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splitQ31. Examine the parameters for your database instance: NAMETYPE VALUE undo_management string AUTO undo_retentioninteger 12 00 undo_tablespace string UNDOTBS1 You execute the following command: SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE undotbs1 RETENTION NOGUARANTEE; Which statement is true in this scenario? A. Undo data is written to flashback logs after 1200 seconds. B. Inactive undo data is retai

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splitQ11. Which three statements are true about using flashback database in a multitenant container database (CDB)? A. The root container can be flashed back without flashing back the pluggable databases (PDBs). B. To enable flashback database, the CDB must be mounted. C. Individual PDBs can be flashed back without flashing back the entire CDB. D. The DB_FLASHBACK RETENTION_TARGET parameter m

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splitQ1. Which action takes place when a file checkpoint occurs? A. The checkpoint position is advanced in the checkpoint queue. B. All buffers for a checkpointed file that were modified before a specific SCN are written to disk by DBWn and the SCN is stored in the control file. C. The Database Writer process (DBWn) writes all dirty buffers in the buffer cache to data files. D. The Log Writer

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splitQ41. In your Database, the TBS PERCENT USED parameter is set to 60 and the TBS PERCENT FREE parameter is set to 20. Which two storage-tiering actions might be automated when using information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to automate data movement? A. The movement of all segments to a target tablespace with a higher degree of compression, on a different storage tier, when the source tablespac

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splitQ21. Your are the DBA supporting an Oracle 11g Release 2 database and wish to move a table containing several DATE, CHAR, VARCHAR2, and NUMBER data types, and the table’s indexes, to another tablespace. The table does not have a primary key and is used by an OLTP application. Which technique will move the table and indexes while maintaining the highest level of availability to the applic

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splitQ51. On your Oracle 12c database, you invoked SQL *Loader to load data into the EMPLOYEES table in the HR schema by issuing the following command: $> sqlldr hr/hr@pdb table=employees Which two statements are true regarding the command? A. It succeeds with default settings if the EMPLOYEES table belonging to HR is already defined in the database. B. It fails because no SQL *Loader data

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splitQ61. Identify three valid methods of opening, pluggable databases (PDBs). A. ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE OPEN ALL ISSUED from the root B. ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE OPEN ALL ISSUED from a PDB C. ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE PDB OPEN issued from the seed D. ALTER DATABASE PDB OPEN issued from the root E. ALTER DATABASE OPEN issued from that PDB F. ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE PDB OPEN issued from an

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splitQ81. Which statement is true about Oracle Net Listener? A. It acts as the listening endpoint for the Oracle database instance for all local and non-local user connections. B. A single listener can service only one database instance and multiple remote client connections. C. Service registration with the listener is performed by the process monitor (PMON) process of each database instance.

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splitQ71. Examine the following query output: You issue the following command to import tables into the hr schema: $ > impdp hr/hr directory = dumpdir dumpfile = hr_new.dmp schemas=hr TRANSFORM=DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING: Y Which statement is true? A. All database operations performed by the impdp command are logged. B. Only CREATE INDEX and CREATE TABLE statements generated by the import ar

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splitQ91. Which two statements are true about variable extent size support for large ASM files? A. The metadata used to track extents in SGA is reduced. B. Rebalance operations are completed faster than with a fixed extent size C. An ASM Instance automatically allocates an appropriate extent size. D. Resync operations are completed faster when a disk comes online after being taken offline. E