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splitQ1. Given:11. public static void test(String str) {12. int check = 4;13. if (check = str.length()) {14. System.out.print(str.charAt(check -= 1) +", ");15. } else {16. System.out.print(str.charAt(0) + ", ");17. }18. } and the invocation:21. test("four");22. test("tee");23. test("to");What is the result?A. r, t, t,B. r, e, o,C. Compilation fails.D. An exception is thrown at runtime.Answer: CQ2

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splitQ11. Given:1. public class Boxer1{2. Integer i;3. int x;4. public Boxer1(int y) {5. x = i+y;6. System.out.println(x);7. }8. public static void main(String[] args) {9. new Boxer1(new Integer(4));10. }11. }What is the result?A. The value "4" is printed at the command line.B. Compilation fails because of an error in line 5.C. Compilation fails because of an error in line 9.D. A NullPointerExcep

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splitQ31. Given:1. public class LineUp {2. public static void main(String[] args) {3. double d = 12.345;4. // insert code here5. }6. }Which code fragment, inserted at line 4, produces the output | 12.345|?A. System.out.printf("|%7d| \n", d);B. System.out.printf("|%7f| \n", d);C. System.out.printf("|%3.7d| \n", d);D. System.out.printf("|%3.7f| \n", d);E. System.out.printf("|%7.3d| \n", d);F. Syste

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splitQ41. Given:1. public class TestOne implements Runnable {2. public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {3. Thread t = new Thread(new TestOne());4. t.start();5. System.out.print("Started");6. t.join();7. System.out.print("Complete");8. }9. public void run() {10. for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {11. System.out.print(i);12. }13. }14. }What can be a result?A. Compilation fails.B. An

1Z0-851 | Actual Java 1Z0-851 exam dumps

splitQ101. Given:11. String test = "Test A. Test B. Test C.";12. // insert code here13. String[] result = test.split(regex);Which regular expression, inserted at line 12, correctly splits test into "Test A", "Test B", and "Test C"?A. String regex = "";B. String regex = " ";C. String regex = ".*";D. String regex = "\\s";E. String regex = "\\.\\s*";F. String regex = "\\w[ \.] +";Answer: EQ102. DRA

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splitQ61. DRAG DROPClick the Task button.Answer:Q62. Click the Exhibit button. Which three code fragments, added individually at line 29, produce the output 100? (Choose three.)A. n = 100;B. i.setX( 100 );C. o.getY().setX( 100 );D. i = new Inner(); i.setX( 100 );E. o.setY( i ); i = new Inner(); i.setX( 100 );F. i = new Inner(); i.setX( 100 ); o.setY( i );Answer: BCFQ63. Given:11. public class P

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splitQ71. Which two code fragments are most likely to cause a StackOverflowError? (Choose two.)A. int []x = {1,2,3,4,5};for(int y = 0; y < 6; y++)System.out.println(x[y]);B. static int[] x = {7,6,5,4};static { x[1] = 8;x[4] = 3; }C. for(int y = 10; y < 10; y++)doStuff(y);D. void doOne(int x) { doTwo(x); }void doTwo(int y) { doThree(y); }void doThree(int z) { doTwo(z); }E. for(int x = 0; x &

1Z0-851 | Simulation Java 1Z0-851 exam dumps

splitQ81. Given:1. public class BuildStuff {2. public static void main(String[] args) {3. Boolean test = new Boolean(true);4. Integer x = 343;5. Integer y = new BuildStuff().go(test, x);6. System.out.println(y);7. }8. int go(Boolean b, int i) {9. if(b) return (i/7);10. return (i/49);11. }12. }What is the result?A. 7B. 49C. 343D. Compilation fails.E. An exception is thrown at runtime.Answer: BQ82.

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splitQ91. Given:10. interface A { void x(); }11. class B implements A { public void x() {} public void y() {} }12. class C extends B { public void x() {} }And:20. java.util.List<A> list = new java.util.ArrayList<A>();21. list.add(new B());22. list.add(new C());23. for (A a : list) {24. a.x();25. a.y();26. }What is the result?A. The code runs with no output.B. An exception is thrown at

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splitQ111. Given:11. public class Person {12. private String name;13. public Person(String name) {14. = name;15. }16. public boolean equals(Object o) {17. if ( ! ( o instanceof Person) ) return false;18. Person p = (Person) o;19. return;20. }21. }Which statement is true?A. Compilation fails because the hashCode method is not overridden.B. A HashSet could contain

1Z0-851 | A Review Of Simulation 1Z0-851 pdf

splitQ141. Given:11. public enum Title {12. MR("Mr."), MRS("Mrs."), MS("Ms.");13. private final String title;14. private Title(String t) { title = t; }15. public String format(String last, String first) {16. return title + " " + first + " " + last;17. }18. }19. public static void main(String[] args) {20. System.out.println(Title.MR.format("Doe", "John"));21. }What is the result?A. Mr. John DoeB.

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splitQ151. Given:22. StringBuilder sb1 = new StringBuilder("123");23. String s1 = "123";24. // insert code here25. System.out.println(sb1 + " " + s1);Which code fragment, inserted at line 24, outputs "123abc 123abc"?A. sb1.append("abc"); s1.append("abc");B. sb1.append("abc"); s1.concat("abc");C. sb1.concat("abc"); s1.append("abc");D. sb1.concat("abc"); s1.concat("abc");E. sb1.append("abc"); s1 =

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splitQ161. Given:3. import java.util.*;4. public class Hancock {5. // insert code here6. list.add("foo");7. }8. }Which two code fragments, inserted independently at line 5, will compile without warnings? (Choose two.)A. public void addStrings(List list) {B. public void addStrings(List<String> list) {C. public void addStrings(List<? super String> list) {D. public void addStrings(List&l

1Z0-851 | A Review Of Realistic 1Z0-851 exam dumps

splitQ121. Given:11. class Alpha {12. public void foo() { System.out.print("Afoo "); }13. }14. public class Beta extends Alpha {15. public void foo() { System.out.print("Bfoo "); }16. public static void main(String[] args) {17. Alpha a = new Beta();18. Beta b = (Beta)a;19.;20.;21. }22. }What is the result?A. Afoo AfooB. Afoo BfooC. Bfoo AfooD. Bfoo BfooE. Compilation fails.F. An e

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splitQ131. Given:1. class Alligator {2. public static void main(String[] args) {3. int []x[] = {{1,2}, {3,4,5}, {6,7,8,9}};4. int [][]y = x;5. System.out.println(y[2][1]);6. }7. }What is the result?A. 2B. 3C. 4D. 6E. 7F. Compilation fails.Answer: EQ132. Given:23. Object [] myObjects = {24. new Integer(12),25. new String("foo"),26. new Integer(5),27. new Boolean(true)28. };29. Arrays.sort(myObjec

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splitQ21. Click the Exhibit button. What is the result?A. go in Gobango in SenteB. go in Sentego in GobanC. go in Sentego in GobanD. go in Gobango in SenteE. Compilation fails because of an error in line 17.Answer: CQ22. Given:1. public class Base {2. public static final String FOO = "foo";3. public static void main(String[] args) {4. Base b = new Base();5. Sub s = new Sub();6. System.out.print(

1Z0-851 | Pinpoint Java 1Z0-851 dumps

splitQ51. Given:11. public class Commander {12. public static void main(String[] args) {13. String myProp = /* insert code here */14. System.out.println(myProp);15. }16. }and the command line:java -Dprop.custom=gobstopper Commander Which two, placed on line 13, will produce the outputgobstopper? (Choose two.)A. System.load("prop.custom");B. System.getenv("prop.custom");C."