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splitQ121. After the successful installation of Oracle Applications Release 12, environment files are created. Which environment file is used to identify and describe third-party and custom applications linked with Oracle Applications? A. the context file B. the devenv.env file C. the fndenv.env file D. the adovars.env file E. the adconfig.txt file Answer: B Q122. Users are not able to vi

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splitQ111. Users are encountering issues on Oracle Applications. Though they are able to log in and view their responsibilities, there are no navigable forms for the responsibilities. They see the following error message: "There are no valid Navigations for this responsibility." There was a patch applied on the Oracle Applications environment before starting the server processes. The Applicati

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splitQ21. There was an error while applying a patch. The AutoPatch error message indicates that the FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table already exists. AutoPatch asks if you want to drop the table. Which two steps need to be performed before dropping the table? (Choose two.) A. Shut down the concurrent managers process. B. The users need to log out of Oracle Applications. C. Determine if there are err

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splitQ31. Where can you find the generated report file after running the Validate APPS schema task in the Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite setup? A. <APPL_TOP>/admin/<APPS schema name>.lst B. <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>/admin/out/<SID>.lst C. <AD_TOP>/admin/out/<APPS schema name>.lst D. <APPL_TOP>/admin/<context_name>/out/<SID>.lst E. <

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splitQ11. What are the three benefits of the Applications Context file? (Choose three.) A. It enables you to synchronize multiple nodes. B. It avoids the need for repeated configuration information. C. The database environment is readily described in a single file. D. Configuration information is represented in a platform-dependent format. E. It supports shared APPL_TOP (single APPL_TOP dist

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splitQ51. The Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) patch was applied to the test environment. The patch took a few hours to apply. The Applications DBA was assigned the task of investigating the changes made by the CU2 patch. The investigation would involve a comparison of the prepatched development environment and the patched test environment. Which tool should the Applications DBA use? A. Oracle Enterpri

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splitQ41. Consider a situation where a worker failed with a core dump and cannot be restarted. Although the worker is listed as running in the adctrl utility, there is no operating system-level process for the erring worker. In this situation, the only option is to restart the patch. What are the steps performed to restart the patch? 1. Tell the manager that a worker acknowledges quit. 2. Rest

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splitQ61. You are applying a patch on the database tier. You run AutoConfig as a post installation task of the patch. But the AutoConfig script exits with nonzero status. What should be your first action to resolve the problem? A. Restart the patch. B. Restart AutoConfig. C. Check <INST_TOP>/admin/log/<MMDDhhmm>/adconfig.log for the reported error. D. Check <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME&g

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splitQ71. You were applying an Oracle Receivables patch to your Oracle Applications system. The patch failed. Now you want to revert to the older version of the files under the product AR using the backup copy, which AutoPatch creates, before making any changes to the existing files. Where would you find these files? A. $AR_TOP/backup/ B. $AD_TOP/backup/ar/ C. <patch_dir>/backup/ar/ D.

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splitQ81. What are the four benefits of using shared APPL_TOP? (Choose four.) A. Disk space requirements are greatly reduced. B. Administrative tasks need to be carried out only once, on any node. C. There is an increased performance for larger workloads and growing user population. D. All active instances can concurrently execute transactions against a shared database. E. It provides extens

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splitQ91. You just brought the middle tier back after a hardware problem has been fixed. Oracle Applications now experience problems with an entire product group of forms (fnd), which includes the sign-on form. You decide that you will generate the forms files in AD Administration to see whether this will fix the problem. You answered the prompts from the utility as follows: 1. Do you want to

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splitQ101. You installed Oracle Applications Release 12 as a multi-node system where every node has a separate APPL_TOP. Consider the following configuration: Node 1 hosts Forms server and Web server. Node 2 hosts batch processing services and database server. As per the above configuration, which values will you find in the Applications Context file of Node 1? (Choose all that apply.) A. s_i

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splitQ1. On a database server that uses a Windows platform, there are two ways to stop a database. One way is to go to the Windows Services window, and then click Stop. Which is the other way (on a Windows platform)? A. $ stop normal B. $ stop <SID> C. C:\> addbctl.cmd stop normal D. C:\> addinctl.cmd stop <SID> E. C:\> addbctl.cmd shutdown immedia