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splitQ31. You administer an Oracle Solaris 11 server with multiple zones. You want to configure it so that all nonprivileged users in the global zone see only their own process. What must you do to make the change? A. Modify the LIMITPRIV variable in the /etc/usr/user_attr file. B. Modify the basic privilege ser in the /etc/security/policy.conf file. C. Configure the priv= attribute in the /e

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splitQ21. You are about to configure an AI server and you need to determine if NWAM is configured, if the system has a manually configured IP interface. Which command gives you this information? A. nscfg list B. netadm list C. netcfg list D. svcs network/physical Answer: C Q22. Which option describes how to revert a service back to a previous version? A. Issue the svccfg delcust command.

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splitQ11. Which sequence of commands will create a virtual network interface? A. Option A B. Option B C. Option C D. Option D Answer: A Reference: Q12. Examine the output of the following commands: Which statement is true concerning these resource controls settings? A. The zone.max-lwps resource control was set to its value wh

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splitQ1. You capped the physical memory for the testzone at 50M. Which option would temporary increase the cap to 100M? A. rctladm –z testzone zone.capped-memory=100M B. rcapadm –z testzone –m 100M C. rcapadm –z testzone zone.capped-memory=100M D. prctl testzone –m 100M Answer: C Q2. Yon are using the svc:/network/http:apache22 service to manage your web server. You have noticed

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splitQ71. You need to create a virtual network with two zones, one with a web server and the other with an application server that the web server calls. You decide to create a virtual switch and virtual network interface cards (VNICs) for the zones. Select the command that will create the virtual switch. A. dladm create-etherswitch stub0 B. dladm create-vnic –l net1 vnic1 C. dladm create-st

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splitQ51. You need to configure three zones. -zone1 will run an HTTP server, zone2 an application server, and zone3 a database. -zone1 must be accessible to clients on other systems. -zone2 and zone3 must not be accessible to the outside world. -zone2 and zone3 must also communicate without going through zone1. Identify the correct requirement. A. zone1 will need a VNIC to connect to a phys

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splitQ41. What can you retrieve using a vmstat command? A. the number of kernel threads active on the system B. the amount of physical memory available on the system C. the rate of system calls made on the system D. the amount of time spent on paging activity Answer: A 28. User Frank is a member of two projects. He currently has a process running. He needs to move the process from its curre

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splitQ61. Which two statements describe projects and/or tasks? A. A task is a resource container for one process. B. Project resource controls are evaluated before task resource controls. C. Every user belongs to one or more projects. D. Every task associates a project with a process. E. A project is optional and not every user must belong to a project. Answer: C,D Q62. Which command repo