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splitQ101. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: Local Rowset &RSCUST, &RSSTUD;&RSCUST = GetRowset(RECORD.CUST_TBL);&RSSTUD = CreateRowset(RECORD.STUDENT_TBL);&RSCUST.CopyTo(&RSSTUD, RECORD.CUST_TBL, RECORD.STUDENT_TBL); Select the two correct statements. (Choose two.)A. &RSCUST is a stand-alone rowset object that references the rows in PS_CUST_TBL.B. &RSSTUD is a stand

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splitQ1. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: class RO_ROWSET extends Rowset; Which statement is true?A. Rowset is a subclass of the RO_ROWSET class.B. RO_ROWSET is an instance of the Rowset class.C. RO_ROWSET is a superclass of the Rowset class.D. Rowset is a superclass of the RO_ROWSET class.E. RO_ROWSET is an application class in the Rowset application package.Answer: DQ2. Which three PeopleCode

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splitQ81. Select the three elements required for a PeopleSoft SQL view. (Choose three.)A. SQL statementB. Summary pageC. Record definitionD. WHERE clauseE. Record fieldsAnswer: ACEQ82. View the Exhibit.As the component processor loads a component, it executes PeopleCode programs according to buffer allocation rules.Each row in the table represents a PeopleCode program and its associated definiti

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splitQ21. View the Exhibit.This is a portion of a PeopleCode program that sets grid display properties. Note that it begins with a GetGrid() function.Select both the definition and the event on which this program should be placed. (Choose two.)A. PageB. GridC. RecordD. RowInitE. ActivateF. PreBuildG. ComponentH. PostBuildAnswer: AEQ22. Select the three tasks that you can perform using the Regist

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splitQ11. Match each description with a PeopleCode data buffer access object.a. A component scrollb. Consists of one or more records of datac. Can have zero, one, or more child rowsetsd. Consists of one or more fieldsA. a - Rowset b – Row c – Row d - RecordB. a - Record b – Row c – Row d - RecordC. a - Rowset b – Rowset c - Row d – FieldD. a - Record b – Rowset c – Row d - RecordE

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splitQ51. A SQL object is instantiated using the following statement:&SQL = CreateSQL("Select EFFORT_SPENT from PS _TASK_TBL where TASK= :1",TASK_RSRC.TASK);Which PeopleCode statement can be used to reference a single row of data in &SQL?A. &SQL.Get(&Var);B. &SQL.Next(&Var);C. &SQL.Fetch(&Var);D. &SQL.Select(&Var);E. &SQL.Create(&Var);F. &SQL.Ex

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splitQ31. Select the three true statements about levels on a page. (Choose three.)A. You usually associate level zero with the search record.B. Each level is associated with one primary record definition.C. Related fields in a level must reference the same record definition.D. All fields in a level must write to that level's primary record definition.E. Multiple levels of the same number, for

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splitQ61. Which PeopleCode event is used to populate a field only if the field is empty?A. RowInitB. PreBuildC. RowSelectD. PostBuildE. FieldDefaultF. FieldFormulaAnswer: EQ62. You add a new field to an existing subpage. What next step should you take?A. Visually inspect each affected page for issues.B. Test each affected page online by entering data.C. Nothing. Subpages automatically resize and

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splitQ91. If your Crystal report contains numeric fields that are formatted to have single-line or doubleline borders at the top of the container, you may experience incorrect justification of numbers in the HTML output.Which two options would solve your problem? (Choose two.)A. Draw lines above the numeric fields using the line drawing tool.B. Insert summary fields into a blank text object and t

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splitQ41. Which are the two PeopleCode row action events? (Choose two.)A. RowInsertB. RowDeleteC. RowInitD. RowSelectE. PreBuildF. PostBuildAnswer: ABQ42. Select the option that correctly demonstrates a parent/child relationship where the first record definition is the parent and the second record definition is the child.Answer: AQ43. Select the two true statements regarding parent/child relati