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splitQ31.  <exception-type>java.lang.ClassCastException</exception-type> Q32. Your web application requires the ability to load and remove web files dynamically to the web container’s file system? Which two HTTP methods are used to perform these actions? (Choose two) A. PUT B. POST C. SEND D. DELETE E. REMOVE F. DESTROY Answer: ADQ33.  // insert code here Q34. Which an

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splitQ41. You have a use in your web application that adds several session-scoped attributes. At the end of the use case, one of these objects, the manage attribute, is removed and then it needs to decide which of the other session-scoped attributes to remove. How can this goal be accomplished? A. The object of the manager attribute should implement the HttpSessionBindingListener and it should

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splitQ51. Which annotation specifies the metadata as a javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener? A. @Listener B. @WebListener C. @WebSessionListener D. @HttpSessionListener Answer: A Q52.  // do stuff Q53. Given the JavaBean class: public class MyBean { private Boolean roasted = false; public MyBean () {} public Boolean isRoasted () { returned roasted } public void setRoasted (Boolean

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splitQ21. Which JSTL code snippet can be used to import content from another web resource? A. <c:import url = “foo.jsp”/> B. <c:import page = “foo.jsp”/> C. <c:include url = “foo.jsp”/> D. <c:include page = “foo.jsp”/> E. Importing cannot be done in JSTL. A standard action must be used instead. Answer: AQ22. Given an HttpServletRequest request: 22.

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splitQ11. Given a web fragment jar file, where should we put the web fragment.xml inside the jar file? A. WEB-INF B. META-INF C. WEB-INF/lib D. WEB-INF/classes E. META-INF/services Answer: C Q12.  // class body code here Q13. Which two are true about the JSTL core iteration custom tags? (Choose two.) A. It may iterate over arrays, collections, maps, and strings. B. The body of the tag

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splitQ71. Refer to the Exhibit. Assuming the tag library in the exhibit is imported with the prefix forum, which custom tag invocation procedures a transaction error in a jsp page? A. <forum:message from="My Name" subject="My Subject" /> B. <forum:message subject="My Subject"> My message body. </forum:message> C. <forum:message from="My Name" subject="${param.subject}"&

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splitQ81. In a jsp-centric shopping cart application cart application to move a client’s home address of Customer object into the shipping address of the order object. The address data is stored in a value object class called Address with properties for: street address, city, province, country, and postal code. Which two code snippets can be used to accomplish this goal? A. <c:set var='

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splitQ61. Given that a web application consists of two HttpServlet classes, ServletA and ServletB, and the ServerletA.service method: 20. String key = “”; Q62. The jquery_1_3_2.jar file contains the JQuery Ajax framework in its META-INF/ resources directory. Where should the jar file be placed inside the web application to ensure the resources it contains are accessible by

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splitQ1. Which EL expression evaluates to the request URI? A. ${requestURI} B. ${request.URI} C. ${request.getURI} D. ${request.requestURI} E. ${requestScope.requestURI} F. ${pageContext.request.requestURI} G. ${requestScope.request.requestDRI} Answer: F Q2. You want to create a filter for your web application and your filter will implement .servlet.Filter. Which two statements are tr