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splitQ11. How many data source views can you register for the Lines data source in Bill Presentment Architecture?A. fiveB. oneC. nineD. sevenAnswer: BQ12. Select four values that default from profile classes In Oracle Accounts Receivable. (Choose four.)A. currencyB. legal entityC. payment termsD. statement cycleE. business purposeF. credit classificationAnswer: ACDFQ13. Identify two features of

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splitQ1. Which four products In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 require a Multi-Org setup? (Choose four)A. PayablesB. PurchasingC. ReceivablesD. General LedgerE. Order ManagementAnswer: ABCEQ2. In the Multi-Org model of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, which organization type owns Bank Account?A. LedgerB. Legal EntityC. Operating UnitD. Balancing EntityE. Business GroupAnswer: BQ3. ABC Co

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splitQ21. A receipt of $2,000 Is received for an Invoice that has $1,500 as the amount due. The remittance advice does not state a reason for the overpayment Identify the receipt state that should be displayed;A. appliedB. unappliedC. on-accountD. unidentifiedE. partially appliedAnswer: BQ22. Which four transaction types or activities are affected by the “AR: Disable Receivable Activity Balanc

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splitQ51. MT Services has several operating companies set up as balancing segment values In Its chart of accounts. There is only one sales tax rate that is applicable to its services. However, for accounting purposes, MT Services must track the sales tax by operating company.Except for some government agencies that are customers, sales tax is applicable to all customers.The controller wants to kn

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splitQ31. Company X has three Operating Units: A, B, and C, Each Operating Units has the MO: Security Access profile option called ABC Security assigned, Operating Units A has both MO: Operating Units profile option and the MO: Default Operating Units profile option assigned to it,Which statement is true?A. Paul can create transactions for A, B, and C Operating Units.B. All transactions created b

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splitQ41. Identify three tables that can be used to import billing data Into Oracle Receivables. (Choose three.)A. RA INTERFACE LINES ALLB. RA_INTERFACE_SALES_ALLC. RA_INTERFACE_,HEADERS_ALLD. RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALLE. RA INTERFACE DISTRIBUTIONS ALLAnswer: ADEQ42. Organizations have unique credit policies that aid for managing their collections and establishing relationships with customers