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splitQ391. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g ASM instance with a disk group dg01 having three disks. One of the disks in the disk group becomes unavailable because of power failure. You issued the following command to change the DISK_REPAIR_TIME attribute from 3.6 hours to 5 hours:ALTER DISKGROUP dg01 SET ATTRIBUTE 'disk_repair_time' = '5h'To which disks in the disk group wi

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splitQ381. You can back up the RMAN recovery catalog with RMAN.A. TrueB. FalseAnswer: AQ382. You want to use the automatic management of backup and recovery operations features for your database.Which configuration must you set?A. Enable the flash recovery area and specify it as the archived redo log destination.B. Disable the flash recovery area and start the database instance in ARCHIVELOG mod

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splitQ371. Which statement about Automatic Memory Management with Oracle 11g is true? A. You cannot specify MEMORY_TARGET if you explicitly specify SGA_TARGET or PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET values that are greater than zero in your parameter file.B. Oracle can reallocate memory between the SGA and PGA automatically as needed.C. To use Automatic Memory Management, you must explicitly set both the MEMORY

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splitQ361. View the Exhibits: Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2Both processes use an existing job template PROG_1. The time taken by the jobs are recorded in the TEST_LOG table. It was observed that the job creation process in exhibit 1 takes less time than in exhibit 2.What is the reason for this?Exhibit:A. It creates less metadata for jobsB. It creates jobs temporarily in memory onlyC. It writes the jobs

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splitQ351. Which method would you use to undo the changes made by a particular transaction without affecting the changes made by other transactions?A. point-in-time recoveryB. execute the ROLLBACK command with transaction numberC. flashback the database to before the transaction was committedD. determine all the necessary undo SQL statements from FLASHBACK_TRANSACTION_QUERY and use them for recov

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splitQ341. You are managing an ASM instance. You previously issued the following statements:ALTER DISKGROUP dg1 DROP DISK disk2;ALTER DISKGROUP dg1 DROP DISK disk3;ALTER DISKGROUP dg1 DROP DISK disk5;You want to cancel the disk drops that are pending for the DG1 disk group.Which statement should you issue?A. ALTER DISKGROUP dg1 UNDROP disk2, disk3, disk5;B. ALTER DISKGROUP dg1 UNDROP;C. ALTER DIS

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splitQ331. What is the correct order of the following commands if you wanted to restore datafile 4, which was accidentally removed from the file system?a. sql 'alter database datafile 4 online'b. restore datafile 4;c. recover datafile 4;d. sql 'alter database datafile 4 offline'e. startupf. shutdownA. a, c, b, dB. d, b, c, aC. f, d, b, c, a, eD. c, a, b, d, fE. a, b, d, eAnswer: B

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splitQ321. Which of these represent the main components of Database Resource Manager? (Choose all that apply.)A. Resource consumer groupsB. Resource plansC. Resource-plan groupsD. Resource-plan directivesE. All of the aboveAnswer: ABDQ322. What is the name of the file that identifies the set of available locale definitions?A. locale.defB. lxdef.oraC. lx1boot.nlbD. lx1boot.oraE. lang.defAnswer: C

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splitQ311. Which dependent object will get invalidated even if it is not affected by the table edefinition?A. packagesB. triggersC. synonymsD. viewsAnswer: BQ312. What are the recommendations for Oracle Database 11g installation to make it Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)-compliant? (Choose all that apply.)A. ORACLE_BASE should be set explicitly.B. An Oracle base should have only one Oracle h

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splitQ301. Which of the following are correct about block media recovery? (Choose all that apply.)A. Physical and logical block corruption is recorded automatically in V$DATABASE_BLOCK_ CORRUPTION.B. Logical corruptions are repairable by BMR.C. Physical corruptions are repairable by BMR.D. RMAN can use any backup for a BMR restore.E. ARCHIVELOG mode is not required if you have both a full and inc

