late charge interest calculation methods.A. Average Daily BalanceB. Overdue TransactionsC. Adjusted BalanceD. Previous BalanceAnswer: A,BExplanation: Interest Calculation MethodsYou select the calculation method in the Late Charge Calculation Method field in the Credit Limits and Late Charges tab of the Customer Profile Class pages, or on the applicable customer or customer

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splitQ11. Which are the two interface tables that transaction data will be imported to when using the Autoinvoice Feature?A. AR_INTERFACE_CONTS_ALLB. AR_INTERFACE_CONT_ALLC. RA_INTERFACE_SALES_ALLD. RA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALLE. RA_INTERFACE_DIST_ALLAnswer: C,DExplanation:Note: AutoInvoice Gather Statistics Allowed: If you set this profile option to Yes, then when you submit AutoInvoice, the p

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splitQ21. The common subledger period close management UI allows the user to .A. Manage the accounting period status.B. Balance the entries after they are transferred to the general ledger .C. Access all subledgers.D. Bill and automate customer payments for adjustment approval processingE. Transfer unbalanced entries to the general ledger.Answer: AExplanation: Reference: Oracle Fusion Application

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splitQ31. When running the delinquency process for a customer, the business unit for which you want to run the process is NOT appearing in the drop down menu. Identify the action you need to take.A. Click on the Settings button to apply the appropriate settings so that the business unit appears in the chop down menu.B. Click the check box to enter the default business unit if it is NOT appearing

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splitQ41. How can a Collector assigned to a Customer modify a strategy that is assigned from the Collections Dashboard?A. The strategy can be modified from the Manage Customers page.B. A Strategy is automatically assigned based on Scoring and cannot be manually assigned to a customer by a collector.C. The Collector can modify the strategy from the Profile > Strategies tab.D. Only a Collections

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splitQ51. What is the action you perform on a transaction once you drill down to the edit transaction window from the Billing Work Area page?A. Incomplete TransactionB. Complete and ReviewC. Reverse the TransactionD. Create a New TransactionAnswer: BExplanation: Reference: Fusion Applications help, Process Billing Adjustments FAQsQ52. What three Items must be set up in the Application Set Up Man

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splitQ61. The Billing Specialist receives information that the invoice was billed with the incorrect freight amount.What action is required?A. Perform Credit Memos when the original invoice has billing error (such as incorrect freight amounts, line item pricing, tax amounts, and finance charges) or the entire invoice should be corrected.B. Perform adjustments when the original invoice has hilling