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splitQ11. For which two requirements would you use the Database Resource Manager? A. limiting the CPU used per database call B. specifying the maximum number of concurrent sessions allowed for a user C. specifying the amount of private space a session can allocate in the shared pool of the SGA D. limiting the degree of parallelism of operations performed by a user or group of users E. specif

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splitQ21. Examine the commands: SQL> ALTER SESSION SET RECYCLBIN = ON; Session altered. SQL> DROP TABLE emp; --(First EMP table) Total dropped. SQL> CREATE TABLE emp (id NUMBER CONSTRAINT emp_id_idx PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR2 (15), salary NUMBER(7,2) ); Table created. You then execute multiple INSERT statements to insert rows into EMP table and drop the table again: SQL> DROP

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splitQ1. A telecom company wishes to generate monthly bills to include details of customer calls, listed in order of time of call. Which table organization allows for generating the bills with minimum degree of row sorting? A. a hash cluster B. an index cluster C. a partitioned table D. a sorted hash cluster E. a heap table with a rowid column Answer: B Q2. Your database is running in ar

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splitQ31. You are administering a multitenant container database (CDB) cdb1that has multiple pluggable databases (PDBs). As the sys user on cdb$root, you execute the commands: SQL> CREATE USER C##ADMIN IDENTIFIED BY orc1123; SQL> GRANT CREATE SESSION to C##ADMIN CONTAINER=ALL; SQL> GRANT CREATE USER TO C##ADMIN CONTAINER=ALL; Which two statements are true about the c##admin user that

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splitQ41. Which two statements are true about a multitenant architecture? A. Each pluggable database (PDB) has its own initialization parameter file. B. A PDB can have a private undo tablespace. C. Log switches occur only at the container database level. D. A PDB can have a private temporary tablespace. E. Each PDB has a private control file. Answer: C,D Q42. RMAN is connected to the targ

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splitQ61. You are administering a multitenant container database (CDB) that contains multiple pluggable databases (PDBs). You are connected to cdb$root as the sys user. You execute the commands: SQL> CREATE USER C##ADMIN IDENTIFIED BY orcll23; SQL> CREATE ROLE C##CONNECT; SQL> GRANT CREATE SESSION, CREATE TABLE, SELECT ANY TABLE TO C##CONNECT; SQL> GRANT C##CONNECT to C##ADMIN CON

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splitQ51. You must unload data from the orders, order_items, and products database tables to four files using the External Tables. CREATE TABLE orders_ext (order_id, order_date, product_id, product_name,quantity) ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL ( TYPE ORACLE_DATAPUMP DEFAULT DIRECTORY ext.dir LOCATION (‘ordersl.dmp','orders2.dmp’,’orders3.dmp’,’lorders4.dmp') ) PARALLEL AS SELECT o.o

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splitQ71. You execute the RMAN commands: RMAN> BACKUP VALIDATE DATABASE; RMAN> RECOVER CORRUPTION LIST; Which task is performed by these commands? A. Corrupted blocks, if any, are repaired in the backup created. B. Only those data files that have corrupted blocks are backed up. C. Corrupted blocks in the data files are checked and repaired before performing the database backup. D. Th

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splitQ81. Your database instance is started using an SPFILE. You are connected to cdb$root, as a DBA. You issue: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET STATISTICS_LEVEL=ALL SCOPE=BOTH; Which two statements are true about the statistics level parameter? A. It is immediately set to all in the SPFILE and the CDB instance. B. It is immediately set to all in only those pluggable databases (PDBs) where the value

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splitQ91. Which statement is true about Enterprise Manager (EM) express in Oracle Database 12c? A. By default, EM express is available for a database after database creation. B. You can use EM express to manage multiple databases running on the same server. C. You can perform basic administrative tasks for pluggable databases by using the EM express interface. D. You cannot start up or shut d