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splitQ1. A company's Database Administrator has divided the region table into two tables so that the region "West" is in one table and all the other regions are in another single table. What kind of partition is being used? A. Fact-based B. Time-based C. Mixed D. Complex Answer: C Q2. You run the Consistency Check and receive the warning: [39003] Missing functional dependency associat

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splitQ11. Which three options apply to FMW Application Roles? A. Provide an indirection between LDAP groups and BI roles B. Can be exported / moved between FMW11g environments C. Are created and managed by using the WLS Admin Console and FMW Control D. Can be created by using BI Administrator Client and "pushed" to WLS Admin Console E. Secures RPD permissions but NOT Web Catalog (webcat) per

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splitQ61. Which component is responsible for determining the device that receives the alerts for a given user account? A. Dashboard B. iBot C. Alerts D. Delivery Profiles Answer: B Q62. The WebLogic Console will allow you to perform which of the following functions in the BI Managed Server? A. Start and Stop BI Services B. Build Aggregate Queries C. Create SummaryTables D. Manage user

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splitQ51. Which three components are part of a cluster server? A. Master Server B. Repository Publishing Directory C. Primary Cluster Controller D. Web Server E. Server request Controller Answer: ACDQ52. Which installation option is used to install into an existing Fusion Middleware Home? A. Software Only Install B. Simple Install C. EnterpriseInstall D. Cannot installinto an existing

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splitQ41. The ODBC DSN is never used for _______. A. Initial import of the physical layer metadata on a Windows server B. Query execution and data access on a Windows server C. Initial import of the physical layer metadata, query execution, and data access on a Windows Server D. Changing passwords E. Comparing RPDs Answer: E Q42. A customer needs to create a product share calculation. Wha

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splitQ31. Pre Deployment sign-off is a milestone for a OBIEE implementation and is based on successful completion of certain tasks. Which option is not one of them? A. Test Environment B. System Testing C. Performance Tuning D. Projectinitiation and resourcing E. Data Validation / Verification Answer: DQ32. What is the first step when creating an Aggregate table in the OBI repository? A.

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splitQ21. One of the most common uses of Dynamic Repository Variables is to setup filters for use in reporting. Which variable below is a valid example of a Dynamic Repository Variable? A. Year B. Month C. Quarter D. CurrentMonth Answer: D Q22. Which Oracle Partner is the supplier of map-based content to provide background maps, boundary information, and points of interest? A. Navteq B.