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splitQ11. Which two statements are true for a two-dimensional array? A. It is implemented as an array of the specified element type. B. Using a row by column convention, each row of a two-dimensional array must be of the same size. C. At declaration time, the number of elements of the array in each dimension must be specified. D. All methods of the class Object may be invoked on the two-dimen

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splitQ1. Given the code fragment: List<String> empDetails = Arrays.asList(“100, Robin, HR”, “200, Mary, AdminServices”, “101, Peter, HR”); .filter(s-> s.contains(“1”)) .sorted() .forEach(System.out::println); //line n1 What is the result? A. 100, Robin, HR 101, Peter, HR B. E. A compilation error occurs at line n1. C. 100, Robin, HR 101, Pet

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splitQ31. Given the code fragment: List<String> listVal = Arrays.asList(“Joe”, “Paul”, “Alice”, “Tom”); System.out.println ( // line n1 ); Which code fragment, when inserted at line n1, enables the code to print the count of string elements whose length is greater than three? A. -> x.length()>3).count() B. -> x

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splitQ21. Given the code fragment: Path p1 = Paths.get(“/Pics/MyPic.jpeg”); System.out.println (p1.getNameCount() + “:” + p1.getName(1) + “:” + p1.getFileName()); Assume that the Pics directory does NOT exist. What is the result? A. An exception is thrown at run time. B. 2:MyPic.jpeg: MyPic.jpeg C. 1:Pics:/Pics/ MyPic.jpeg D. 2:Pics: MyPic.jpeg Answer: C Q22. Given: public e

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splitQ41. Given: class Sum extends RecursiveAction { //line n1 static final int THRESHOLD_SIZE = 3; int stIndex, lstIndex; int [ ] data; public Sum (int [ ]data, int start, int end) { = data; this stIndex = start; this. lstIndex = end; } protected void compute ( ) { int sum = 0; if (lstIndex – stIndex <= THRESHOLD_SIZE) { for (int i = stIndex; i < lstIndex; i++) { 

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splitQ51. Given the code fragment: public class FileThread implements Runnable { String fName; public FileThread(String fName) { this.fName = fName; } public void run () System.out.println(fName);} public static void main (String[] args) throws IOException, InterruptedException { ExecutorService executor = Executors.newCachedThreadPool(); Stream<Path> listOfFiles = Files.walk(Paths.g

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splitQ61. Given: class Book { int id; String name; public Book (int id, String name) { = id; = name; } public boolean equals (Object obj) { //line n1 boolean output = false; Book b = (Book) obj; if ( name))} output = true; } return output; } } and the code fragment: Book b1 = new Book (101, “Java Programing”); Book b2 = new Book (102, “

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splitQ71. Given the code fragment: int b = 3; if ( !(b > 3)) { System.out.println("square "); }{ System.out.println("circle "); } System.out.println("..."); What is the result? A. square... B. circle... C. squarecircle... D. Compilation fails. Answer: C Q72. Given: public class Book { private String read(String bname) { return “Read” + bname } }