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splitQ1. What are three common reasons for SQL statements to perform poorly? A. Full table scans for queries with highly selective filters B. Stale or missing optimizer statistics C. Histograms not existing on columns with evenly distributed data D. High index clustering factor E. OPTIMIZER_MODE parameter set to ALL_ROWS for DSS workload Answer: A,B,D Explanation: D: The clustering_factor

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splitQ41. You have enabled DML by issuing: ALTER session ENABLE PARALLEL DML; The PARELLEL_DEGREE_POLICY initialization parameter is set to AUTO. Which two options true about DML statements for which parallel execution is requested? A. Statements for which PDML is requested will execute serially estimated time is less than the time specified by the PARALLEL_MIN_THRESHOLD parameter. B. Stateme

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splitQ31. You want to run SQL Tuning Advisor statements that are not captured by ADDM, AWR, and are not in the library cache. What is the prerequisite? A. Enable SQL plan management B. Create a SQL plan baseline for each query C. Create a SQL Tuning Set (STS) containing the SQL statements D. Gather statistics for objects used in the application Answer: C Explanation: You can use an STS as

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splitQ21. View the exhibit and examine the plans in the SQL baseline for a given statement. Which interpretation is correct? A. A new plan cannot be evolved because SYS_SQL_bbedc41f554c408 is accepted. B. Plan SYS_SQL_PLAN_bbdc741f554c408 will always be used by the optimizer for the query. C. A new plan must be evolved using the DBMS_SPM.EVOLVE_SQL_PLAN_BASELINE function before it can be used.

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splitQ11. Which two statements about In-Memory Parallel Execution are true? A. It can be configured using the Database Resource Manager. B. It increases the number of duplicate block images in the global buffer cache. C. It requires setting PARALLEL_DEGREE_POLICY to LIMITED. D. Objects selected for In-Memory Parallel Execution have blocks mapped to specific RAC instances. E. It requires sett

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splitQ61. You ran a high load SQL statement that used an index through the SQL Tuning Advisor and accepted its recommendation for SQL profile creation. Subsequently you noticed that there has been a 2% growth in number of rows in the tables used by the SQL statement and database statistics have also been refreshed. How does this impact the created SQL profile? A. It becomes invalid and no longe

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splitQ51. You enable auto degree of parallelism (DOP) for your database instance. Examine the following query: Which two are true about the execution of statement? A. Dictionary DOP for the objects accessed by the query is used to determine the statement DOP. B. Auto DOP is used to determine the statement DOP only if the estimated serial execution time exceeds PARALLEL_MIN_TIME_THRESHOLD. C.