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splitQ441. Identify two tasks of the Application tier in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Applications architecture. (Choose two.) A. Process business logic B. Store business logic in the database C. Retrieve business logic from the database D. Manage communication between desktop/client tier and database tier Answer: ADQ442. Identify two types of inquiries that are possible on ledger set

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splitQ71. One of your co-workers, Tim, is working to define and develop Financial Statement Generator reports where the budget amounts and actual amounts would display on the report per period. Tim comes to you and says that he has defined an FSG report according to the client's requirements; the actual amounts are correctly shown, but the problem is that budget amounts are not showing

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splitQ401. Symba Manufacturing International has a requirement to match Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Revenue. They have asked your help in implementation. In this context, which two dependencies and interactions are true? (Choose two.) A. Cost Management performs COGS recognition (or Cost Accounting). B. Cost Management integrates with Oracle Receivables for invoice creation. C. Cost Manageme

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splitQ421. Select two statements that are true about ledgers in Oracle General Ledger. (Choose two.) A. Each accounting setup requires a primary ledger. B. Each accounting setup requires a primary ledger and a reporting ledger. C. Each accounting setup requires a primary ledger and an adjustment-only secondary ledger. D. Each accounting setup optionally requires one or more secondary ledgers

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splitQ411. Party Merge provides the capability to merge parties and their related entities in the Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) Registry, thereby eliminating duplicate data in the Registry. Select four entities that can be successfully merged using the Party Merge functionality. (Choose four.) A. You can merge bill-to sites with bill-to sites. B. You can merge bill-to sites with s

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splitQ431. Identify three true statements about the invoice approval workflow. (Choose three.) A. If an approver rejects the invoice, the Workflow program ends. B. If an approver does not respond within the time you specify, Workflow routes the invoice back to the originator. C. If an approver does not respond within the time you specify, then Workflow requests approval from that person's

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splitQ451. Which three are the benefits of the Currency Rates Manager in Oracle General Ledger? (Choose three.) A. You can maintain daily rates and historical rates more easily. B. You get improved efficiency with the help of the spreadsheet interface. C. You can maintain consistency among different currency conversion rates. D. Additional security ensures that historical rates can be uploade

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splitQ101. You are working on an implementation for Accounts Payable. Many payments for small suppliers will be made outside the system, but your client does not want to manually record them because that would be time consuming. Choose the best solution. A. Create electronic payment batches by using a check payment method for those multiple suppliers, and destroy those checks. B. Create electro

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splitQ151. Which two actions would you perform by using the column set builder function? (Choose two.) A. assigning accounts B. creating the format mask C. defining calculations in the new column D. sorting rows based on values in a column Answer: BCQ152. You can hold the payment of an entire invoice or part of an invoice. This hold prevents a validated invoice from being selected in a Paym

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splitQ161. You have Purchase Order approval authority in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. You are planning to go on vacation for three weeks without access to email. Select four ways in which you can manage Workflow notifications using Advanced Worklist options in your absence. (Choose four.) A. Grant your Worklist Access for all Workflow Item Types to your assistant. B. Grant your Worklist

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splitQ111. A General Ledger user at opens the account inquiry screen, chooses a line item, and wants to drill down to Sub-ledger and find out more details about an Accounts Payable invoice. The user is unable to drill down. What is the likely explanation for this? (Choose two.) A. Drilldown was option not added to responsibility. B. Journal source was not set up to import references. C

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splitQ81. The rule-based accounting engine that centralizes accounting for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 is called _____. A. General Ledger B. Accounting Engine C. Subledger Accounting D. Centralized Accounting E. Global Accounting Engine F. Financial Consolidation Hub Answer: CQ82. You have logged in to the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 instance and accessed your worklist. You

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splitQ91. Identify a correct statement about profile classes. A. Credit checking is managed in Receivables and Credit Management. B. Late charge type includes adjustment, debit memo, and interest invoice. C. Profile classes can be assigned to party, customer account, and account site levels. D. Profile classes can be assigned at the site level if the site has active bill-to and ship-to addres

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splitQ121. Identify two features of a table-validated Value Set. (Choose two.) A. A table-validated Value Set has no list of approved values associated with it. B. Table-validated Value Sets obtain their lists of approved values from existing application tables. C. The values in a table-validated Value Set are stored in Oracle Application Object Library's tables. D. In a table-validated V

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splitQ131. Identify two statements that apply to Oracle Collections. (Choose two.) A. It is a Web-based self-service application. B. It can be used to place an invoice in dispute. C. It enables customers to see their own Oracle Receivables account information, such as balances. D. It can be used to initiate the Oracle Approvals Management (AME) credit memo request workflow from Oracle Collect

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splitQ141. Your client wants the ability to report with Financial Statements Generator (FSG) and perform account inquiry at the summary (business unit) level of its Cost Center segment. A business unit is a group of cost centers and a business unit manager typically has several cost centers under his or her responsibility. Which option will meet the client's requirements? A. Define parent co

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splitQ191. After creating two new customers, LeftBank and RightSide, you create and complete an invoice for $105 ($100 plus $5 tax) for LeftBank. You immediately realize that you should have created the invoice for RightSide. Which three steps can you take to correct the situation? (Choose three.) A. Change the status of the invoice to incomplete. Delete the invoice, and then enter and complete

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splitQ211. Identify four functions of the Invoice Validation process. (Choose four.) A. applying any required holds B. releasing any qualifying holds C. applying all prepayments and discounts D. validating the General Ledger accounting information E. validating and creating accounting entries for the invoice F. ensuring that the total amount of all distributions equals the invoice total G.

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splitQ201. To set up Offset Tax under the Tax Configuration tab, which Tax Configuration tab must you select to locate and enable "Set as Offset Tax"? A. taxes B. tax rules C. tax rates D. tax statuses E. tax regimes Answer: AQ202. Identify two business benefits of using Multi-Org Access Control. (Choose two.) A. Easier assignment of security rules B. Reporting across Operating Units usi

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splitQ171. You are defining the Invoice Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) in Oracle Payables, and a warning message appears during DFF compilation. What is this warning message? A. There is no context defined in the DFF. B. The DFF does not contain a Reference field. C. There is no segment defined in the DFF structure. D. The DFF uses features that are supported only in Oracle Forms. E. The "Synch