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splitQ71. Your production database is running in archivelog mode. You use RMAN with a recovery catalog to back up your database to media and the database is uniquely identified in the recovery catalog. You want to create a test database from the production database and allow the production database to remain open during the duplicate process. You restore the database backups to a new host with t

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splitQ31. Examine the following set of RMAN commands: RKAN> CONFIGURE CHANNEL del DEVICE TYPE DISK FORMAT ' /u02/backup/%U' ; RKAN> RUN { ALLOCATE CHANNEL chl DEVICE TYPE DISK; EXECUTE SCRIPT arc_backup; } Which statement is true about the RMAN run block execution? A. The script is executed and both DC1 and chi channels are used for script execution. B. The execution of the

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splitQ21. You use RMAN with a recovery catalog to back up your database. The backups and the archived redo log files are backed up to media daily. Because of a media failure, the entire database along with the recovery catalog database is lost. Examine the steps required to recover the database: 1.Restore an autobackup of the server parameter file. 2.Restore the control file. 3. Start up the d

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splitQ41. You have installed two 64G flash devices to support the Database Smart Flash Cache feature on your database server that is running on Oracle Linux. You have set the db_smart_flash_file parameter: DB_FLASH_CACHE_FILE= ‘ /dev/f lash_device_1‘,‘ /dev/f lash_device_2‘ How should the D3_flash_cache_size be configured to use both devices? A. Set DB_FLASH_CACHE_SIZE=64G. B. Set D3

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splitQ11. Examine the parameters for your database instance: NAMETYPEVALUE optimizer_adaptive_reporting_onlybooleanFALSE optimizer_capture_sql_plan_baselinesbooleanFALSE optimizer_dynamic_samplinginteger2 optimizer_features_enablestring12.1.0.1 Which three statements are true about the process of automatic optimization by using statistics feedback? A. The optimizer automatically changes a

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splitQ1. You created a database with DBCA by using one of the Oracle supplied templates. Which is the default permanent tablespace for all users except DBSNMP and OUTLN? A. USERS B. SYSTEM C. SYSAUX D. EXAMPLE Answer: A Explanation: This table space is used to store permanent user objects and data. Like the TEMP table space, every database should have a table space for permanent user data

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splitQ81. You want to migrate your Oracle 11g database as a pluggable database (PDB) in a multitenant container database (CDB). The following are the possible steps to accomplish this task: 1. Place all the user-defined tablespace in read-only mode on the source database. 2. Upgrade the source database to a 12c version. 3. Create a new PDB in the target container database. 4. Perform a f

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splitQ91. Which two are direct benefits of the multiprocess, multithreaded architecture of Oracle Database 12c when it is enabled? A. Reduced logical I/O B. Reduced virtual memory utilization C. Improved Serial Execution performance D. Reduced physical I/O E. Reduced CPU utilization Answer: B,E Q92. You wish to enable an audit policy for all database users, except sys, system, and scott.

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splitQ61. You create a default Flashback Data Archive FLA1and enable it for the EMPLOYEES table in the HR schema. After a few days, you want to alter the EMPLOYEES table by executing the command: SQL> ALTER TABLE EMPLOYEES ADD PHONE NUMBER(12); Which statement is true about the execution of the command? A. It gives an error because DDL statements cannot be executed on a table that is enabl

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splitQ51. When is the UNDO_RETENTION parameter value ignored by a transaction? A. when the data file of the undo tablespace is autoextensible B. when there are multiple undotablespaces available in a database C. when the undo tablespace is of a fixed size and retention guarantee is not enabled D. when Flashback Database is enabled Answer: C Reference: