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splitQ21. Given the following output from the metastat command: # metastat d10 d10: Mirror Submirror 0: d11 State: Okay Submirror 1: d12 State: Resyncing Resync in progress: 34 % done Pass: 1 Read option: roundrobin (default) Write option: parallel (default) Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB) d11: Submirror of d10 State: Okay Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB) Stripe 0: Device Start Block Dbase State Rel

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splitQ31. The security administrator wants to assign user bob to a netsec role so that the user can run the ifconf ig (iM) and snoop (iM) commands with a rights profile named NSM. Which entries will be contained in the /etc/security/exec_attr file after the required RBAC configuration has been implemented when using privileges rather than uid 0? A. NSM:suser:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_co

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splitQ41. With the Solaris OS, you are required to reserve swap space prior to executing any process. This requires the available of swap space. The required amount of swap space varies from system to system. Which two statements about available swap space requirements are true? (Choose two.) A. It does not require physical disk space. B. It must be twice as large as the installed physical RAM.

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splitQ51. Which of the following answers describe features found in Solaris Zones? (Choose two.) A. Zones can share the same network interface yet each zone has its own dedicated IP address. B. Zones can be rebooted independently of one another -other zones are unaffected by the reboot. C. An administrator logged into the global zone cannot view the activity of applications in other zones-each

1Z0-878 | The Refresh Guide To 1Z0-878 exam dumps

splitQ61. You are configuring a DNS client on your organization's network. You need to configure the name service switch to tell the client to use DNS. Which two are databases in the name service switch for which the dns keyword is valid? (Choose two.) A. hosts B. ipnodes C. services D. netmasks E. networks Answer: A,B Q62. When the Name Service Cache Daemon (nscd) is running, and the h

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splitQ71. Based on the business needs of the company, highly available data are very important. However, the cost of a fully mirrored data configuration is beyond the current financial resources of the company. Which RAID configuration should be used to hold the company's data? A. RAID 0 B. RAID 1 C. RAID 5 D. RAID 0+1 E. RAID 1+0 Answer: C Q72. System A has a file system that is bein

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splitQ81. Which two commands switch the environment of the current user fred to the role special? (Choose two.) A. su special B. role special C. su -special D. usermod -R special E. role -s special fred F. usermod -R special fred Answer: A,C Q82. Which two sequences of zonecfg commands add a read-write file system to a local zone? (Choose two.) A. add device set match=/dev/*dsk/c0t0d0s7

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splitQ91. Which two are valid host names in /etc/inet/hosts? (Choose two.) A. 21a B. Twenty1a C. twenty one a D. bldg1-floor2-room3 E. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Answer: B,D Q92. You are setting up a new help desk technician. The help desk technician is responsible for administering all user privilege aspects. The technician must be able to answer user requests for forgotten passwords and

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splitQ131. When using the Preboot Execution Environment to boot and install the OS over the network on x86 / x64 based systems, which of the following are required? (Choose three.) A. A DHCP server. B. PXE network adapter. C. An install server which must be x86-based. D. A boot server supporting ARP and RARP services. E. An install server which can be SPARC or x86-based. F. PXE network boot

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splitQ191. You have a large number of systems in your organization which are currently running either Solaris 2.6 OS or Solaris 7 OS. You also have a mix of both x86 and SPARC system hardware architectures. You need to ensure that all of these systems are running Solaris 10 OS. You are considering using the Flash installation feature to achieve this. What is a requirement for using the Flash ins

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splitQ201. Given the following content for output from coreadm: # coreadm global core file pattern: /var/core/core.%f.%p global core file content: all init core file pattern: core.%f.%p init core file content: default global core dumps: enabled per-process core dumps: enabled global setid core dumps: disabled per-process setid core dumps: disabled global core dump logging: enabled Which three c

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splitQ111. What are two functions of the check script? (Choose two.) A. creates the rules file B. creates the profile files C. verifies the syntax of the rules and profile files D. verifies the syntax of the begin and finish scripts E. creates the rules.ok file if there are no syntax errors Answer: C,E Q112. Your server has been crashing intermittently for unknown reasons. Youtfie been to

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splitQ101. When you create a non-broadcast NIS client, which four tasks do you need to accomplish manually? (Choose four.) A. ypinit -c B. svcadm enable nis/client C. svcadm enable nis/server D. svcadm enable rpc/keyserv E. mkdir /var/yp/`domainname` F. setting the domain name of the system G. adding the host name and address information of the NIS servers to /etc/inet/hosts Answer: A,B,F,G

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splitQ1. You administer a growing network of systems, each using an /etc/inet/hosts file to identify IP addresses of other systems. You find that it is difficult to keep each system's /etc/inet/hosts file up to date. What are three solutions to this problem? (Choose three.) A. configure your network to use NIS B. configure your network to use FTP C. configure your network to use NFS D. confi

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splitQ11. You have setup the following ZFS file systems: NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT datapool 197K 72.8G 29.5K /datapool datapool/data 24.5K 72.8G 24.5K /datapool/data datapool/web 24.5K 72.8G 24.5K /datapool/web You want to limit the amount of disk space that the /data/pool/web file system can consume. Which command would set the limit for the /data/pool/web file system so that it would c

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splitQ121. The /etc/user_attr file on your system contains the following entry: Which two are correct statements about this entry? (Choose two.) A. The account operator is assigned one right. B. The account operator is assigned two rights. C. The account operator is a regular user account. D. The account operator is assigned two authorizations. E. The account operator is assigned the default

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splitQ181. An administrator needs to assign the IP address to the interface hme1. The hme1 interface is currently unused. Which two commands are needed to enable hme1 and assign it the address without rebooting the system, as well as make the configuration persists across reboots? (Choose two.) A. ifconfig hme1 plumb up B. echo "" > /etc/hostname.hme1 C.

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splitQ171. This option, when used with the ifconfig command, makes the kernel communicate to the network interface and sets up the streams needed by IP to use the device. Which option is it? A. start B. plumb C. anycast D. broadcast Answer: B Q172. Our system has three disk drives allocated for data storage. You are using Solaris Volume Manager to create your file system on these drives. The

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splitQ161. In Solaris 10, this tool provides an automated and proactive approach to patch management. It provides a graphical user interface as well as a command line interface. Which tool is it? A. smpatch B. Patchtool C. Patch manager D. Update manager Answer: D Q162. The rules.ok file on your JumpStart server contains the following line: hostname client1 backup_root client_config set_r

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splitQ151. What are two requirements to JumpStart systems with Solaris OS using PXE boot? (Choose two.) A. an FTP server with x86 install images B. an install server with x86 install images C. a DHCP server with appropriate vendor options configured D. a BOOTPARAM server with appropriate vendor options configured Answer: B,C Q152. You registered an x86-based client with the JumpStart serve