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splitQ11. In the OUM Manage Focus Area, which process is started and completed within a single phase? A. Bid Transaction B. Scope management C. Risk Management D. Project Closure Answer: A Explanation: A:Bid Transition The Bid Transition process, Typically represented in Project Start Up, is in reality more of a project initiation task. The first major activity that a project manager is exp

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splitQ21. Which Oracle Unified Method phase includes Bid Transition? A. Project Start Up B. Project Closure C. Project Executing & Control D. Financial Management Answer: A Q22. For our purposes, what is the most important work product produced by the project manager as prescribed by OUM Manage? A. Project management Plan B. Project Resource Plan C. Project Estimate D. Project Budg

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splitQ31. Which term means monitoring specific results to determine whether they comply with the relevant standards? A. Quality Planning B. Quality Control C. Process Improvement D. Quality Assurance Answer: D Q32. Which three risks does Organizational Change Management seek to mitigate? A. Employee attrition B. Vendor delivery rates C. Lack of personal effectiveness D. Interruptions t

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splitQ41. Which statement is true about the Custom Development Sub-Flow of the OUM Implement Core Workflow? A. It should be included in every OUM project plan. B. It should be included in the workplan when there are configuration tasks identified. C. It should be included in the workplan when gaps are identified while mapping requirements. D. It should only be included on SOA projects. Answe

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splitQ1. Select the three major activities in the Project Start Up phase. A. Develop Staff Plan and Budget B. Manage Project Quality C. Validate Scope, Stakeholders, and OCM Strategy D. Review Bid and Contract E. Establish Estimate F. Develop DetailProject Plan Answer: A,C,D Explanation: *The Project Start Up phase precedes the Inception phase. Project startup is where all of the projectp

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splitQ51. What project documentation is billable? A. only what was negotiated by the sales team and the Project Manager B. time sheets, status reports, and the approved project plan C. only what the Project Manager decides D. only what the sales team determines Answer: A Q52. According to the recommended training for this exam, an engagement becomes a project when ______________. A. There