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splitQ1. A user has requested a change to the Summit.fmb module. The form has two windows, DEPT_WIN and EMP_WIN. DEPT_WIN is always visible to the user. However, EMP_WIN is only occasionally required to be open. The user complains that once EMP_WIN is open, it is not possible to make the window invisible. The user can navigate between the open windows. You are asked not to write code to close EMP

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splitQ11. In your Employee.fmb module you have an EMP block, which is currently on a content canvas.You want to display items from the EMP block on a new tab canvas. What are two ways to achieve this? (Choose two.)A. 1. Create a tab canvas in the Layout Editor.2. For each item, associate the tab canvas by specifying the Canvas property.3. Set the Rendered property of each item to Yes.B. 1. Create

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splitQ21. View the Exhibit.Master-detail form displays Orders and Order Items. What can you tell about the run-time behavior of the form by looking at the exhibit, assuming that the master-detail triggers and relations have not been modified since they were created?A. Users will be unable to delete master records if detail records exist.B. Users will be able to delete a master record even if deta

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splitQ71. You need to resize the INVENTORY tab canvas. The Viewport Width and Height properties are 200 and 300. You change the values to 150 and 120, respectively. What implication may this have on your design?A. By decreasing the Viewport Width property, some tab pages may be deleted.B. Objects previously within the borders of a tab page may fall outside the tab page border and will be assigned

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splitQ61. View the Exhibit.You are coding a trigger (shown in the exhibit) to display the database error that occurs when users encounter the FRM-40505 error about being unable to execute a query. You have created an alert called Query_Alert. For the FRM-40505 error, the trigger should display the database error message in the Query_Alert. For all other errors, the trigger should display default

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splitQ51. Which two statements correctly describe the relationship between a content canvas and a window? (Choose two.)A. Only one content canvas at a time can appear in a window.B. A content canvas can be associated with two or more windows.C. Only one content canvas can be associated with a window.D. A maximum of two content canvases can appear in a window at the same time.E. One or more conten

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splitQ41. An Order Entry form that you are developing contains several blocks. The first is a control block where you create buttons to perform certain actions.One button, which is mouse and keyboard navigable, contains code to navigate to and perform queries in multiple blocks in the form:GO_BLOCK('Customers');EXECUTE_QUERY;GO_BLOCK('Orders');EXECUTE_QUERY;GO_BLOCK('Items'

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splitQ31. You are developing a Human Resources form for HR clerks to insert, update, and delete records from the EMPLOYEES table. You are also maintaining an audit table with the following table description:SQL> desc audit_changesName Null? Type--------------------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2 (30)ID NUMBER TIMESTAMP DATECHANGE_BY VARCHAR2