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splitQ1. When you use the Embedded LDAP that is supplied by Oracle WebLogic Server, which three statements are true?A. The Embedded LDAP can be used to store user, group, security roles and security policies for the WebLogic security providers.B. The Embedded LDAP uses the file system to store Weblogic security provider data.C. The Embedded LDAP can be accessed by an external LDAP viewer.D. The E

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splitQ31. Which three tasks are required to use JDBC session persistence for a web application?A. Enable automatic migration on each server.B. Create the session database table.C. Configure SSL on each server.D. Edit the weblogic.xml descriptor.E. Create a multi data source.F. Create a JDBC data source.Answer: BDFQ32. Which two statements are true about adding servers to a cluster?A. When you cr

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splitQ21. Managed Server Independence enabled is not selected in the configuration of myserver1. Which statement is true?A. Only the Node Manager can start myserver1B. Only a local start script can start myserver1C. Myserver1 cannot be part of a cluster.D. The Administration Server must be available before starting myserver1Answer: DQ22. You are deploying a web application called inventory.war.

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splitQ51. View the following file excerpt, which configures HTTP session replication:<session - descriptor ><persistent-store-type>replicated</persistent-store-type> </session-descriptor>From which file is this excerpt taken?A. weblogic-application.xmlB. weblogic.xmlC. session.xmlD. config.xmlE. web.xmlAnswer: BQ52. You deployed a simple web application WAR by using the a

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splitQ41. Identify three ways to create a domain template.A. Administration consoleB. Domain Template BuilderC. unpack commandD. pack commandE. Node ManagerF. WLSTG. Configuration WizardAnswer: BDFQ42. Identify four attributes of a JDBC data source.A. URLB. TargetsC. JNDI NameD. Delivery ModeE. Database DriverF. Server LogAnswer: ABCEQ43. Which three statements are true about the administration

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splitQ61. Which two statements are true about data sources that have been created?A. Data sources must be targeted to a server.B. Data sources must be bound in the JDNI tree of a server.C. Data sources are an Oracle WebLogic Server-specific feature.D. Data sources are tied directly to a connection pool.E. Data sources are required for a domain.Answer: ABQ62. Identify two supported methods of dep

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splitQ11. You have 10 cluster managed servers in a domain. Due to the maintenance tasks currently in progress, two of the managed servers are in a "Shutdown" status.You have been asked to deploy an application.As a default behavior of WebLogic Server, which two statements are true?A. The application cannot be deployed until the two managed servers are available.B. The application can be deployed