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splitQ1. To establish the integration between BPM Suite and BAM 12c, you need to .A. do nothing as they are integrated out-of-the-boxB. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setting to false on the SOA serverC. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setting to false on the BAM serverD. set the DisableMonitorExpressMBean setting to false on the SOA serverAnswer: B Q2. Which statement is true about usin

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splitQ11. Which is a capability of Web Form rules?A. altering execution of an unbounded ADF task flowB. inserting validation rules into an ADF page that a BPM Studio wizard has generatedC. encoding-business policies that can be easily modified by end users at run timeD. populating a dynamic drop-down list by accessing a RESTful serviceAnswer: D Q12. In which two tools can you explore the path t

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splitQ21. Which statement is true about the architecture of the business rules component?A. Facts are vocabulary elements that are used to construct tests and actions for verbal rules.B. You can use globals to help users modify rules without having to rework the rule logic.C. Unlike decision tables, if-then rules provide conflict resolution and gap analysis.D. In the action of a rule, you typical

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splitQ31. Which two product features might a process analyst use the most in contrast to a process developer? (Choose two.)A. Process simulation.B. Business rules.C. Mediator services.D. Web Forms.E. BPM Studio.F. ADF forms.Answer: AD Q32. Which statement is accurate about verbal rules and business phrases?A. Verbal ruled can be created in Business Process Composer, but not in BPM Studio.B. For

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splitQ51. Which two statements are true about using project data objects? (Choose two.)A. Any process in the project can access a project data object.B. The value of a project data object does not vary between processes.C. Project data objects can be used only as input arguments to a process.D. Project data objects can be used in data associations and expressions.Answer: AD Q52. By default, whi

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splitQ41. Which two statements are true about running and analyzing simu-lation results? (Choose two.)A. You must wait until a simulation run finishes in order to see up-to-date results in charts.B. During a simulation run, in-flight instances are always allowed to finish before a simulation completes.C. During a simulation run, cost and time data are automatically collected for all activities, e