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splitQ91. - (Topic 1) Which is valid? A. package com.example; class Test { } import java.util.*; B. package com.example; import java.util; import java.*; class Test { } C. package com.example; import java.util.*; import*; class Test { } D. import java.util.*; package com.example; class Test { } E. package com.example; package com.sun; import java.util.*; class Test { }

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splitQ1. - (Topic 2) Which object-oriented principle is supported by the use of Java packages? A. encapsulation B. polymorphism C. inheritance D. dynamic typing Answer: A Q2. - (Topic 2) Click the Exhibit button. Which two are true? (Choose two.) A. A Foo instance has access to the Bar with which it is associated. B. The diagram does NOT show a composition relation. C. It cannot be de

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splitQ31. - (Topic 2) Given: 1. class Exam { 2. private int num = 0; 3. public int getNum() { 4. return num; 5. } 6. } 7. public class Sample { 8. public static void main(String[] args) { 9. Exam e = new Exam(); 10. e.num = 100; 11. int num = e.getNum(); 12. System.out.println("The number is: " + num); 13. } 14. } What is the result? A. The number is: 100 B. Compil

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splitQ51. - (Topic 2) Given: 1. class Test { 2. public static void main(String[] args) { 3. int num = 1; 4. for (num = 0; num < 3; ++num ) { 5. num *= 2; 6. } 7. System.out.println("num = " + (num++)); 8. } 9. } What is the result? A. num = 2 B. num = 4 C. num = 3 D. num = 5 E. Compilation fails. Answer: C Q52. - (Topic 2) Which technology is used to develop compon

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splitQ41. - (Topic 2) Which two are true? (Choose two.) A. Multiplicity indicators are optional, but if they are included they must be shown at both ends of an association. B. 2..4 is a valid multiplicity indicator. C. The multiplicity indicators + and 1..* are equivalent. D. The multiplicity indicators * and 1..* are equivalent. E. Multiplicity indicators must always be shown at both ends

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splitQ61. - (Topic 2) Which is true about association navigation? A. Association navigation is meaningful for only OO design, NOT implementation. B. Association navigation indicates which direction a relationship can be traversed. C. Association navigation is used to describe the relationship between a subclass and its superclass. D. Association navigation indicates how many instances of eac

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splitQ81. - (Topic 1) Which two are benefits of servlets? (Choose two.) A. They allow you to embed Java code in HTML files. B. They represent data in a persistent store. C. They can produce dynamic content in response to web client requests. D. Their lifecycles are managed by the container. Answer: C,D Q82. - (Topic 1) What is the purpose of JNDI? A. to access native code from a Java ap

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splitQ71. - (Topic 2) Given: 1. class Test { 2. public static void main(String args[]) { 3. String str = "Hello!"; 4. String str2 = "Bye!"; 5. str += str2; 6. str -= str2; 7. 8. if ( str == str2 ) { 9. System.out.println("str = str2"); 10. } else { 11. System.out.println("str != str2"); 12. } 13. } 14. } What is the result? A. str != str2 B. str = str2 C. The code

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splitQ101. - (Topic 2) Which statement about java.util is incorrect? A. It contains the collections framework. B. It contains classes necessary to implement networking applications. C. It contains HashSet and Vector. D. It contains classes used to manipulate dates. Answer: B Q102. - (Topic 2) You are asked to create a Dog class that exposes the Dog class String name and int breed to othe

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splitQ111. - (Topic 1) Which two are associated with the web tier in a J2EE web-based application? (Choose two.) A. servlets B. JAX-RPC C. JMS D. entity beans E. JSP Answer: A,E Q112. - (Topic 1) Given: 1. // insert code here 2. void play(); 3. void stop(); 4. } 5. // insert code here 6. public void play() { } 7. public void stop() { } 8. } Which, inserted at lines 1 an

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splitQ131. - (Topic 2) Which two packages are used to create GUI programs in J2SE? (Choose two.) A. java.util B. javax.swing C. D. E. java.awt Answer: B,E Q132. - (Topic 2) Which two technologies are used for processing HTTP requests and mapping those requests to business objects? (Choose two.) A. web services B. JMS C. EJB D. servlets Answer: A,D Q133. - (Topic

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splitQ121. - (Topic 1) Which two are true about the relationship "A keyboard has 101 keys."? (Choose two.) A. This is a many-to-many relationship. B. This is a composition relationship. C. This is a not a composition relationship. D. This is a one-to-one relationship. E. This is a one-to-many relationship. Answer: B,E Q122. - (Topic 2) Click the Exhibit button. Which two are true? (Choo

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splitQ21. - (Topic 2) Click the Exhibit button. Which two are true? (Choose two.) A. Every Dippy must be associated with at least one Zippy. B. Every Dippy must be associated with exactly one Zippy. C. It is valid for a Zippy to be associated with more than one Dippy. D. It is valid for a Zippy to have no associated Dippy. E. Every Zippy must be associated with exactly one Dippy. F. It is

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splitQ11. - (Topic 2) Which is a requirement to use applets in a web browser? A. The Java compiler must be installed on the client. B. A web container must be installed at the server. C. The Java Runtime Environment must be installed on the client. D. The Java Plug-in must be installed on the server. Answer: C Q12. - (Topic 2) Which two are true? (Choose two.) A. Multiplicity indicators