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splitQ11. The sequence diagram (attached) maps to the Model-View Controller (MVC) development pattern. Which statement best describes how the sequence diagram maps to the MVC development pattern? A. The three process blocks (or tiers) represented in the sequence diagram map from left to right to Controller, View, Model. B. The three process blocks (or tiers) represented in the sequence diagram

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splitQ21. Web Services are a natural fit for building distributed computing platforms. Which of the following qualities of Web Services make them suitable for distributed computing? A. WSDL,SOAPand XML promote language and platform Independence and interoperability B. WSDL can be used to define components that can be distributed in multiple servers. C. UDDI allows services deployed in a distri

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splitQ1. Which statement most accurately describes the purpose of the Process view of User Interaction? A. The Process view describes the sequence of activities In the development to deployment life cycle of the UI application. B. The Process view describes the workflow of the user Interaction with the application from screen to screen. C. The Process view describes the computer processes inco

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splitQ41. What capabilities are provided by Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)? A. Dependency Analysis B. Asset Prescription C. Asset Versioning D. O-R Mapping Answer: A,C Explanation: The primary focus of the Metadata Repository (aka Enterprise Metadata Repository or Enterprise Repository) is design-time, and it usually has no role in the runtime environment of most SOA deployments. The met

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splitQ51. Which of the following statements are true about the XACML standard and architecture? A. The Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) is where permit / deny access decisions are made. B. The Policy Information Point (PIP) provides information such as user attributes or environmental data that may be used to make access control decisions. C. XACML defines an XML schema used to represent rules f

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splitQ61. Which one of the following user classification schemes best reflects what function or function performs? A. role-based classification B. rule-based classification C. group-based classification D. attribute-based classification E. rank-based classification Answer: A Explanation: Given the potentially large number of users of a system, access privileges are generally not assigned a

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splitQ71. Which are the major categories of ORA Engineering capabilities? A. Integrated Development B. Asset Management C. Event Processing D. Service Engineering Answer: A,B Explanation: The broad categories that define ORA Engineering are: * Integrated development This covers a wide range of engineering capabilities required to model, design and build solutions. These capabilities go bey

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splitQ81. Which of the following statements are true with regard to the Service Contract as defined by the Oracle Reference Architecture (ORA)? A. A Service Contract defines the contract between a service consumer and a service provider. B. A Service Contract defines the functional and nonfunctional capabilities of the SOA ServiceiIn human-readable terms. C. The Web Services Description Langua

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splitQ91. Which of the following is not a part of the Oracle Reference Architecture Monitoring and Management framework? A. Integration B. Services C. Management D. User Interaction E. Monitoring Answer: B Explanation: To define a framework that meets both the management and monitoring requirements and the architecture principles, one might consider the framework to be comprised of four ma

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splitQ31. Which of the following interactions does not occur as part of a web-based single sign-on scenario? A. A gateway, deployed In the Web Server, intercepts requests destined for protected resource B. The user is prompted for login credentials when a protected resource is accessed and the user has not (recently) logged In. C. Credentials are passed to the application for validation. D. A