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splitQ291. Which statement about the enabling of table compression in Oracle Database 11g is true?A. Compression can be enabled at the table, tablespace, or partition level for direct loads only.B. Compression can be enabled only at the table level for both direct loads and conventional DML.C. Compression can be enabled at the table, tablespace, or partition level for conventional DML only.D. Com

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splitQ281. How long will this backup be allowed to run?Backup as compressed backupset duration 2:00 minimize load database ;A. 2 minutesB. 2 hoursC. 2 daysD. The command will generate an error.E. This backup is not constrained by any time limitation.Answer: BQ282. You create two resource plans, one for data warehouse loading jobs at night and the other for application jobs at day time. You want

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splitQ271. Which of the following would be affected by setting NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS=CHAR?A. All objects in the databaseB. Tables owned by SYS and SYSTEMC. Data dictionary tablesD. NCHAR columnsE. CHAR columnsAnswer: EQ272. View the Exhibit to examine the metrics with a threshold.Which statement is true regarding the Number of Transactions (per second) metric?A. Oracle uses statistical relevance

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splitQ261. Identify the channel settings that can be performed using the CONFIGURE CHANNEL or ALLOCATE CHANNEL commands in RMAN (choose all that apply)A. Limiting the input/output (I/O) bandwidth consumptionB. Specifying the size of backup sets and backup piecesC. Specifying vendor-specific information for a media managerD. Specifying the parallelism for backup and restore operationsAnswer: ACQ26

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splitQ251. Examine the following scenario:The target database instance is running. The most recent backup available for the target database was taken two days ago. Log files switches have occurred in last two days. The target database is duplicated on the same host, using the Recovery Manager (RMAN) duplicate command as follows:RMAN> RUN{ALLOCATE AUXILIARY CHANNEL aux 1 DEVICE TYPE DISK;DUPLIC

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splitQ241. What will be the end result of this set of RMAN commands?shutdown abortstartup mountrestore datafile 4 until time `09/30/2008:15:00:00'recover datafile 4 until time `09/29/2008:15:00:00'alter database open resetlogs;A. Datafile 4 will be recovered until 9/30/2008 at 15:00 and the database will open.B. The restore command will fail.C. The recover command will fail.D. The alter d

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splitQ231. Evaluate the following SQL statement used to create the PRODUCTS table:CREATE TABLE products (product_id NUMBER(3) PRIMARY KEY,product_desc VARCHAR2(25),qty NUMBER(8,2),rate NUMBER(10,2),total_value AS ( qty * rate))PARTITION BY RANGE (total_value) (PARTITION p1 VALUES LESS THAN (100000),PARTITION p2 VALUES LESS THAN (150000),PARTITION p3 VALUES LESS THAN (MAXVALUE))COMPRESS FOR ALL

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splitQ221. Which two prerequisites are needed for performing workload capture and replay? (Choose two.)A. Close all sessions performing queries using database links.B. running the database in shared server modeC. The database on which the workload is replayed has to be a restore of the original database to a specific SCN.D. setting up the directory to capture the workloadAnswer: CDQ222. Given th

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splitQ211. Automatic PGA Memory Management eliminates the need to manually configure which of the following initialization parameters? (Choose all that apply.)A. SORT_AREA_SIZEB. HASH_AREA_SIZEC. BITMAP_MERGE_AREA_SIZED. CREATE_BITMAP_AREA_SIZEE. PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGETAnswer: ABCDQ212. Which two statements about Oracle Direct Network File System (NFS) are true? (Choose two.)A. It bypasses the OS f

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splitQ201. View the Exhibit.As shown in the diagram, in-memory statistics are transferred to the disk at regular intervals.Which background process performs this activity?A. CKPTB. SMONC. MMOND. DBWRAnswer: CQ202. You want the ability to recovery any time within the last seven days and therefore you configured the recovery window retention policy using the command:RMAN> CONFIGURE RETENTIOH PO