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splitQ21. You are working on the Database using file system RAID level 0 striping. You want to migrate the database files to the Automatic Storage Management (ASM). The applications supported by the database primarily perform small, random I/Os in which each foreground process reads a data block into the buffer cache for updates and the changed blocks are written in batches by the DBWR process.Id

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splitQ91. As a DBA configuring a new instance, you want to run a representative workload on the instance and examine the relevant statistics to see whether the cache is underconfigured or overconfigured.Given below is a list of the initialization parameters that would affect the statistics collection and advisories.1. STATISTICS_LEVEL set to BASIC2. STATISTICS_LEVEL set to TYPICAL3. DB_CACHE_ADVI

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splitQ81. A user in a session executed the following SQL statement to set the optimizer mode:ALTER SESSION SET OPTIMIZER_MODE = ALL_ROWSWhat impact would it have on the goal of the optimizer for that session? (Choose all that apply.)A. Statement level OPTIMIZER_MODE hints take precedence over the session-level setting.B. The OPTIMIZER_MODE parameter set at instance level takes precedence over the

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splitQ1. Identify situations in which collecting statistics at the service level helps diagnosing performance problems. (Choose all that apply.)A. in a database where you want to monitor and diagnose individual sessionsB. in a database where you want to statistically measure the workload of jobsC. in a database that supports an application where the client directly creates a sessionD. in multitie

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splitQ11. During a proactive database performance monitoring routine, on examining the AWR report you find that log file sync appears among the top 5 wait events.What does this event indicate?A. Frequent logfile switches are occurring.B. Redo is generated faster than LGWR can write it out.C. Frequent commits or rollbacks are taking place in the application.D. Frequent incremental checkpoints are

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splitQ41. You are working on an online transaction processing (OLTP) system. You detected free buffer waits events for your database instance running in a machine that has multiple CPUs. You increased the database buffer cache size as the first step. After a few hours of work on the database, further investigation shows that the same event is being recorded.What would be your next step to avoid t

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splitQ31. You enabled tracing for a session by executing the following command:SQL>SET AUTOTRACE TRACEONLY;You issued a SQL query in the same session. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)A. It generates only a report on the execution path used by the SQL optimizer.B. Trace for the statement would be created without displaying the query output.C. It generates only the statement executio

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splitQ51. View the Exhibit and analyze the output of the query.What does the high value for the table fetch continued rows statistics indicate?Exhibit:A. chained rows fetched onlyB. migrated rows fetched onlyC. rows fetched from external tablesD. both chained and migrated rows fetchedE. rows fetched from Index Organized Tables (IOT)Answer: DQ52. View the Exhibit. You want to set the threshold fo

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splitQ61. View the Exhibit and examine the details of the Top 5 Timed Events from an Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) report.What can be the three possible causes for the latch-related wait events? (Choose three.)Exhibit:A. Shared pool size is too small.B. Cursors are not being shared.C. There are frequent logons/logoffs.D. A large number of COMMITs are being performed.E. A large number of dat

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splitQ71. In your organization, there are two key databases. One of them is used primarily for an online transaction processing (OLTP) application and is directly accessed by the users in a client/server configuration. The application must process an average of 4,000 small transactions per day. The users enter frequent queries on whose results they depend for completing their transactions. One of

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splitQ101. You work for a small manufacturing company as a DBA. The company has various applications to manage the details of its business and customer base. The company has only one sales outlet where the operator updates the SALES table in the sales application with the details when a product is sold. The company has many other applications for various other businesses that use the same databas