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splitQ21. Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a stand-alone server is installed on your production host before installing the Oracle Database server. The database and listener are configured by using Oracle Restart.Examine the following command and its output:$ crsctl config hasCRS-4622: Oracle High Availability Services auto start is enabled. What does this imply?A. When you start an instance on a h

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splitQ11. To implement Automatic Management (AMM), you set the following parameters:When you try to start the database instance with these parameter settings, you receive the following error message:SQL > startupORA-00824: cannot set SGA_TARGET or MEMORY_TARGET due to existing internal settings, see alert log for more information.Identify the reason the instance failed to start.A. The PGA_AGGR

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splitQ1. Examine these two statements:Which three are true about the MRKT tablespace?A. The MRKT tablespace is created as a small file tablespace, because the file size is less than the minimum required for big file files.B. The MRKT tablespace may be dropped if it has no contents.C. Users who were using the old default tablespace will have their default tablespaces changed to the MRKT tablespace

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splitQ41. Which two statements are true about variable extent size support for large ASM files?A. The metadata used to track extents in SGA is reduced. B. Rebalance operations are completed faster than with a fixed extent sizeC. An ASM Instance automatically allocates an appropriate extent size.D. Resync operations are completed faster when a disk comes online after being taken offline.E. Perfor

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splitQ51. Examine the following impdp command to import a database over the network from a pre-12c Oracle database (source):Which three are prerequisites for successful execution of the command?A. The import operation must be performed by a user on the target database with the DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE role, and the database link must connect to a user on the source database with the DATAPUMP_EX

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splitQ61. What are three purposes of the RMAN “FROM” clause?A. to support PUSH-based active database duplicationB. to support synchronization of a standby database with the primary database in a Data environmentC. To support PULL-based active database duplicationD. To support file restores over the network in a Data Guard environmentE. To support file recovery over the network in a Data Guard

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splitQ31. Which three statements are true about Oracle Data Pump export and import operations?A. You can detach from a data pump export job and reattach later.B. Data pump uses parallel execution server processes to implement parallel import.C. Data pump import requires the import file to be in a directory owned by the oracle owner.D. The master table is the last object to be exported by the data

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splitQ81. Which three actions are possible during an Online Data file Move operation?A. Creating and dropping tables in the data file being movedB. Performing file shrink of the data file being movedC. Querying tables in the data file being movedD. Performing Block Media Recovery for a data block in the data file being movedE. Flashing back the databaseF. Executing DML statements on objects store

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splitQ71. You are about to plug a multi-terabyte non-CDB into an existing multitenant container database (CDB) as a pluggable database (PDB).The characteristics of the non-CDB are as follows:✑ Version: Oracle Database 12c Releases 1 64-bit✑ Character set: WE8ISO8859P15✑ National character set: AL16UTF16✑ O/S: Oracle Linux 6 64-bitThe characteristics of the CDB are as follows:✑ Version: