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splitQ51. You have set up the Salary Step on the Job Code table. However, when you enter a Job Code for an employee on the Job Data component, the rate from the Salary Step does not default. This is because _____.A. you did not enter a Position on the Job Data componentB. you did not check Multi-Currency on the Installation tableC. no defaulting occurs and you have to manually enter the rateD. yo

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splitQ41. PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 has several pages where you can access the Add a Person component.Identify four components that have an option to Add a Person. (Choose four.)A. Job DataB. Other PayeeC. Add a PersonD. Manage HiresE. Modify a PersonF. Add Employment InstanceAnswer: BCDE  Q42. You are setting up Human Resources for your customer. You have a table sequence to follow for your implement

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splitQ31. Your organization has decided to use a department security tree for Row-Level security in PeopleSoft HRMS system.You decided to use the XYZ permission list to secure data using the Security by Department Tree component.Which step do you need to perform to ensure that Row-Level security is enforced?A. Add the XYZ permission list to User Profile.B. Add the XYZ permission list to Security

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splitQ21. Under the Location Profile page you can set default values for the location code you are going to create. What are they?A. Regulatory Region, Company, Salary Plan and Holiday ScheduleB. Company, Salary Plan, Holiday Schedule and Regulatory RegionC. Salary Plan, Holiday Schedule, Regulatory Region and Tax LocationD. Company, Holiday Schedule, Regulatory Region and Tax LocationE. Holiday

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splitQ11. Your client needs to set up data permission through Security By Department Tree. The client has created the Department Security Tree.Which subsequent steps would you advise your client to perform?A. Grant access to the user by setting up the Security by Department Tree component for a user's Row Security permission list.B. Grant access to the user by setting up the Security by Depar

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splitQ1. Select three tables that use SetID as the highest key. (Choose three.)A. LocationB. Job CodeC. CompanyD. DepartmentE. Business UnitF. EstablishmentAnswer: ABD  Q2. Which setup sequence would allow you to default the Compensation information in Job Data by using Job Code?A. Comp Rate Code, Job Code, Salary Plan, Salary Grades, and Salary StepB. Salary Plan, Salary Grades, Salary Step, C