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splitQ1. You adjust a default configuration to the following /etc/my.cnf on a Linux installation: [mysqld] Loq-bin Binrylog_format=ROW You do not notice the spelling error in binrylog_format and restart your production server. How does the MySQL server behave with incorrectly spelled options? A. Mysqld uses internal configuration versioning and reverts to the previous configuration. B. Whe

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splitQ51. You have a login-path named “adamlocal” that was created by using the mysql_config_editor command. You need to check what is defined for this login_path to ensure that it is correct for you deployment. You execute this command: $ mysql_config_editor print –login-path=adamlocal What is the expected output of this command? A. The command prints all parameters for the login-path.

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splitQ41. You need to replicate a table from a master to a slave. The master and slave copies of the table will have different number of columns. Which two conditions must be true? A. Each extra column in the copy with more columns must not have a default value. B. Columns that are common to both versions of the table must be defined in the same order on the master and the slave. C. The slav

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splitQ31. What are three methods to reduce Mysql server exposure to remote connections? A. Setting -- skip-networking when remote connections are not required B. Using the sql_mode=STRICT_SECURE after connections are established for encrypted communications C. Setting specific GRANT privilege to limit remote authentication D. Setting – mysql_secure_configuration to enable paranoid mode E.

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splitQ21. In a design situation, there are multiple character sets that can properly encode your data. Which three should influence your choice of character set? A. Disk usage when storing data B. Syntax when writing queries involving JOINS C. Comparing the encoded data with similar columns on other tables D. Memory usage when working with the data E. Character set mapping index hash size A

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splitQ11. Review the definition of the phone_list view. CHEATE OR REPLACE ALGORITHM=MERGE DEFINER= ‘root’@localhost’ SQL SECURITY DEFINER VIEW ‘phone_list’ AS SELECT e . id as id ‘e . first_name AS ‘first_name’ ‘e . last_name AS ‘last_name’ ‘coalesce ( ph1.phone_no, ‘--') AS ‘office_no’ ‘coalesce (ph2 .phone_no, '--‘) AS ‘cell_no’ FROM employee